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Bots are getting killown3d. CRY MOAR, BOTS.

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Conspiracy much? Jesus Christ. Regardless, the world will end in 2012 so this game's scenario won't exist. Sorry guys.

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*Looks at skin* *picks up object and views from all sides*

Yep, I'm 3D.

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1. Milo
2. More Red Ball gameplay
3. Celebrities
4. Kojima feeling awkward on stage at the M$ conference
5. That annoying hoe from Nintendo
6. Gabe Newell naked
7. Dan Greenwalt talking about the definitive racer and getting blown away by GT5
8. Bromance of Wars 3
9. Halo version 1.4
10. Wii Music travesty
11. A new console opponent

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I won't buy into the hype until I see actual gameplay.

Remember the first where he pulled a fucking Star Destroyer out of the sky and stopped it? Yeah, that kinda didn't make it into the game.

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It has guns but no crosshairs - no buy for the bots. It's gotta have a crosshair to sell over 5 million on day one.

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My brother plays drums. I played Rock Band with drums till I got good enough at it, and my bro was semi-impressed when I played his drumset. I hope Rock band continues to push music to people.

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Can you send me a pic of that guitar?

Edit: Never mind there's one in the Kotaku article

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Let's take a look at what Microsoft has brewing:

A 17 year old girl to co-host - CHECK
Celebrity cameos - Ice T and Drake in Bromance of War 3 - CHECK
Red balls, blue balls, and green balls - TRIPLE CHECK
Halo: Combat Evolved version 4.0 - CHECK
Milo and blue balls?! MEGATON CHECK
Multiplatform video at the beginning, middle, and end of conference - NO DOUBT ABOUT IT CHECK

With the above said, I think Microsoft will...

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PS3 Slim with Move combo $250 (possibly $200 to compete with the Wii and Xbox 360). You heard it here first.

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I wouldn't take it if it were giving away at a bank as a complimentary thank you for opening an account.

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I mean, if all you had to show was a red ball game, wouldn't you get tired of seeing it the first 100 times?

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Exactly. Until it's a true Metal Gear Solid title, aka stealth gameplay with Solid Snake as the frontrunnner, count me out.

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Please, for the love of all things sacred, bring us a Powerstone 1/2 combo pack complete with online. I'd pay $50 for that.

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Ice T and Drake in Bromance of War 3, only on Xbox 360.

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BAM! There it is. *CRASH INTO WALL*

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Without us, who would make fun of the bots? :]

Edit: Actually, it took me two minutes to realize that I don't have to try - they make fun of themselves. I mean from Halo Kid to BAM! to the flailing around from Natal: Ultra Red Ball Hitter, how hard can it be?

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There's three things the 360 doesn't need. I'll give you a hint: it's red, and it's associated with 54.2%

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Bots are trembling in their little pink baby booties. Cry moar, bots.

Let's see:
Niceguywii60, Hallmark Moment, and a slew of others that I don't care to scroll down and list are probably peeing their pampers. Call your mommy, botties.

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