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Here's to hoping #1398
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i highly doubt ascension is the reason for the delay. sony couldnt have just looked at the calendar and realize the two release dates.

polishing up the game/multiplayer is the more likely situation. #2.4
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the article doesn't claim it to be. the piston is just something that steam has to consider for the steam box #1.1
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this is a simple mixup between developer and publisher. activision advertised for the nuketown map for all preorders. activision also controls dlc, which is why nuketown zombies will be available for dl in december.

although i don't understand why treyarch doesn't just release the map, activision is the one to blame #14
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There is one zombie map included in every version. The hardened edition comes with the nuke town zombies map #7.1
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Ascencion is supposed to show kratos' humanity before he became a cold killer. This was explained at the PAX panel. As for the aftermath of 3, it leaves some questions but there is a recurring theme to the reign of the gods so I guess its fine #18
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the game has been leaked on torrents already, so this article is at the moment for pirates #4
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no where did it say new game plus will disable detective mode #2.1
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it was already mentioned in an interview that it'll only be 2 players. #2.1
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you can most likely unlock him after completing the game. the previous game had armored batman as a preorder bonus, but you could unlock him after you completed the story #1.1
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i was hoping for more challenge mode characters. it was fun using joker in the previous game.

the preorder gives early access to robin, meaning we can unlock him after beating the game or getting riddler challenges #2
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2 players? that will disappoint a lot of people, especially since they're trying to cater to the zombie mode lovers #5
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it's amazing how they added all these creative challenges, as well as the other game modes.

big bonus for those who are buying it #2
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the story is supposedly 2-2.5 times longer than portal.
the co-op is supposedly 2 times longer than portal.

co-op story takes place after the single player campaign, so you're basically getting a game 4-5 times longer than the first portal.

i'm definitely not complaining #5.1
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you should pause the game and assign each character moves. if one of your characters is low on health, either use quick heal on the pause menu, have a mage use the heal skill, have a warrior use taunt, or just run away.

each character in your squad has their own special moves that you have to toy around with. you can play the game without pausing, but at higher levels/difficulty you're going to want to pause and think about your moves. #2.2
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black ops says no, they aren't a waste of time.
betas are used for both advertising and for player input on balancing and bugs. #3
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i know some people will nag about the faster combat, but i feel like it'll be much more satisfying than in origins. from the demo gameplay i've seen, it still looks like a dragon age game, only no awkward delay in attacks.

i can't wait to try out the demo tomorrow #3
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i'm also excited for this. the skill tree looks more organized. can't wait to try out the archer #2
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i never used the tactics menu in origins. i set it to let the AI figure it out, but it didn't really matter because i paused and assigned each character's actions every move.

it's good that they kept the tactics as is though #8
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will you still be able to play botzone after the beta is over? #8
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