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Though I didn't write it, just posted it, I appreciate your positivity! I sometimes think nerds would really benefit from meditation or yoga (not that I'm accusing you of being a yogi).

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True--and I really wanted to like it. I don't know how buggy it is on steam, but on android it was really distracting, and the controls weren't great either. The puzzles were excellent, but if you market yourself as a Zelda-type game, then I'm kind of expecting the whole package (good puzzles, good combat, good plot), you know? It was just too gimmicky for me.

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This article was originally reported for not having the game tagged. Neither the game nor the developer comes up under relations so I'm unable to tag it. I've deleted the original and reposted, please let me know if there's something else I should try to tag instead. Thanks.

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