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Yeah people can host live talk shows, play music etc - as long as it's themed around DayZ. It makes me think of the radio stations you could listen to in Fallout, but with actual people roleplaying instead of pre-recorded messages.

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I bought a PS3 just for Ni No Kuni - so glad I did now that The Last of Us came out ;)

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There's no currency exchange booth at the prison ;)

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It says downloaders won't actively be detected, and only the owner of the pirated material may lodge a complaint through the courts. That means in order to do that, the owner would have to detect it themselves - which may have some privacy invasion laws.

Seems like a scare tactic, put a big penalty on it, but make it so hard to convict that no one actually bothers. Hope everyone gets scared and crime goes down.

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And that's fine :)

Some of us like video games that let you do things you normally couldn't do in the real world, that's fine too.

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I believe there is a non-MMO remake coming which looks much better.

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How much gold for game time? Haven't had a chance to look yet.

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You have no idea how long we laughed at this. We also don't understand why there were breast implants in this era.. :P

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I'm not sure you were at the same E3 we were. Did you see Watch Dogs, the Unreal Engine 4 demo etc? Amongst that, there were some real gems hidden behind all the trash, you just had to wade a little.

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Yeah lol, it has a small but dedicated following from what I saw. So many stereotype jokes to be made, not sure which to pick.

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I'm lucky enough to be participating in CBT5.. now I just have to wait.. :< can't come fast enough.

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This isn't COD?

Oh my..

*scratches chin*

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^ This.

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Yeah the whole game consists of things we've seen before several times. Nothing really new here, the combat is probably the best thing about it although even that doesn't feel very different.

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Guilds/Clans in EVE are called Corporations. Players of DUST 514 will be able to join these corporations under a merc division, with live chat etc between both EVE and DUST players.

DUST players receive contracts to take certain objectives on planets, so that corps can control them. All money DUST players earn is paid by players of EVE. You can be known as the powerful corporation who dominates in both EVE and DUST, under the same banner.

Basically, I think t...

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EVE Online is a game that will always be worked on by CCP, they constantly upgrade the graphics (sits amongst the highest quality graphic MMOs) and are always adding new features. The games age doesn't matter, the universe functions in a way that there is no rush to end-game, there is no real end-game.

It's really worth the try, but hey, someone has to man the battlefields while we sit in the sky sipping coffee and pushing flashy buttons. :D

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Yeah it would be amazing but I am not sure how the community would take it. Besides, there's going to be twitch-based flying in DUST 514 ;)

Also, this game is like a mini-EVE with twitched-based flying.

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No problem! More to come in the future, so feel free to let me know if there is anything bugging you.

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There was a seperate game released that was essentially a stripped down EQ2, this is the full version, minus some of the latest content for free.

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I was actually considering this, it's the official site's link to the downloader and that is where you register but I guess that doesn't really help our cause.

I might edit it, you have persuaded me :P

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