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Absolutely gorgeous. This game looks to be the one to prove a point that you can have great visuals and a great storyline to go along with the eye treats! #20
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Killzone... I love the aura of mystery surrounding this game. It is so quiet, and the developers have done a great job keeping the details secret. If they are devoting as much time and money on it, and are having a 2 1/2 hour long presentation on it at E3, all I can say is that every gamer should be cautiously optimistic. A good game coming into existence is a good thing for everyone. Any Xbox owner will then know that the competition will drive Microsoft Game Studios to work on making more i... #95
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I remember a day when Bill Gates said that when The PS3 comes out, it will walk right into Halo 3. A few delays and a Beta later, and here we are, waiting on these guys to give us a look at their efforts. Money isn't what I'm concerned about these games making, but what I can see is that which ever game has had more heart put into it will get more attention, and will have longevity. This creates sales, and these new game ideas will stir up the industry. if Halo is predominantly what it always... #58
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I can just tell journalists are still going to be doing cartwheels, somersaults, and leaping through rings of fire over active volcanoes to try to catch all the news erupting at this years E3. And I'll be glued to this site like a crack addict in a crack store to absorb it all. Big announcements? Halo 3 is not really an announcement anymore, especially with the package deals with various soft drink manufacturers and Fox, but it'll be fun to see what's going on in Microsofts Vistas. Sony will... #12
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This E3 is going to be pretty amazing, even with the smaller showing of developers and limited space. We are going to find out a lot more about Haze and the development of as-of-now secret titles for each system. The stuff to really talk about are the emerging first-party titles. A third party title is never a sure-fire deal, and exclusivity contracts are often timed in one way or the other. Once you look over the first party land into the world of third party trickery, you're playing with fi... #46
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Spore is hanging in there
Each time I see videos of spore, like the 34 minute long demonstration by will wright you can find on youtube, I notice graphical improvements, and new implementations of emergent technologies. If Spore is indeed slated for 2009 release, it is likely to coincide with one or more technologies and trends that would truly facilitate its vastness. Spore will be worth waiting for, and the title is just too big (Robin Williams had a live demonstration of it for crying out loud)to be dismantled. Wil... #12
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