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Let me tell you, for all the games that have only caused murmurs over crowds, this is the one to truly watch for. Super Smash Brothers has become more than a cult classic, it is a hit. I like the refined textures, and as far as polygon counts go, this is one of the first games on the Wii, in my opinion, that is a clear step far beyond what was done on the Gamecube. Wii gamers truly have something to get really excited about.

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"After the jump" now a really popular saying on N4G, originally referred to the Killzone 2 video "after the jump" meaning after the soldiers jump from the drop ship and the gameplay portion of the demo began.

But anyways, I think the more options they have within Home, the more real and organic the experience will feel for the player. Give us features we can't find anywhere else. Give us things that are important and make Home even more vibrant! I am excite...

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Add the three numbers up and you get Sony's Sales (if the site is reliable). Numbers-wise the Playstation Brand is alive and well, and as the big IPs are introduced to the platform we'll see a more heated exchange of standings on both fronts. Things are going to get crazy in the fall. So exciting!

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Hats off to you, because for a lot of people, you give them the fair, balanced news bits and pieces that keep them coming back for more. Regardless of any reward for posting more, you have my respect.

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These games share very similar character, and I have to give you kudos xbox360rocks for submitting such a fair video for comparison. I love the lighting in each of these games, and we have a lot to be excited for! COD4 looks so impressive for a multiplatform title, and Killzone 2 is getting a lot of views of its brief E3 demo. We need more footage, Sony and Guerrila!

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The funny thing about the texture talk that surfaces every once in a while is that unless you are viewing the gameplay at max resolution, the little details will be blurred out, leaving the art direction and basic lighting structure. I can't wait to see more of both of these games.

No problem

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This would be perfect timing for Sony and Incognito to announce a new Twisted Metal, especially with the rather limited competition in the vehicular combat department. Sony is reaching into the past and has been lovingly rejuvenating old series like Warhawk, but now Twisted Metal has just gotta rear its head. Hahah thinking about Twisted Metal is getting me all nostalgic. Remember some other older games like Jumping Flash, Tobal #2, Pandemonium! I still remember sitting with a Sega Saturn thi...

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The Playstation 3 selling out anywhere is great news for all of us gamers. Pretty soon the install base for the consoles will be strong enough that the term "next generation" will finally become "this generation." I love the 360 like a brother, but just because the PS3 is easily smudged, foreman-grill shaped, and filled with the Cell and all those fun little SPUs doesn't mean it can't finally stand up on its own and start selling! Competition is good, guys, and Microsoft i...

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Hilarious trying to identify superiority by watching low res videos. The best way to great a fair comparison is by watching the game in action at the highest resolution on the same display after launch.

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I would like to see an exact comparison of the hardware specs for the GameCube versus the Wii. That would be interesting.

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Good figures. We need to stick to them, stay vigilant, and prove that the articles on the site are the ones that we choose by voting on them! If you see an article that says red rings of death and you feel the article is old news, and doesn't say anything new, report it. However, if an article that includes the red rings of death but says something new and people approve it, you've got a piece of information that some people may find useful. In a hard-to-balance world, some win, some lose. He...

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Whoa that's the weirdest title I've ever given a comment. Let's redirect our attention toward the new IPs that will be announced and released in the future. The games nobody has heard of yet are going to be the foundation for the future of gaming. These are the titles to truly watch for. MGS4 is simply too high profile already to be making bumps with the 360. On the 360 there are going to be lots of pleasant surprises that will make people jump with joy that they own the machine. On the PS3 t...

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He certainly does show some class, and I can appreciate his complimenting a competing platform. What I cannot commemorate is his ignoring the hard questions, like "do you know what went wrong with the XBOX?" I know he is only covering his own behind in keeping the answer secret, but his selective answering of pressing questions makes it difficult to read what he is really thinking. But anyways, I again do have more respect for the man especially after he said he hopes Sony's sales w...

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I will always remember the interesting atmosphere of the original Turok, and even in the second one (with the RAM expansion pak!) and the backstory that outlines your spiritual mission. Hopefully this one wont be completely like "just another war-game, but with dinosaurs." At first I wasn't very impressed by the gameplay, but now, in its latest build, I'd have to say they might be up to something over there.

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I love hearing about new competition. From the 3DO, to the Atari Jaguar, Neo Geo 64, Wonder Swan, Gamecom, Philips CDi, Phantom, Nuon, and VM labs with their curiously named system they were calling "Project X." If EA stepped back into the system ring, it would likely do so without Microsoft, because Microsoft I'm sure would only be interested in acquiring EA as a first party developer, not a hardware manufacturer. The 3DO was ahead of its time in many respects, and I remember fondl...

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Okay now this is getting a little hilarious. Blu Ray has the support of almost all of the major movie production studios. HD DVD is just plain ole' on its last leg. Unfortunately, this town isn't big enough for the two of them. In terms of cost, the cost of Blu Ray will come down much more quickly now that the "war" is over, and they can expand production. HD DVD is on its way out, and like the Beta max before it, will always have its loyal following. Blu Ray is here, people are mak...

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Really, the title for this is misleading.

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...Sadly enough, I feel Kotaku is losing composure. Their postings of certain games like LBP seem unusually underwhelmed while everyone else is excited. During the video itself they show you exactly what's going on. The video shows the "create" portion of the gameplay!

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The Guerrila QA man Seb even mentioned how people will say parts of the E3 2007 showing were prerendered, or CGI. None of the latest Killzone 2 media is pre-rendered. I mean, come on, look while they are swooping over the city into the distance, there is some texture pop up. And Guerrila wouldn't create some dodgy floor textures for a cutscene. The game will shock and awe, and I am immensely excited to see how it continues to develop. I am startled particularly by the detail in each character...

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Home says a lot about the future of Gaming and social networking... There was a time when people thought social networking was a joke, and community based play was for a niche market... I just want them to keep showing us the dynamics of home... Is it just me, or does it look a lot better than the first build they showed us?

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