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Editorial bias
Present in every single game review ever written. Reviews are a person's opinion publicized and distributed. The man who reviewed this title has a different viewpoint from the reader's average score, which, if you noticed, is a 7.7 and shows up right under the IGN score. The question I have to ask is why the variety of reviews? Why doesn't just everyone hate it, and why did the readers score it an average of 7.7 instead of something in the ballpark of a 4? Part of me is thinking that writers... #53
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6 screens... We are used to the info trickling out like this... Those guys know how to keep tight-lipped about their project! #72
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Hahah I hate to break the tranquility
But I agree with MK_Red on this one. Once titles like Killzone 2 are released, and more are brought to light (Getaway, Heavy Rain), we will all have a lot more to discuss rather than comparing port quality issues. Technically, the showcases will be made by the developers who know best how to utilize the unique hardware of their platform-specific game. Spec-wars have cooled down a little in all seriousness after E3, but I do suspect a rumble up ahead.
Meanwhile the platform that is,... #17
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Let the fires of hell engulf these topics
Anyone here also a little interested in why this generation is more than twice as expensive as last? When the Dreamcast was released it was considered stellar, with advanced graphics capabilities, network adapter out of the box, and broadband wired controller. The 128 bit capable machine was a leap ahead of the N64 and almost a full year ahead of the PS2, and debuted at 249.99. The PS2 was released with the emotion engine and the Graphics Synthesizer, full backwards compatibilty, DVD playback... #53
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Funny stuff
Are you all serious? Honestly, it doesn't matter what a console is defined as... Shooter, RPG, Platform...

This is the answer.

Ask yourself: What makes my console famous?

What game represents my system?

What is the biggest game(s) on my console?

You'll find the answer absolutely obvious.

Nintendo:____________________ ____________

Microsoft:___________________ ____________

So... #14
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How about that
Those who think this game is just exercising the idea of the Soul Calibur videogame as a title that does not accurately depict reality is simply stating the truth. However, even in fantasy games where blind men fly backwards and loop through the air to kill you, men fight with their hearts literally pumping outside of their chests, and one of the weapons has a blinking eye in the center of it, there should be a sense of, "well, now this is just obvious marketing here." These are boo... #33
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Where is this nonsense going. I'm fine with larger breast sizes in games, but this is ludicrous. Namco is taking an unfortunate page out of Tecmo's book in upsizing their characters assets. Some would say the bigger the better, but this series is one of the few that is still worth its weight, and I'm taking this with a grain of salt after the rushed Soul Calibur 3 hit shelves. The art director is ill advised to be turning a game depicting relatively more realistic looking characters into anot... #14
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Simplifying things
Take apart Halo. Originally developed to be a PC game, picked up for XBOX development with a big emphasis on controls and attach rate. The lush green world of Halo means money for Microsoft. Halo is Microsoft's Mario, their one truly distinguished mascot. This game will sell so much 360 owners don't need to know about too many other games coming out for their system, and in this generation Halo will have the opportunity to compete against other flagship titles by developers spending much R&am... #37
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The only way to truly see Halo 3 as never seen before at this point is to show him sitting at a table with a cup of coffee in one hand and a power bar in the other. Nice looking game, but we've seen these screens. #17
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Forget fanboyism, we are all fans of systems. This is a case of simple truths. Microsoft is easing into the PS3 game of having expansion beyond the original disk as a requirement for all games, and a tool for developers making games that just run better. This will work well for Microsoft only if they are able to make the switch while keeping in mind it has sold millions of core consoles to fans. If Microsoft just blandly says "grab a hard drive and this game and it will run." withou... #10
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I wonder what happened to the Hard Boiled videogame idea. It was tossed around in the mid nineties and I remember reading a little article about it in an ancient Gamepro. #2
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All negativity aside, gentlemen
The game is worthy of giving up an exclusive for, according to Sony. You've gotta give them credit for seizing the next Rockstar Franchise. notice they said franchise, not just a single game. #89
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Now that I've heard the gameplay is pretty spot on
There really is a lot more to get excited about. Graphics-wise, I remember the older screens of lair showing blurry skinned dragons and goopy dreary environments. Now the light glints off metal like it should, and the dragons look downright disgusting... in a good way. It is amazing to see how a game progresses through the stages of development. Imagine what pre-alpha footage of Killzone 2 will look like in comparison to the Real Deal when it is released! #37
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Amazing thing about Playstation
They are still supporting the PS2 after all of these years. When the 360 was released Microsoft made a formal statement about not supporting the XBOX any longer. No new titles, no new features. Investing in the PS3 seems a more and more logical choice with every new announcement. They were arrogant, and now they have their plan together, and their ambition to bring so many great titles to the system should not be overlooked. Not only that, but think about the titles that haven't been talked a... #52
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Surprising things happen
This is a big game, and everyone knows there is a lot of story behind the history of Metal Gear Solid. To say this game is over-hyped is an opinion, and I wouldn't want to underplay it. However, this game series is historically, like Shigeru Miyamoto's masterpieces, a powerful and incredibly influential franchise. The hype is interest. We want more, and when it is a game we feel has potential, what is wrong with that? I am glad there are different experiences on each console, and think this i... #34
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Whoa now ladies and gents
Going into overdrive using obscure tid bits of info from trade reports is one thing, but you should look up the white papers for each manufacturer to get the full rundown. To me the GPU isn't the thing to truly be excited about, its the Cell that Sony spent so much money developing. The Cell is a new kind of beast, and the way it processes information is unlike anything I have ever seen outside of graphics workstation arrays. To comment on any who are unsure about the PS3s potential, or have... #44
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As much as I'd like to see these articles go away
They are of pressing issues that are at the heart of the so called "console wars." These things effect the future of videogaming, and remember as a member you can approve or reject any article that goes into this site, and even report what you don't like about articles you have seen. If you don't like what you are seeing, the only people who are really responsible is us. #20
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Some companies get a lot of heat because they should. We are spending a lot of money on these machines and they need to function as promised. These are investments, and we need to know what is going on. #21
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Nintendo Rising
Great seeing the big N making a comeback after the sales of the Gamecube. It seems to me they have learned a bit from their previous attempt to bring a loveable console to the market. The new ipod-esque approach to gaming is working out for the Japanese powerhouse, but I'm interested in their future cards the most. With the current generation (360, ps3, wii) playing out the way it is, I will be excited to see the new technologies that Nintendo comes up with, and I fully expect a return to the... #63
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Let me tell you, for all the games that have only caused murmurs over crowds, this is the one to truly watch for. Super Smash Brothers has become more than a cult classic, it is a hit. I like the refined textures, and as far as polygon counts go, this is one of the first games on the Wii, in my opinion, that is a clear step far beyond what was done on the Gamecube. Wii gamers truly have something to get really excited about. #11
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