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But am I the only one who doesn't like the saying, "Play B3YOND" ?

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I have been watching the Project Offset team for a while now, and they seem so ambitious (and funny!). They had unveiled their engine inside Sony's presentation during E3 2005, and have had a few interviews with G4tv. With a team this small, I wouldn't expect them to jump into Sony's architecture, but I'm excited about this game all over again regardless. The tech demos are mind blowing!

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People tend to gravitate toward a platform because of the games available only for their system. Multi-platform games disperse that sense of platform identity. Its not an issue of fanboys wanting every game to be exclusive to their system, well, for most anyway. This is an issue of faith in a decision to purchase a specific system that will provide the gamer with a unique experience that can't be found anywhere else. You wouldn't have that sense of "I'm playing a ____" if you could ...

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I am curious to see what all of these announcements will culminate to. I have a feeling we will be hearing about all of these things on the same day. I'm excited to find out what's going on, and there is a zero percent chance that this news will be bad news. You don't tell people you'll give them bad news in a week. Considering they are a games company, and they were listening to feedback about cross-platform titles, it is safe to assume that the title they will be announcing is exclusive, an...

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Sony still manufactures the PS2 at such a low cost, anyone can grab that system and have a blast. This move for no backwards compatibility will only be an issue for one SKU, and they still will have the option of purchasing the PS2 for very little. They spent time to iron out this plan, and I wouldn't be quick so quick to judge Sony's strategy. The plan caught me off-guard at first, but this will likely be a way for Sony to continue focusing on development for the PS2 and the PS3, separating ...

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I haven't been this excited about a game since Super Mario 64 for all the ways it will change gaming. Super Mario 64 was released to applause for the steps it took to usher in a new generation of interactivity. I see this as the most mature application of a variety of technology merged into one delectable, beautiful, and unmistakably unique gaming experience. You can be 4 or 40, this game will have something for everyone. Why? Because we will be creating the experience!

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As odd as I may sound, this looks like a riddle. Usually in teasers like that they put a little hint within the text. In this case look at the word, "BIG." Why the all caps? Just seems out of place in a fully formed sentence to have that word stand out.

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I am impressed by the level of detail, and although it doesn't quite make the mark of the original trailer, the visuals are still very detailed, crisp, and are worthy of a Halo fan saying, "Yes, Halo has never been about graphics, but it has good graphics, and they are making good use of the hardware."

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But what's the deal with developers not trying to reinvent this genre?! Reminds me a little too much of Devil May Cry 4. I just hope the game turns out to be innovative. So far it looks polished, but I think I speak for fellow gamers when I saw I expect more from the team... However, this is an early build, and we'll see. Ninja Gaiden is going to be fun, but hopefully it will kick more a** than we've already seen.

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The first Halo was like being fed cocaine for me. This experience is going to mean that on September 25th record numbers of people will be taking a day off, calling in sick, staying home from school. Chaos, madness, pure fun!

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I like this shot. Nice, almost too-clean graphics. My one surprise is in the character models. I wish their faces were pointing more toward the camera. Of course we'll be seeing a lot more of this game, but I think it is coming together really well as a whole. Half of n4g is likely going to be gone from the 25th on.

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Maybe I'm completely nuts (I am) or I've read too many of these Heavenly Sword reviews (I have) but it looks like the later these reviews come out, the higher the score gets! Usually I see the trend happen in reverse. Scores keep dropping and dropping because publications begin to copycat one another... Judging by this sudden appreciation for the fine details, it is looking like heavenly sword is leaving more people wanting more.

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Early adopters are always the ones who end up spending the most on the system. Every time you buy a system just think, "I'm getting this before the inevitable price drop." Sony is not desperate with their home console business. Sony and Microsoft are incredibly competitive, and you know what they say about risk in business. "The biggest risk is not taking any at all."

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You have to click no the link within the site to Blu-ray. Its right under the article, and you'll find the information that is revealed by the submitter. Good thing this wasn't made up. None of it is, and he has the proof, but it just isn't on the same page, hahah.

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These stories are more numerous than any other, it seems. I am sick of these figures... Even moreso, I am sick of the HD disk battle. The more I hear about this crap the more I just feel like sitting out until the manufacturers have gathered their marbles and started acting like real businesses and not children.

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Gamers, gather 'round. We are finally entering a time when each system has killer titles available. Finally, every Xbox owner will not have to pretend that they haven't been waiting for Halo 3 for all this time. Every PS3 player will have their steroid filled gears of war shooter, UT3, to play. Wii owners will be butt stomping the universe, and Nintendo will continue butt-stomping the competition. Our eyes are now on our favorite developers, not necessarily the systems, but who is making what...

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Sony began developing the PS3 less than one year after the PS2 was released. Look up stories about "1000 times as powerful" and "the grid," and you'll see what I mean. Just because Microsoft released its second console more quickly does not mean the company, as a whole, has a more sound economic vision. They are doing well for themselves, I feel, but I fear they are more short sighted when it comes to keeping gamers who don't have a fortune to spend on next-next-gen system...

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Microsoft, Sony, and NINTENDO are all very good companies with interesting strategies.
Sony is bizarre because it keeps supporting its systems and customers. Honestly I think they just keep giving you titles long after most people have moved onto the next generation addition to their product line. The reason is the brand trust, and we tend to trust Sony... Anyone who was living before Xbox likely had a Playstation, N64, or Saturn. Microsoft's 360 is becoming somewhat a trendy system, b...

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What a steal!

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Resistance has almost hit 2 million games sold, and that's not at all bad. Motorstorm is a good title, and it is great there have been so many additions to it since launch, and that it continues to sell well. Great news, folks. Anybody who is against sony is simply to young to understand the impact sony has had through the modern era of gaming. Sony shouldn't be bashed, period. Sony is a big reason why Microsoft decided to step into the videogame market in the first place.

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