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Give a game a marketing voice
Zelda has garnered the attention of generations by its recurring themes, and this is much the same with most of Nintendo's flagship titles. This, coupled with millions of dollars in advertising, and you give a great game great coverage. That is really what must be done. ICO and Shadow of the Colossus were both critically acclaimed, but not given their proper support from all fronts. Amazing games CAN sell, they simply need to be vouched for, given TV spots (commercials directed by Del Toro, p... #16
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This makes sense
They are simply doing what they can to limit the amount of explicit images that will appear in the game. Not to mention, they are trying to limit the use of copyrighted images in their game, which could get everyone into trouble. Like Paco said, you will still be able to do a lot with capturing images in the game. #9
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Phil has been around for awhile
He has helped build the Playstation brand, and successfully launched numerous consoles. The title of this story is misleading, because it oversimplifies Phil's perspective. The man didn't put his back to Sony, or abandon the PS3. He helped give birth to it! Phil is pursuing a new venture, and helping an ailing company who seriously could have seen extinction otherwise. Good for him, taking on a new market, building something else up from the ground to the sky. Phil is a visionary. He helps ot... #33
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This title looks great
The fact that it looks good is one huge plus, but its the honorable Quantic Dream making the game, and they have some very smart, passionate people who are striving to turn the videogame industry into more than shallow games. This game is going to be deep! And to think, this isn't even the game that the BBC journalist was talking about. (The game he was speaking of in a behind-closed-doors viewing has yet to be announced, whereas Heavy Rain was announced years ago.) #86
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If you look at the "face" video
Quantic Dream, in the opening of the video, lists it as a realtime demo. This game is startlingly good looking, and with animation to match. I can't wait to hear more about the story! Wow! #40
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I agree, Jeremy Clarkson
Great show, by the way. The wonderful thing about Quantic Dream is they always create story-centered experiences. Here's hoping this'll continue their habit! #12
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This is an excellent site
Great writing, hilarious, and balanced. #1
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These guys have a great track record, and I'm excited to see what they do with this title! Here's hoping GC and Tokyo Games Show reveal more about this game! #4
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That is one hell of a funny video! #6
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Nice choice
Everyone will grow from this game. Putting this much power into gamers hands is an exceptional way for Sony to give back to its customers. This is the kind of game that I grew up dreaming to play, and with the community aspect so polished and solid, there is no stopping the diversity that will ensue. Expect this game to officially create a brand new genre, and be the very first megahit of its kind. When I think of gaming innovation, and breaking new ground, I think of this game, the Spore exp... #21
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Great Trailer
The game looks quite good, and is a good reason for players to get excited. I'm a bit cautious, though, because I do not believe the trailer was rendered in real-time. The game still shows promise, and I'm glad they popped a good ole-fashioned big monster into the plot at the end. #13
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That was good, my friend. #12
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Given the critical acclaim for Kojima's latest iteration of a classic stealth action game, I see no reason to worry over a slight jump in (UK) console sales. Metal Gear Solid 4 is not only hitting the charts, but stealthily changing the face of PlayStation. Becoming a mascot always brings in the numbers, and also brings in gamers. Being a popular game is one thing, but being a popular grade-A amazing game is another thing. PlayStation console sales are on the rise across the world at this ver... #26
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Funny about the PS3... Cooling is not an issue, and when we see a 65nm chip on a PS3, you can bet it will be with a cheaper chipset, and therefore a cheaper pricepoint. #30
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Hey guys
This game looks really good, it really does. While I've seen many images depicting the closeup in game conversations, its nice to see some open world gameplay. The only issues I see are a relative simplicity of the geometry in the environments (not quite as imaginative looking as bioshock) and facial rendering that looks somewhat diminished in comparison with those close up scenes. The game, overall, looks phenomenal, and looks to have a captivating storyline, and a truly rewarding array of s... #49
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As a composer of music
I loved the score :) that is more epic than most adventure games I play, and that's just a trailer! I'm excited for the way it doesn't look like every other game, too. Really does look unique! #6
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Low res videos are no way to compare two games
Its unfortunate they wasted their time doing such a low resolution comparison! You can bet Polyphony Digital holds their own though. They live and breathe racing, and spend all of their time as a company on the series. There is no mistaking PGR4's weather effects or Forza's slick design, but for the real driving simulator, GT5 will be definitive. I don't even play it, because it is a little too realistic, when I'm driving around I want to get out of the car and run in the modeled cities. :( #25
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Sweet Spot
5 to 6 hours in a single playthrough is not sweet for anyone, hopefully. Not only does it reflect on production values, gameplay elements, AI, and story, it also means that COD4 could very well be a more shallow game than we expected. Playing through such a brief game becomes not only less of an experience, but also a lesser feeling of accomplishment at the end. For me, my sweet spot for games is 12 hours and more. I don't say more because I want a 100 hour FPS, I say more because I want a mo... #13
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Interesting! #5
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I do love the PS3
But am I the only one who doesn't like the saying, "Play B3YOND" ? #73
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