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The great thing about the PS3 is that it is building a suite of tools that no other platform can compete with. The slick interface for photo organizing and viewing is so professional and cool looking. Thank you Sony for that, now update Home!

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Its just fun to zoom around to different sites on that big ole LCD from the couch instead of hunching over a desk to go online. The cool thing is if you have Netflix streaming, you can already stream your crap on your PS3 through your browser!

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I was a subscriber for many years, since 1995, and through their articles, insight, and perspective of gaming as a means to present a message, I became inspired to work in the entertainment industry. I had hundreds of their magazines in boxes in my basement. My cat got in the boxes somehow and managed to piss on all of them. That really sucked. Even after throwing away the urine stained pages of my favorite magazine, I remember the articles and reader mail fondly.

I still rememb...

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Funky monkeys unite!

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I'd hit that!

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to properly compare the offerings of each platform, you need to showcase first party games from each platform holder. Don't waste your time watching videos or looking at screenshots comparing PORTS of games, witness the power of a console by looking at a game developed to utilize it's power. Eurogamer has been wasting our time for too long with these groundless comparisons and accusations. Stop wasting your breath, Eurogamer, and start using your brains for crying out loud. This is ridiculous...

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Comparing In-game cinematics with pre-rendered cinematics is always the perfect way to show a legitimate comparison.

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I like a lot of the articles you have been putting up lately! Very nice!

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Behold the turtle of enormous girth, upon his shell he holds the earth. I love the Dark Tower series. I'm reading Black House right now, which connects with Dark Tower. Why 19, you might ask? Because it is Ka's will!!

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But honestly, they spend most of each podcast discussing Apple products!

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Is not a bad thing. It seems like many of you think that Sony can only support one console at a time. They have been supporting more than one console since 2000. The next PlayStation will be released within five years, but Sony doesn't slam doors on their consoles. There will continue to be quality games released on the PS3 following the release of its successor. This will not be the first time Sony did this. Games like God of War 2 were released after the PS3 went on sale, and there continue...

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PlayStation is in the power game. There is simply no logical reason why they would want to abandon their place amidst their competition (The 360, not the Wii). The Wii is carving a new piece out of the pie, and not necessarily taking numbers away from the PS3. When Crysis developer Crytek said they were looking forward to working with the successor to the PS3, I do not feel they would be looking for a console with a small footprint, marginal increase in graphical power, and enhanced desirabil...

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I really don't think this "Easily rivals a PlayStation 2 game" or stands up to Gran Turismo 4 in terms of graphical quality.

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George Carlin has passed away, and I loved that guy. Seinfeld was a good choice because you don't see him around a lot today, but everyone knows who he is, and that his show was one of the most popular sitcoms in history, making the little nuances of life funny, if not mildly amusing. Matching him with Bill Gates was perfect, because you don't see Bill Gates around much at all either, and yet his monolith presence has been known for decades. They work well together because they are both muted...

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Loved them, especially the "new family" one. Not quite like commercials, more like mini-shows, which is one reason why I thought they rocked. There is real-people charm in here, in everyday stuff. You don't see that often, especially in a computer commercial. No there wasn't a "think different" or a guy standing in the middle of the abyss of a white background. There were people in real settings (the grandma! hilarious!) talking about real things. That's what makes it so f...

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Their* playbook, man!

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Why all the talk over the PS4's storage device? Blu Ray has been accepted as the new video format of choice. I don't know about you guys, but its hard enough for me to download a standard definition video, and when it comes to digital downloads, what about uncompressed 7.1 surround sound? Extra features? Sneak peeks and easter eggs? DVD had this, digital downloads still aren't even there yet. It is silly to speak of this when much of the world doesn't even have broadband yet, or in many place...

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They would not have gone to such ends to simply upgrade the Genesis hardware with various bits and pieces "I.E. Sega CD, 32X" and would have placed their R&D on perfecting and supporting each of their consoles. The Dreamcast was an excellent machine, but was marred by the history of its maker. I love Sega, but even I was angered after I bought the 32X, going to blockbuster week after week and seeing the same games on the shelf. If Peter Moore had been at Sony, he would have done...

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News such as delays can hurt a game. But isn't it quite often that you have heard a video game journalist say, "If only they'd spent a few more months polishing this game." ? Alan Wake, and other high profile games should be granted the same amount of respect (and pressure!) We want good games, soon, as soon as you can, but don't sacrifice quality and shovel out a half finished product.

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