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But why not begin something new? Reinvent yourself, Kojima Productions! With your uniquely powerful storytelling and imaginative capabilities, create a new universe, and bring in new characters to generate a brand new buzz in the gaming world. It can be easy to fall into the ideology that making a sequel is always safer than starting a new IP, but consider more options when deciding what kind of game to make. Whatever Kojima Productions choice is, I'm sure we will be in for a treat.

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Pressure sensitive buttons. If you are in a racing game, and you hit the gas, you can press it lightly, and accelerate slowly, or push harder on the button to go faster. This is unique to the Playstation controller family.

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There is so much room for advancement in video game concepts.

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Just a thought.

How about a level set in a city that is experiencing a flood. You have to climb to higher points in a very vertical level to escape the ravages of the water.

Perhaps a level set in a huge flying fortress, one flip of the emergency exit handle and you bait your enemy into a free fall to the ground. Also, the giant plane turns throughout the level, so the junk in the isles, as well as you, get shifted around if you aren't careful.

A level s...

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are breaking the principles of journalism. I have lost interest in keeping track with the site. If they are calling this "news," and not an extremely slanted, omit the evidence opinion piece, how are we to know when they are writing a transparent, balanced article? These guys should just admit that their site is a glorified blog.

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To whomever creates a petition against the choice of director and screenwriter for this film. Think of the premise of the video game as being perfect for a modern day epic. The game demands the best talents in the industry to make it truly fly on the big screen. The sheer awe and emotional attachment you develop for the characters while playing the game is not something any executive in Hollywood should take lightly. Chun Li is fast become a new poster child for bastardized game characters. ...

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Start decoding!!! :)

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I think we can rule out new IP. When will Nintendo create a new character, a new story, a new saga?

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These reviews make me want to publish my own reviews of games. The whole article is unbalanced, infuriatingly imprecise, and doesn't provide any insights that one couldn't gather from watching a gameplay video through a kaleidoscope.

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Resident Evil was a lonesome, scary solitary experience once, before the light gun games and the "reinvention" of the series with Resident Evil 4. What Capcom did wasn't reinvent Resident Evil, they made a new franchise, and called it RE:4. Resident Evil is an excellent series, but it is now a completely different animal, almost comical with its QTE's and ridiculously choreographed enemy entrances, and boiled down to an action game: with zombies. It seems Capcom is thinking "Th...

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Michael Jackson wrote the music score for Sonic 3, too.

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The good news is that PS3 owners will get a disk that they can play on their system, and 360 owners will get a disk that they can use. Seems to be of no bother to either system owner: you get what you pay for, and for that, you have to settle with the compatible media. One thing I found interesting last generation, if you guys can remember, is that in order to play DVD's you had to "unlock" the feature by purchasing a remote for the XBOX. That comment has nothing to do with the arti...

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I wonder if there will be civilians in Killzone 2? You would think with all of the realism that there would be signs of life. There weren't any in Gears of War, either. I suppose war makes people go into hiding, but there is something special about that added interaction with the people who aren't fighting. I do hope things turn out awesome for the game, and can't wait to play. Little gripes like these seem silly with everything that the team has accomplished.

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Edam = Made

My girlfriend and I play Little Big Planet all the time, and I love the expansions.

Give us more Media Molecule, you guys are awesome!

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Who writes this rubbish? The PSP has sold as many units as the Wii, and for about the same price. If you think about it, the PSP has been a resounding success. Such fanatical talk is likely based on nothing but how many commercials people see for the DS versus the PSP. Long live PSP.

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They love the game. Just give it a listen and you'll see why they have delayed their review (hint: it starts with "multi" and ends with "player."

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they rendered the car in real-time and sent it to to polyphony digital guys for their input. This should be filed under "rumor" no matter how good that car looks! However, please keep in mind the difference in image fidelity between Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec and Gran Turismo 4 on the PS2.

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This has me getting revved up even though I do feel we are at least four years away from a new system. When the first rumors were unveiled for the PS2, the clock frequency for the emotion engine was speculated at 200Mhz. When it came out, the PS3 had a core clockspeed at 300Mhz, a huge increase over the previous work. The amazing thing about this all is that much of the technology in future generation systems is mapped out before the hardware even exists! This kind of theoretical talk is some...

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No problems here (and by the way, the photo feature ROCKS!).

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A comparison between RE5 and MGS4 would be more interesting, because the visual style is more similar. On a side note, Resident Evil 5, it seems, has become an action game.

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