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Calling the 4770k a complete waste of money is a bit harsh for a great processor, isn't it? #9
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Sony and Microsoft have to play it smart, and both will need to have systems priced at $399 (the BUY pricepoint for a lot of consumers) and skew up from there (larger Hard Drives, etc) They will likely follow the Apple formula and have system sku's in $100 increments ($399, $499, $599). #60
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Probably one of the worst articles I've ever read about technical specifications. Do actual research! #77
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Am I the only one who wasn't blown away by the UE4 Tech Demo? #3
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She's a protagonist who happens to be attractive as well. Don't see what the big deal is. People didn't freak out when Angelina Jolie starred in, 'The Changeling.' #56
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The next generation will bring worlds to your fingertips. Persistent universes with giant, sprawling story-lines and the possibility for the next generation true ecosystem and damage models. From more complex models and animation to ray-tracing, we are in for a treat, because it has been over 7 years since a true next generation platform was released. #18
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Look at how long it took to get people to buy HDTV's. There is no 2K programming or movies available yet. 4K is limited to digital cinema projectors for movie theaters at the moment, and wont reach market saturation for a good 5 or 6 years from now. The bandwidth needed to support 4k is mind-boggling, to say the least. The PS4 could suppport 4k eventually (just as the PS3 began to support 3D), but out of the box we should expect a fantastic 1080p picture with all of the bells and whistles... #97
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How about just one thing. A bigger freaking library. #5
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All I have to say is
Even though Fallout: New Vegas takes place after a nuclear war, it is one spectacular place to explore. #9
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I agree
I essentially grew up at a Blockbuster, and in this podcast we discuss what we are left with when it comes to renting games. It is terrible that all of those people employed are now without work, and I wish Blockbuster had made the right choices to stay competitive in the rental industry. It was a very dark day when they announced they had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. #1.1
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Either his publicist died, or Bobby Kotick suffered a stroke. The man is burying himself. #44
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Excellent idea for an article, and well written, too. Good work! #9
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Oh Mr. Jaffe
Eat Sleep Play has only made Calling All Cars this generation. Calling All Cars! It has been 4 years since the PS3 was released, and still no news coming out from his studio besides him detailing what he isn't working on?! Eat Sleep Play needs to wake up and give us something to play already. #32
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A better "online" experience?
Correct me if I am wrong, but is there a web browser built into the 360? I can go online with my PS3, bookmark my favorite sites, listen to podcasts, all of that. Since I can do that, and play online for free, with the wireless adapter built in, not to mention in game XMB, a slick interface, remote play from anywhere in the world with a PSP, HOME, and excellent reliability (I've never been kicked off a game,) PSN is simply better. It all comes down to where most of your friends are playing, t... #75
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Nice idea for an article, but...
I have teared up during games before. I find that games like Gears of War were not created to make people feel much other than being a renegade awesome cool dude with huge feet. The series is good, but not mind tinglingly or even thought provoking. To find that type of emotion in games is similar to finding it in movies: look hard. Metal Gear Solid 4 is a game where, if you have watched the excellently directed cutscenes, followed his character, and paid attention to the story, you know that... #23
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Every Developer threatens this.
Look at the beginning of each console's life. Developers constantly complain that the hardware costs too much. Some developers are more vocal than others, but Activision will never drop PS3. This is simply the fact. I believe most, if not all major developers have made statements similar to this regarding this generation's platforms (sans the Wii). #21
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Nice idea for an article
But the writer needs to pay more attention to consistency of language and grammatical elements. #69
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Great idea for an article
Happy Birthday, Unreal Engine. I wish the writer had taken more time to make the article grammatically correct. #4
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Well said
Very entertaining article. Except for the Killzone 2 slander, notable especially if you have had time to play the game and experience the mechanics, which are, relative to the genre, unique (motion controlled sniper, interesting classes, badges, ribbons, Lightning gun! #43
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Zone of the Enders is a great franchise
But why not begin something new? Reinvent yourself, Kojima Productions! With your uniquely powerful storytelling and imaginative capabilities, create a new universe, and bring in new characters to generate a brand new buzz in the gaming world. It can be easy to fall into the ideology that making a sequel is always safer than starting a new IP, but consider more options when deciding what kind of game to make. Whatever Kojima Productions choice is, I'm sure we will be in for a treat. #56
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