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Super interesting listen

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I'm confused why people are upset about it. Is this really any different than any other games' pre order incentives?

Will players get an unfair advantage at start? No --weapons in BF games are typically pretty balanced.

Will everyone get access to the weapons? Yes.

Will you get a FREE expansion pack if you pre order it? Yes. Can you still get the expansion pack later with a fee? Yes.

So what's the fuss?

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Edit: didn't read the FAQ closely enough.

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Forget streams --watching it on Spike TV on my big screen TV.

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You are a crazy person.

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Everyone knows Vasquez didn't use a M41 pulse rifle! She used a smart gun! I call shenanigans!

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Derick Rose. No question.

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Hahahaha I love it

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If it were in the style of the Monkey Island games, I could see it.

Use [Roofalin] with [Stu]

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That sort of makes sense. Otherwise, what would stop you from subscribing during the release of a map pack (thus getting it for the monthly fee instead of the normal $15) and then quitting the next month?

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Activision hasn't said they would charge $7.99 a month, unless they recently announced something new. They said it would cost LESS than a service like Netflix, meaning it would be cheaper than $7.99 a month.

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Ah, yes, Vaio --pardon the spelling error

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I kinda like Vita.

Alludes to "vitality" and it keeps it in the same theme as other Sony properties, like Vio.

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That's polite for: the script sucked and had nothing to do with our game.

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I'm a fan of Call of Duty, but where Battlefield 3 is easily pushing the bar in graphics, audio, blowing shit up and letting people FLY JETS....Modern Warfare 3 looks so similar to its predecessors it looks like an expansion pack than a sequel.

It's become so predictable. Get knocked out, regain consciousness, shoot stuff, black out again, pre scripted action sequence, innocent civilians get murdered to make things look edgy, shoot stuff again, get shot by a traitor a...

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Do you know where I can find it for $130?

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Book stores and music stores are going extinct.

There's a reason why Borders filed for bankruptcy

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