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I feel kinda guilty for actually being entertained by nerd rage for once.

Is this what being a troll feels like?

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this is AWESOME!

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"PS3 Phat
- The best looking console out of the bunch, I love the touch buttons and the slick black finish.
- Fastest and most responsive.
- Not reliable! I’ve had a few YLOD issues myself!
- Can get very loud when it gets dusty in there (compressed air can solve this).

Overall: A strong all round console, but if you want something reliable don’t buy this second hand!

PS3 Slim
- The quietest console (shh!)

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i really like karting game and for the rare time i found a better game than mariokart7.

i would without a doubt give it a good 7.5-8/10, ...but again i would give 5.5-6/10 to mariokart7.
(fyi i got the psvita version)

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and at the end, was only a dream.

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i own a top notch gaming pc(with steam duh..), a 360/ps3/wiiu/3ds/vita.... and also gonna get the Orbis/720 too.

so honestly, what exactly the steambox would bring to the table for me??

yep, ...jack shit.

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yeah right, ps vita has no games.... excepted

Uncharted Golden Abyss
Touch My Katamari(aww yeah, TOUCH IT!)
Ragnarock Odyssey
DJMAX:Technika Tune
Lumines:Electronic Symphony
Mutant Blobs Attack
ZEN Pinball 2(perfect for handheld)
Sonic&All Stars Racing Transformed(even better than MK7)
(MortalKombat an...

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"Why I Stopped Playing Far Cry 3"
"The Walking Dead Is Not For Me"

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peoples who whine about sexism in media/games are usually simply a bunch of jealous fat cows and ugly girls.


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"The Walking Dead Is Not For Me"

uh, and why should we care abour what a random guy have to say about his futile opinion?

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cry moar, brah!

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it wont happen simply because some peoples still pay for online, MS wont stop to milk the cow as long she will produce milk.

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The game will look awesomely awesome.

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Better luck next time.

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off course.

i mean, WHY NOT?

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why is this shit approved?

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i like the look of the the new psn and its quick search fonction, ...but god damn its SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

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at this point, most of the ps3 owner of the game just wont give a flying f about it.

thats what you get for doing a really shitty port and a really bad support for the ps3 version.

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by "retailers" you mean buisness who make their money with used games?

sorry but thats not the only place you can buy stuff.

btw, were's the complain about the fact that most pc games cant be traded and played as "used game"?

did the world ended when i was fully aware that my STEAM games(digital and retail with steamwork support) couldnt be traded? NOPE.

i dont want to see the ps4 preventing used ga...

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