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anyone who believes that a Tegra 3 is gonna run at 1080p for anything but maybe video playback and nes emulation is living a pipedream. 99% of the stuff on the ps3/360 runs at 720p. And those are considerably more powerful platforms. Second, when people are asking why they'd want this, what they are saying is "what does ouya do that my current hardware doesn't do?". The answer is "nothing."

Emulation: You can emulate on just about everything. Hell,...

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yep, ....its THAT good.

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oh look, sensationalism for hits.

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there's a really good reason why its selling like that, yeah im calling it, Ni No Mila Kunis will be the ChronoTrigger of this generation.


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you can always count on nintendo to surf on their good old franchises as always, wich is not always a good thing...... BUT i would lie if i said that i dont want a new Zelda/Metroid/DK/Mario Kart.

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@thorstein 1up started to be a futile videogame website the day they stopped their "1up show"

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Soul Sacrifice

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meh, been buying steam games for the last 6 years without caring about paper instruction manuals, it wont change today.

im getting the digital version in a heartbeat.

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Shootmania suck seriously, i really want to see a new nervous fps(a la UT and Q3) worthwhile.

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Ni No Mila Kunis?

im getting the digital version, any idea about how long the game could last?(if i play and grind at a normal pace)

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after all, a review=a dude opinion

...wich isnt the ultimate virtue.

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its cool and all, but im getting the vita version in a heartbeat.

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go look at Akira and try to tell me it suck.

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Should be permabanned from N4G too.

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...then the guy flip the table and walk off!

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Kotaku, showing its low standards again.

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uh....isnt the 360 controller already a dualshock "rip off" but simply more bulky and with the left joystick swaped with the dpad?

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ahh, i remember all the good time i spent on Motocross Madness 1&2, really fun game(and trying to get out of the map was.....BBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!! ..if you know what i mean...)

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2014 and 2016 will be so mega awesome, MEGAWESOME!

lulz, who care.

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all the ps vita games have game manuals, they simply are digital.

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