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well, you know...the second largest country in the of the most loved country and also the country with the most natural ressources you can find on earth.

....also the same country who burned down the white house.

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cool story bro.

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who seriously give a shit about IGN?

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"I wouldn't hire anyone with less than 20,000 gamerscore"

i guess thats why Shift 2 sucked, when a light and small lotus behave like a heavy and giant impalla know they obviously doesnt know their shit.

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Fugly Gaga need to be bitchslapped until death occur.

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"may have the best texture work I have seen on consoles"

...uhh...then you obviously need to see more games.

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the NGP i can understand....but the 3DS??!?

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i played both games and they are differents.

Split Second you press a button to activate a trap.....thats about it.

MS:A you directly RACE INTO crazy shits and level dynamic changes....wich is better(imo offcourse)

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online mode or not, the dude who did this "review" seem to be high on crystal meth.

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what a shitty review, its way too blatantly bad.

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im pretty sure Chell is the child of Cave J and Caroline.....

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they saw MS:A and simply said "fuck it, our split second 2 will look like ass in comparison....cancel it..."

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thats how usa work...

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well, im watching it right now and all we can see is many old and confuse peoples trying to figure out how the record founction with a vcr, they obviously doesnt know what they are talking about.

"do you agree with that?"

"i dont think im qualified to anwser that.....but yes"

....what a big joke.

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because MS is all about story...right?

the story is silly and totally assumed, wake the fuck up son.

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maybe YOU just suck and are and doesnt have any standards for acting like a sheep and bending over to receive review scores (aka...a dude opinion) up the ass without even playing it yourself?

the game is all about the MP, the sp is simply a small bonus.

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i would totally pay to see the face and the reaction of the hacker(s) learning about it.


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Yeah, why not?

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