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pretty much, im buying it day one whatever what the price will be, even my pc graphic card is probably more costly than the ps4 so its not really a big deal for me.

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i own a top not gaming pc so the obvious will be the pc version, then again if there's no pc version on launch, i will simply go with the ps3 version since i stopped to buy multiplateform games for the 360 a long time ago.

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but WHY, isnt it more easy and faster to simply press a god damn button?

when i need to chop carrots, i simply do it, CHOP and its done....

..i dont feel the need to ask a retarded kid to cut them for me while he's trying to follow the command of my voice.

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Crytek can yap all day, it wont matter until they do good games and FUN games again.

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meh, got both my 3ds&vita on launch day, i can easily say that 3/4 of the time when i use a handheld is the ps vita, the only game that made me use my 3ds is paper mario and theatrhythm...and a gba metroid game i got with the ambasador certificate, meanwhile i had a SHIT LOAD of ps vita games to play unlike on the 3ds 90% made of shovelwares right now.

i cant wait to see a new zelda/metroid game on the 3ds to justify my purchase, but hey, at least i get ps vita games.

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bla bla fckn blah, and all the fps in the worlds are a blatant wolfeinstein3d ripoff.

deal with it silly kid.

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the red edition is already coming in canada, the blue isnt confirmed yet, so you have black, white and red, the choice is your.

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meh, dont give a shit.... will probably get the table one day because ...WHY NOT eh?

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talk the talk, walk the walk.

after all, its his job.

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well, we cant say that the Bayonetta 2 video was impressive, in fact it was pretty minimalist and barely showed us something.

nothing to be hyped really, if you played the first game... you know exactly what you will get.

now lets hope that the game wont bomb like MadWorld did simply because its not where the target audience is.

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NNK, Tales of Graces f, Blue Dragon, Tales of Vesperia, Eternal Sonata was pretty good in my book.

honorable mention to Valkyria Chronicles even if its more tactical.

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....comon man, dont be such a ridiculous blatant childish troll.

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"If you're getting a PS4 and it does everything the PS3 can do AND more....why keep it? May as well sell it to make the purchase cheaper."

the same reason why i kept my NES even if i can play all my game as .ROM

sure you can always sell your stuff, but i prefer keeping them since ive been a gamer all my life since 83.

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...and im french canadian, i hope profgerbik main spoken language isn't english.


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i guess the guy wanted a shit gameplay like ff13 instead of Tales games?

thats his problem and the review shouldnt be taken as the ultimate virtue.

whats important is what YOU like.

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"9 Reasons Why Sony May Not Announce The PlayStation 4 This February"

give me ONE reason why we should trust a random guy on the internet about that?

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peoples who see racism everywhere are usually the first to have blatant racist prejudices wrapped around their brain.

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get this game on the NA PSN please!!!

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peoples who already played sega bass fishing know exactly what this game is about, i couldnt care less about review from peoples who doesnt like that kind of game.

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the reviewer admited himself that he didnt finished the game before shitting out his ni no kuni "review".

1up is irrevelant and shoulnt be taken seriously.

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