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with all your obsessive comments about FFXIII-2, it look like the only person you're trying to

btw, i will gladly purchase ffxiii-2

........yep....even without your consentment.

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i will have to wait to buy it in may or june.......thx to my god damn car engine.

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can also game with dualjoysticks on your tablet...or play your ps3 on the toilet?

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uh.....all it take to make a final fantasy the title.

your opinion dont matter.

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yep, i dont see why it could be hard....unless you doesnt know how to play.

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or harrassing little girls online.

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i guess the ps3 was also undepowered seeing how Disgaea3 lookd like ass.


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wait, the negative point they give to it is : "too expensive"?


how is it expensive? i could understand if you live in somalia.....but 250$ is "expensive" for this kind of device and what it contain?

yeah right, continue to take your 5-6$ coffee at starbucks and in same time whine about the psvita price.

this is ridiculous.

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"That No One Cares About"

i find it ridiculous how some peoples think they represent 100% of the gamers.

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So.. he won season 3 of The Tester?

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wait, you think the vita is a "ridiculously expensive devices" ?!??


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i dont need a demo, ive seen enuff changes in ffxiii-2 to confirm my purchase.

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i must resist..argghhhh....have buy spring...arrrrrrghhhhhhhhh.


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thats why im playing on pc.

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oh nooooo, nice boobies burned my eyes!

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ive owned the NES version back in the days, i got the arcade version on the psn without esitations.

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hope the game will be less boring and repetitive than the first one,.....wich shouldnt be that hard to do.

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wow, that was seriously elaborated!

you made my day sir, and btw happy new year!

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@Zha1tan then, why should we care about your opinion?

wasting your time manifesting YOUR opinion is kinda ironic seeing the content of your post.


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