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@rexbolt price drop in japan was only on the 3G models and it was a decision made by some retail stores and not sony, simply because they were out of stock on the wifi version.

btw, just wait to see a monster hunter or persona to hit japan....all it need is a game that will sell to the japanese nation. the 3ds took some time to have good games, same will go with the vita, so the "oh mah gawdddd, the vita is doomd since it doesnt have better sale than the 3ds" is pre...

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no offence but i will wait for a credible review.

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and whats the SOURCE or PROOF about it.

even if i say:


it mean jack shit.

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when you say "they", who are you talking about?

all i see is peoples saying "it will be a launch game" or "its not gonna be out on launch date" .....but ive yet to see sony japan studio confirm if its a launch title or not, the speculations and random websites arnent credible at all since Keiichiro Toyama or SCE Japan Studio didnt said a word about it.

....unless you can explain your "they said" source?

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thx but no thx.

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@moparful99 "It just sounds like people are looking for things to use as a negative.."


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the ironic part is if there's someone who support originality and different querky games ....THATS ME.

you can always blame the solar storms and the 9/11 on me, ...but it wont change the fact that 360 fanatics ares simply mad at my comment.

btw, im not impressed by the setup since i already own a tri-screen setup(not 3d) with two msi 580 lightning in sli since the spring....but i guess you will also blame me for the death of the Dreamcast too.

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so we will be able to hear Joe go bat shit crazy?

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meh, that's still only Alan Wake, an overglorified repetitive tps in wich you had to buy dlcs to follow its above average story, one thing i will give to Alan Wake ....the music was nice.

other than that,.... point with flashlight, then shoot the exact same boring clone until its over.

yep im still butthurt with all the hype the game had, at least i had 25$ for trading it.

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im in canada so the 3G version of the vita isnt included in the bundle(its 299$), btw, at first i had doubt about the build quality of the carrying case included in the bundle, but look like i dont have to worry about it since it look pretty good and look like it will do the job as seen in this pics:
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dont know, the sure thing is i get my pay check every thursday and a part of it will go toward the PSV

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yeah, Gravity Daze/Rush, Escape Plan and Wipeout2048 for me.

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i dont get it, the ps3 version is what ...13$ and the vita version is 40$?


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still have to wait until feb15 to get mine.

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reading cgoodno comment=Mind Blown!

reduction in software sales in the months following the Holiday season?


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waiting to get my PsV on feb15.

will also buy a 32gb memcard later with a couples of games.

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i dont see why its supposed to be confusing.

you have all the info you need to know about the bundle.

all it take is 10 seconds of reading.

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i had a shit ton of "old" games and got 175$ of credit toward the PsV, one of them was disgaea3 ...wich is an old ps3 game...but it was listed 18$ in their system.....they gave me 25$ for it.

...the funny part, i buyed Disgaea3 in the same store for 15$....2 years ago.

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im getting the wifi version like what...85-90% of the peoples who will get the PSV.

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