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Monster Hunter

you can speculate all year long and try to troll about vita sales ....wont change the fact that when a japanese have a superior version of monster hunter on ps vita, they will get the vita version instead of the 3ds ...and BOOM, the thing will sell like hotcakes.

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the first time is always important ...even if its awkward.

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7 days.

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i own all the consoles since the nes(yep even the 3do, the jaguar and the shitty virtual boy), so i must a fckn weird dude.

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then... what's the point to own a 3ds when its simply a nds?

the whole selling point of the 3ds IS the 3d, without it, its not a 3ds, its a .... S

i was sold on the console, but after owning it since the launch date, i just cant handle it anymore, im almost swearing at it everytime im using it ffs... so its time to stop, get rid of it....and move on.

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this news is funny to me because im trading my 3ds tommorow while it still have some value, the credits are going directly on my ps vita.

i just cant support the shitty 3d effect anymore, im loosing the 3d effect and see double everytime i slightly move the angle of the 3ds...wich happen ALL THE FCKN TIME when im playing a game on it, its just too anoying for me, sry nintendo but i will have to give the ambassador certificate back so you can shove it up your ass.

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i got the first game but stopped to play at maybe 50% of the game since it lost my interests, but i will admit the graphic style and animations are awesome.

i might get the sequel if i see it on sale

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want to play your old umd? with your psp ffs.

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ffxiii-2 is actually BETTER than ffxiii, so giving it 5/10 is simply dumb, shitty irrational review is shitty.....and obviously irrational

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"Sony loyalists HANDPICKED?"

really? dont tell me you forgot to put your tinfoil hat today.

Logic Fail with your post.

oh, what about the bribes MS gave to the HANDPICKED loyal fans?

...and what about the nice and warm reaction the sony loyalists had with the AT&T 3g announcement? ....must be probably be someone from microsoft who hacked the sound input to add the "boooooooos" while the real loyalist wa...

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some peoples simply need to find a way to say negative things.

just listen the angry crowd reaction to the ridiculous high price of the Ps Vita

they even almost caused a riot and almost had to cancel next E3s because of the outrage......

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but but but...they told me "The Vita is DOOOOOMMDD!!!!"

did they lied? AGAIN?!??

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nope its not expensive for what it is, if it was a wooden bowl for 245$ that would be expensive....but the vita isnt.

my iphone and my ipad...NOW thats what you call expensive and overpriced.

btw, just to refresh your memories, just listen

did you heard all that angry peoples whining about the price?

that a...

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hey, lulzboat, how does it feel to have 95% of your members being doxed?


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im getting the case included in the first edition bundle....wich is supposed to be exclusive and high quality.

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only big failures would buy it for its single player.

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Kotaku suck anyway.

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this article is pointless, why dont you talk about the gang problem in brasil? ...oh yeah, its not sony related.

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"What's this article's point?"

say something negative related with sony.

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