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peoples whinning about the control probably never controlled a RC car before, im playing on the ps vita and the game is fun, giving it 3.5/10 is simply retarded and irrational.

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i got the vita for 250$(wi-fi) and was happy with the launch price, for the wii-u i would get it for 299-329$, if its higher then.... fuck the wii-u

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"applying lipstick in the mirror with a ps3 controller.. "

the word "context"... do you know its meaning?

..same goes with pulling a virtual trigger on the ps3 controller, you need a reality check, you arent the ultimate virtue, david cage also isnt.... but he sure know his shit more than you do.

...and he's clearly more rational than you will ever be.

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last time i checked, the girl in the game is a 18yr old cheerleader, if YOU do the association with your 16yr old sister....then ...YOU are pretty much your own problem.

oh and guess what, someone will probably bang your sister soon, seeing your previous reaction, will you be jelly or pissd off about it??

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i got the 4gb with my first edition, after two days it was already full with a couples of mp3, demos, apps, 2 downloaded games....with 120mb left, had to buy a 16gb and waiting for a deal on the 32gb to get one since i have a shit load of psp games waiting to be played on my vita.

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@MultiConsoleGamer, i agree, 4gb is barely enuff to follow the updates, demos, free games/apps.

4gb(more like 3.8gb) will be eaten pretty fast.

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a monster hunter on vita will make the ps vita sales explode

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10/10? thats ridiculous, perfect games doesnt exist.

Mass effect 3 is far to be perfect.

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Peter Molyneux is an annoying douche

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MS barely have 4-5 good exclusives per year.

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sry but if i pay for xbox live, i dont want their shitty ads shoved down my throat.

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ewww, look at the weird looking faces.

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would like to see a new Patapon and Valkyria Chronicles 3

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"Half of UK gamers want..."

talking out of his ass

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"What's So Great About Graphics in Video Games?"

uh.... graphics.

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@young juice, the wii didnt had a lot of good games, barely anything good unless you look at the rare nintendo first party games.

oh....and what was the wii sales numbers again?

yep, look like your point isnt THAT valid after all....

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@LX-General-Kaos is in fact Reggie Fils-Aime

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and i bet YOU also love it...


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its impossible, they already said "the vita is DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOMMMMMDDD!!"

did they lied?

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