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5/10 is an understatement

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"250 for that device is too much"

wut? thats retarded, sure thing is 99$ for 32gb mem card is in fact too much, they should drop it between 69-75$, but the console itself...hell no.

the price for such a device is perfect, if you dont agree then go do something else with your money since you are simply out of touch.

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haters gonna hate, thats why you got disagrees, you cant change irrational fanboyish twats, clicking disagree is the only "argument" they can find to make themself feel secure.

anyway, i saw used 3ds at my local ebgames one week after the release date when i purchased mine, some peoples simply buy games/consoles and trade them back(also get anally raped in same time) since they are low in cash after impulsive purchases or they doesnt know ...

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@ruckus7s so what, a woman is still a woman, you cant fight against it when its WAYYYYYYY too obvious.

on that, i need my sandwich.

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@Mikeyy because companies don't lose money? right?

wake the f up son.

btw, pretty much all the lulzsec members have been easily doxed like a bunch of amateurs, LULZ AT THEM!


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a great way to wake the f up peoples who still think sony owes them everything, no one is forcing you to use the PSN, deal with it bitches.

hey..fat lady suing mcdonald because she eat there everydays and thats making her fat.... do mcdonald force her to eat their product? nope, so deal with it fat greedy irrational bitch.

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who care about complainers when we all know they probably doesnt even own a ps vita.......

haters gonna hate

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i am a legitimate user and didnt had a problem and didnt felt hurted with the firmware, anyway pretty underwhelming update...but i guess the feeling is accentuated because of all im expecting from future updates.

overall im pretty happy with my vita, the fact that im using it everydays is a good sign

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because we all know MadWorld, No More Heroes, Muramasa sold soooooo well on the wii......

i dont see why publishers wouldnt invest into a game console mainly driven by nintendo only games...


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i thought Canabalt would be playable on my PsVita..

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that girl is attractive?


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my 50$ paid itself a long time ago with all the stuff i got from PS+, and at this point if you still doesnt have a clue how it work....then you are obviously clueless..

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the console itself doesnt need a price cut.

BUT, the only pricey part is the mem card, they should drop the 32gb to 69$-75$.

other than that, if you think the vita cost is too high....then go do somthing else with your money, for 250$, i felt like i robed sony on feb15.

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a price cut on the vita itself? No.
a price cut on the mem cards? yes, make it 60-75$ for the 32gb.

other than that, all it need to have more sales is more games like a new Monster Hunter in japan to see it sell like hotcakes.

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you have to see it like if it was a halloween special episode of the simpsons, it souldnt be taken seriously.

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all it need is a new Persona/Monster Hunter and sales will increase, homebrews and piracy can suck mah balls.

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at this point, if a "gamer" doesnt own a ps3, then hes doing it wrong

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AMD and their "Bulldozer" against the Intel i5 was the same thing, the Bulldozer was supposed to rape intel latest cpu......but with factual tests, amd failed hard.

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"Could Come to Vita"

lmao, it will, without a single doubt.

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...more like LOGICFAIL.

if you want to do analogy, at least put some effort in it.

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