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with the most moronic fanbase ever, is it supposed to be surprising?

they could put the Iturd on the market and it would sell, that said, would it be good for gaming? fuck no, Apple and gaming doesnt go together...well, unless you have extremly low standards and would say that litles flash games are enuff for you.

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its not like i would have paid for it, its a minis and got it for free(can already play it on my vita)

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clicked for the tits and nothing else.

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"whoop peoples asses" in scripted spectacles?

because fights in jerry sprigner shows are real?

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pretty much, awesome gameplay, epic EPICNESS, brutality and boobs.

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the first Prototype was way too unpolished and average to "win" against the first InFamous.

that said, Prototype 2 will have to be seriously overwhelming and beyond expectations to even compare it to InFamous 1&2.

i will without a doubt give it a chance by renting it just to see, i hope to be surprised by it.

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saw the kiosk a paxeast, look simply MEGAWESOME!

the kind of game you play at 4am, trippin balls.

from what i saw, it a must buy.

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or others simply use a keyboard... like ive been doing since day one.

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and who said a cute girl can't be competent?

grow up indeed sir.

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not a big deal, its not like sony owes us something anyway, psn is FREE, its a scheduled maintenance and its only 13hrs.

so relax and go outside you bunch of pale gamers.

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between 69-75$ would be perfect.

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peoples still care about what Patcher have to say?!??

really? even my little sister can do a better job at speculating bs.

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i can

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and worldwide?

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then she should simply be seen as a cosplayer of lolipop chainsaw who like to hang aroud the lolipop chainsaw kiosk, voila..... your "booth babe" isnt a booth babe anymore in less than 2 second.

mindfuckd the PAX rule like a boss.

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both NMH bombed on the wii, wasting time on the wii u would be a mistake, target audience just doesnt give a fuck about the wii, same thing happened with MadWorld, game was on the wrong it bombed.

it will end up on ps3/360 wich is where the target audience is.

butthurted nintendo kids hitting disagree in 3..2..1

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i liked Motocross madness and Motocross madness 2, but now MS will take a huge dump on it with their shitty avatar bs.

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what Pachter always futile.

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this game is a turd

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Oh Snap! (in every ways possible)

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