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Ubi wont release the game on wiiu then release it again on other plateforms, they wont put efforts in marketing the same game two times only for butthurted peoples, its a buisness, not a fan cock stroking service.

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gameplay dont matter, if i say Counter-Strike is on the same level than SF2turbo, its coherent.

...use your head and think about it for 5-6 seconds.

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meh, seeing her get on her knees in front of you would probably make you eat your own words, then she would crush your dick and run away.

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hopefully they will mix some fun into it.

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yay, more shovelwares.....

thx, ..but NO THX!

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they will announce a time travel device

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i really enjoyed the first gears in co-op, then i was kinda bored with gears 2.

i think i will pass on gears3 or borrow it down the line.

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pretty much what i was about to post, thx for saving my time.

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no, no and NOOOOO!!

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peoples camplaining about the "Listen Mode" really need to understand something really important.

its better to have the option WHEN YOU DONT NEED IT ....than NOT HAVING IT WHEN YOU NEED IT.

you know, a condom.

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im a big fan of Evolution Studio games, badass racing games.

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cool numbers bro!

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for your blog, go to BLOGSPOT

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"- Few save points. "

lol wut?

uh, triangle.....then press START to SAVEGAME.

how is that "few" when you can save EVERYWHERE?

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like if the LBP vita game was the same than the ps3 lbp games, its pretty obvious that the article is full of bullshit

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thats why i will avoid it until it bomb and see it being ported where the target audience is.

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are you lost litle boy?

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instead of telling us 6 reasons why we should look forward to gtav, he should try to give us simply ONE reason to avoid gtav.

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even if im using the vita 3/4 of the time, im enjoying both.

"power to the gamer!"(fist in the air)

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f this titan bullshit, im waiting at least next year to upgrade my msi580 lightning.

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