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nope, being VERY close to some of the staff at Edios Montreal, all i have to say is.....dont wait for a new DeusEx because you know...... there's a THIEF in the building.

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will FOX also try to link what Hitler have done with Richard Wagner classical music?

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Monkeyfun and Cory Bloyd never created a ps3 why would i want to listen to what he have to say about something he didnt touched?

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Lumines Electronic Symphony

and i got my ps vita

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its not like if pachter was the ultimate virtue, in fact, most of the time he's speculating like my litle sister usually do.

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indeed the game is awesome, btw, he review by saying its a game like Tempest? really? more like Torus Trooper and Audio Surf.

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and i guess Richard Wagner music put Hitler in the mood to do the horrible crimes he did?

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Heavy Rain

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i own a top notch gaming rig, but also have a ps3/360/wii/ps vita/3ds.

because you know, cant play nintendo/sony/ms exclusive games on my pc...and vice versa.

"Remind us what latest game is out on the PS2? or can you play your PS2 games on a new PS3?"

was playing Persona3 FES on my ps3 yesterday.

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whatever, EA MMA was had a far better gameplay than the UFC games made by THQ, thats what really matter to me.

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so credible....

Anarchy Reigns was delayed and vgchartz still post sale numbers?


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nope, that will show you how seriously credible this "chart" is

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wow, the game look even more badass and the animations are top notchs

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wow, kinda late to the party, been able to play Canabalt and Where's my hearth for what? 3-4 weeks?

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cant wait to play this game, trippy stuff to play at 4:20am

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got the pc version for 9,99$ at gamestop

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thing is, the ps vita COD is a new game wich wont be available on the ps3/360

meanwhile the wiiu will simply get a port of the same COD you get on console.

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thats why i own the ps3 AND the 360.

oh ..and the pc/ps vita/wii/3ds too

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do want

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Jet Set Radio Vita is Jet Set Radio on the Vita wich is pretty awesome

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