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my jeep is burning a lot of oil, i blame Sony for it.

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Persistantthug:"At least it's not that false rumored 16GB PS3.....that would have been dumb"

wat?, you cant be serious.

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mafiahajeri: "hope not have damage to brain"

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its based on a shitty survey, pointless.

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got the SOTC digital version and still no update yet

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1.Borderlands 2
4.Borderlands 2
6.Borderlands 2
8.Borderlands 2
10.Borderlands 2

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both games=win

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some peoples will always be bitchin.

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onlive who?

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Not only does Sound Shapes fully realize its potential, it leaves expectation behind to become easily the best Vita title to date. The real accomplishment of this game is just how incredibly FUN it is to create your content. I've yet to even publish a level, but I've spent hours just tinkering around in creation mode building rhythms and beats just for my own enjoyment. I freakin adore this game.

"the illusion of innovation wrapped in the familiar shell of Locco ...

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ReadyBodyReggie need some practice at trollin, maybe next week he will be able to wipe his ass by himself....MAYBE.

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already preordered it on steam.

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again and again with the irritating WRONG title, it should be "Teen Collapses After 4-Day of sleep deprivation"

who care what he was doing, will we start to say "Hitler Did Hate Crimes After Listening To Richard Wagner Music"??

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i will, since its not ports.

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the same who made the dvd rewinder

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waiting to get it after work.

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This advertisement was paid for by Nintendo.

anyway, after owning both 3ds and ps vita, i can say that its a win win situation.

nintendo wont be able to give me what sony will, and vice versa.

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afterall, isnt all the FPS we saw in the last years blatant Wolfenstein3D rip-off?

btw, who care if its the same game genre than brawl, it will simply push nintendo to do better with their next game.

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why reviewing it when you clearly hate it?

this review is useless.

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also pre ordered, i love the concept of the game, give it a couples weeks to see some MEGAWESOME levels.

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