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and my body too.

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no problem onb my side(in Canada_)

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"One of the big issues I had with God of War III is that it dehumanised the already-inhumane Kratos. "

uh, weird, i felt the complete opposite seeing Kratos and Pandora interactions and how he sacrified himself to give hope to humans instead of a power hungry olympian (Athena)

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Little King’s Story and NIGHT for me this week.

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Molyneux, dont want to be rude but.... SHUT THE F UP and go make some games, THEN peoples will tell you if you are good or not, black & white was great, fable was good, ...everything else is bat shit.

you can talk about weather and how you could do a good game....but in the last years, all you said was useless hot air.

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yeah, the game is average, BUT, jim is being the same old sensationalist jerkbag he usually is.

all his reviews should be avoided like plague, he's always trying too hard wich end up being 1% review material and 99% pissing contest with himself.

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meanwhile, some peoples still try to justify paying ONLY to play online.....lmao.

not even talking about having a ton of ads shoved up their ass


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about time what?

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nrvalleytime you mad bro?

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"Non-laggy streaming"

oh, mean like ICO and SOTC?


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Which is Better?

owning consoles AND a gaming pc

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i already pay my 360/ps3/pc games 70$(well, its 59$ but with the taxes it end up being 69$)

anyway i wont get the wiiu until 6-7months after the release, the wii had barely a couples games even after 6 years. i will let nintendo pull their head out of their own ass for a while and see if it worth it after a couples months.

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go see the optometrist ASAP.

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my local eb games is acting like a dick and wont allow the game to be sold until the 25.

fuck em, i still have to complete Black Mesa and Borderlands 2 anyway.

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i will wait at least 5-6 months after the console release to get it.

after the wii release borefest, nintendo wont fool me again.

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so, its sega bass but with hentai?

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the XFX Warpad is still the best mousepad for gamer, you just cant beat how well and simple its made.

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at this point, peoples who still dont like the PSplus service are blatantly blinded by their own lack logical reasoning

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