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see you..... far behind me.

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how is it confirmed?

i was about to get the ps vita version only, if the ps3 version allow me to play it on the go, i will without a doubt preorder the ps3 version on the psn/

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you have a problem setting the brightness yourself?

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39.99$ here in canada, this review seriously lack of rigor.

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huh...this was already know since what....the launch of the ps vita.

whats next from ps-analog? a tutorial on how to set a custom background on the ps3?

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References that I get:

0:02 - Sly Cooper's staff is hanging on the wall to the left (Sly Cooper)

0:04 - Skull key, Medievil Sir Daniel reference (skeleton protagonist who opens chests)

0:09 - Pink Cake and IceCream (Fat Princess and Sweet Tooth)

0:10 - Bullets (Nathan Drake, Sweet Tooth, Radec/ anyone who uses guns with shells)

0:13 - Segmented blade (Sweet Tooth's Signature Weapon)


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i own a top notch gaming pc,360,ps3 but gonna take the vita version, u mad?

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for me it will be:
DJMAX Technika Tune
Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz

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im doing 2 millions simply by replying to your post, so eat my shorts!

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valid in canada?

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they gave what to Double Dragon Neon again?

..yeah..., who care's about IGN scores.

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pretty much.

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Me Salty Vessel!

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No, the game itself was preorder worthy.

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cl4p-tr4p: "me salty vessel"

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wow, you obviously troll son.

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october16(next week)

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xPhearR3dx, sooo..... you missed the part where Turn10 dev was busted on NeoGaf(busted by the admins) posting as an "non-biased gamer" and posting hate threads toward GT?

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getting my PsVita/Ps3 version asap.

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a thief is a thief, no matter what is justification is, i may not agree with the punishement, but its a good way to put shit in perspective.

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