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so hardcore...

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this and Lumines:Electronic Symphony

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nothing but a blog, i wouldnt call it an article.

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so this is Sega Bass Fishing with a japanese facelift?

count me in.

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all i need is DjMax and i will be happy.

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donkeykong, metroid, zelda, mario, kirby and.... uh.... well, thats pretty much it, nintendo have always been surfing on their old franchises since the beggining, while i would like to see nintendo be more creative than always keeping safe with their copy/paste mario games, i have to admit that the ONLY reason i got the wii u is simply to play nintendo franchises like metroid, and like i did with the wii, i will ignore pretty much everything else on their console since the serious gaming will...

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next week=DjMaxTechnikaTune


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hard to call it a next gen when its pretty much on par with 7years old consoles...

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i do, you dont?

too bad for you, meanwhile i will be playing P4:Golden.

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kids are hipsters now?

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uh, where's DJ MAX Technika tune?
the psn release date is dec4.

this list isnt accurate, so whats the point?

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calm down, you dont have to yap until youre blue in the face only for a peice of plastic.

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as long the wii u isnt flooded with pointless and shitty shovelwares like the wii was.

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want some butter with you butthurt?

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to make wii games look worse on the wii u?

thats not what i can call a "nice" surprise...

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lets rate ALL the fps in the world with a 4.5/10 only because they use the same bases than Wolfenstein3D.

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no, still look the same.

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nope its not, just restarted Steam and the DLC isnt out yet.

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look like you will need to play more games.

this game is OK, not GOOD or BAD, its simply ok, wich is barely 6.5-7/10.

and yeah i own the game like all the wii u owners.

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