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is Rockstar forcing you to buy it? nope.

im getting Big Sky Infinity and Black Knight Sword this week.

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uh, ...its only for DX9.

sorry but i will stay on dx11

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for a brand new console, its a bad way to start.

sorry to burst your bubble.

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did you saw SFxTekken?

it look fanfuckntastic and is stable at 60frames per second

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wow, do you want some butter with your butthurt?

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for a brand new console, the WiiU sales arent good at all.

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meh, its ok.

btw calling it "most underrated games of all time" is pretty much the most overrated comment about this game of all time

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"I don't know what Sony did but there has really been an outslaught of negative news"

oh, you mean the "articles" coming from random blogs who get approved by haters?

yeah, its obviously sony fault .....

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kinda like a dark monster hunter.....but with a better/faster gamplay mixed with demons souls?!?


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nice blog.

.....and it was approved?Please.

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its not called "orbis"?

like in "Orbis Vita"(Circle of life)?

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So over the last week or so we have had from games 'journalists' on Kotaku:

An article about a tramp who was having an affair but said that her husband letting her die in Diablo was a sign that the marriage was over.
An article comparing different front covers of games and whether the character in the artwork has their index finger on the trigger of their gun. Wow how fascinating.
And now this....

Honestly, ALL the "articles"...

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did i saw Volgin and Mantis in the video?

and cptn hook ......could it be liquid snake?

..solid will find his brother in msg5?

this video is without a doubt about MGS

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u mad?

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"No one has room to complain."
haters will always try to justify their hate with ridiculous delusional rationalisation.

"its not free, it cost 50$ per year"
not far from true, but it already paid itself in less than a month,

..... oh but whats that? ....oh yeah, that's eleven months left to give me FREEBIES.

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oh look, its the nintendo defence force talking to himself.

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whoooaaaah!!, thats so harcore reggie!


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my "old" msi n580gtx lightning is able to max out the setting(minus the Vsync) and get a stable 50-60fps in all the situations, so dont worry.

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dont take your wish for a reality.

oh and btw, talking about "Features not Possible on.."

where's the multitouch screen? ....oh yeahh... not possible on my wii u tablet. lol at disagrees, U MAD NINTENBROS?

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this "article" is coming directly from the "Official Xbox Mag", so we can pretty much assume that its totally objective and non-biased......

its kinda like when reggie told us that COD look and is WAY better on the wii u....


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