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pretty much what i was thinking.

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the last paragraph of the article:
"We are not saying that one experience is better than the other....."

weird, thats exactly what this blogger is saying, nice way to contradict yourself.

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U.S. Senator Should Shut His Egocentric Mouth, Says a random canadian on N4G

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and Hitler was inspired by classical music?

....blame the holocaust on richard wagner.

"I’m Done With Classical Music"

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it doesnt matter since the specialists on N4G told me that the ps3 has no games and the ps3 is doomd.

so this article isnt valid.

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why 3gbs?
because theres a lot of videos(in the background)

and the game totally worth my 45$

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it got new levels and shits, so its obviously more than just a cross controller function.

the price is justified imo.

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oh look, a new doom and gloom blog about the ps vita, how original.

btw, "The PS3 Has No Games".

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the system was released on the 22feb, how is that one year?

...that's only ten months.

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"i've been a Plus member since day 1 and don't think I've wasted my money. "

im also a member since day one, when you pay 50$ for a year and you get over 100$ of games in the FIRST month......i can only smile, now there's eleven months of freebies left.

not being a ps plus member at this point is simply delusional.

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the first game was bad, the second is on the same level of shittyness.

audio bug, boring, poorly executed gameplay, shitty camera, feel like a shitty game from 96.

too bad you have to justify your purchase.

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uh, its about liquid, and all the crazy shits we see in the trailer is probably the young p.mantis messing around?

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holy titties.

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P4:Golden, everything else is futile/

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as long its not "Free to Play...PAY TO WIN."

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sure there's a lot of boobies, but the gameplay look good(well, i hope. XD)

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i liked the Mini version, i may get the vita version too/

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most of the good ubisoft games are directly from Ubisoft Montreal, the title should be "The Rise of Ubisoft Montreal"

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meh, its better like that, keep the awesome action scenes for my playthrough.

i will buy the game in a heartbeat anyway.

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im really curious on how it will be used

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