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SteamOS replacing Windows as default PC gamer OS. Neither users or developers like Windows, with a company like Valve behind is perfectly possible.

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People doesn't realize key in this is software not hardware... SteamOS sucess is what Gabe wants, SteamBox is only a needed mid step.

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Pretty sure R1L1/R2L2 and melee/crouch will be switchable. Nice to see touchpad is used to battlelog menus, I hope its slso works for customization/deployment menus.

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It's technically not required, just happends, at OS level. No extra development needed.

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Because Forza 5 is a current gen engine with baked lighting, which could be perfectly called Forza 4 1080p.

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The 15 minutes video buffer is not going to be stored in a 176GB/s memory, when in could be stored in a cheap 1GB 20MB/s flash chip or directly in the HDD.

Stop saying this shit.

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Sony will surely use this in his own benefit like when the DRM lack of info and then a megaton in the E3.

Now they doesn't say details, but in Gamescom, BAM!!! Mark Cerny saying there is 6GB of GDDR5 full accessible for developers, with a big screen image in his back and blue lights everywhere. Pics in every webpage, Sony wins again.

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I guess to avoid make new UIs for consoles again they will include some kind of ingame basic browser based on webkit, just to display battlelog in the same way that PC.

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Price cuts in 2014? maybe some bundle in fall holidays... I'm not going to wait a year to save $50.

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Realistic COD? yea sure... and a simulation Ridge Racer.

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Deal with it. UI with icons are the past, the future is the "content as self cover" user interfaces.

In addition XMB is a shit Sony just port from PSP because they had no time with the 360 selling millions. XMB is a great idea to save space in a 3" display, but display huge ammounts of data in a unidimensional carrousel in a 1080p display is plain stupid.

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5 reasons he should know already before make the preorder, some of them pretty stupid like the YLOD that is nearly impossible to happen in nextgen cause both are based on 28nm and laptop tech.

So I call this article bullshit.

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What I heard:
Money money money money money. Money cash money millions money. Money money dollars money euros money cash, money pounds. We want more.

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60hz or bust!

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Images with copyright are obviosly discarded.

But there is a huge potential with rage faces and other memes.

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720p video? really? are we in 2006 again?

BTW They should call this game Pirassassin's of the caribean...

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Battlefield 4 with 60hz, 72 players, and no cheaters... Tell Nathan he can do whetever he wants with his life and feelings.

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PS4 unless you are a Texas redneck that likes to watch handegg matches yelling to the TV, then the new Dreamc... I mean the new Xbox.

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PC master race doesn't like competence.

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If in 2020 the 50% of world population have 50Mb/s internet connections, then maybe.

Plot twist: NO.

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