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Well just got my 2 day pass, first time ever attending a Games convention.

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Articles like these ae poison, don't read them and you won't be tainted.

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You used that wrong. A one hit wonder is a product that doesn't have good sequels.

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An article was posted sometime ago about microsoft putting a console under a contract with a $99 down payment.

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Well of course, ps4 doesn't have early access.

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Was waiting g for the game deals...but maybe I'll wait until next year...gtx 680 should be fine for another year.

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Bugs didn't exist back then. They do now: conspiracy.

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Actually no, you are paying for either choice ultimate or premium and get more than just those 3 channels. Also it's not $120 for just those 3 channels it's the total cost.

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More articles responding to other articles lol.

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Well it and the xbox one came out the same month so it didnt sell only because it was popular.

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That is literally the only engine it was never going to be lol.

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But techically in the gaming industry these delays are the norm for any company that releases more than one game a year. So it begs the question why you glossed over only 2 of Microsoft's delays. SIE releases more games per year than Microsoft, so logically there are more chances for delays. A less leading article would have discussed the industry at large.

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Only thing I hate is that instead of all the hate articles coming all at once, we have to deal with this 3 times in a year.

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I think if MS is really accurate about native 4k, $599 is going to be the price.

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Agreed. I keep wondering what the fuss is all about with scorpio being so powerful? All games will be limited by the weakest of the systems( being the xbox one and ps4). So why exactly is this power goig to offer anything game-making? The games still have to be designed for the original consoles. Unless teams are goig to dedicate time to make completely different versions of the same game...which they dont do anymore.

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No advantage for either as long as they are generation locked.

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Pretty sure they will lose...First sign of this is they are representing themselves/ no lawyer thinks they can win.

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Can't understand why so many people are talking up power for what is not a new generation of consoles. All these games can't take full advantage people...

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Apparently you have never applied to work in the's very clear when you apply if the position is under contract or not.

Teams know ahead of time they will get smaller as a game wraps up. So when they hire the have contract and non-contract listing of the same jobs.

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This is how game development is. Games completed. Not everyone is under a contract.

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