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Finding someone who won't stab you isn't easy.

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Got one preordered just in case

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tickets bought, glad its so close again!

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Crash's major sales came on day 1 in June.

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AmazonUS had them in stock (299$) so picked one up today. Sucks that people that would line up likes these guys can't get them. I just want to play that Zelda game everyone is losing their crap over.

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Well it only applied to games in their first few weeks of release and pre-orders. That said, Best Buy GCU is so much better, there is no time limit.

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"Heck, seeing an orb only makes you yearn more for features you know aren’t coming."
- Not exactly the smartest writer. You know nothing.

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So is it not enough for you to just not play It? That seems sad to me.

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It's a retail game...they will sell hundreds of thousands of copies.

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Me as well. A shame others can't just not like the game, they have to waste their time with negative words towards others who do enjoy it.

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It's kinda sad people have nothing better to do then dump on others.

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Well they did have a promo on the US store last week. I got P5 for 48.

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That's just it, someone had to list them for you to know they were there. ;-)

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Between bestbuy gamer unlocked20% off new games and +10 preorder certificates and Amazon's 20% off new games; gamestop has nowhere to go if it doesn't take drastic action.

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No it hasn't been. Not sure why you would feel the need to distribute false info?

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The 1080 FE is over a year old and cheaper....

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It's at least as long as uncharted 1...40 bucks for a new game!

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Kinda pissed it didn't get a remaster. It was my favorite tbh. I loved that no one knew batman yet.

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You should buy it now!! Ps plus has 5$ off so it's only 15

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No, but it's not even close to it's release date yet is it??? Ridiculous to post these until after release.

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