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Some of these flash deals on psn have been amazing! Steam Sale levels of savings!

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You thought they meant "totally" didn't you! :)

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Was this sarcasm or did you miss Scalebounds cancellation?

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...because native 4k, gsync(nvidia only), and 60 fps all combined require much more beef than 6tflops.

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I was really thinking it would be a must have until the reveal.

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Looks beautiful, but Im not sure Im up for a competitive game.

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This should sell well if they dont limit availability artificially like the nes classic.

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Bare minimum here. Only 8 gb ram and 4gb vram

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Sometimes a game just isn't fun. It may have had potential, but not every game realizes its potential. It happens to every publisher. It would have been great for MS to have figured it out before it was announced, but it doesn't always work out that way. I am still curious about the game the second team at Sony Santa Monica was working on that got canceled.

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If those games where all their studios worked on I'd agree with you...but apart from the racer...they have more ips they work on.

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His account is older than!

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That's what I was going for, the style is basically there but it's not as pretty. Still pretty though.

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Doesn't look like its reveal trailer lol

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At my Costco location I can tell you that just our store sold 1.5-2x as many ps4s as xbox ones in December. The bundle with an extra controller was a big mover. $22,000 in consoles last week alone (from just my store): $15,000 ps4's (uncharted 4 +dualshock bundle) $7,000 in xbox ones(minecraft or battlefield one bundle).

We didn't carry Nintendo stuff this year.

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If its using the newest stuff (Zen and a new gpu meaning different architecture) I dont see $399 as feasible. I also don't think MS will even have a 500gb model for doesn't fit with the premium console feel. I think the lowest possible price we will see is $449, but I still say $499 is closer to reality with the new tech only a year removed from pro.

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Pre-emptive strike: the article is labeled as an opinion piece.

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First misstep was getting rid of classes. Then getting rid of control points/fodder enemies.

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The little people are getting analyst forecasts mixed up with sonys expections.

Educate yourself before you try to pass off information as accurate.

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"A not talked about fact "
Because it was a lil problem as opposed to a big one.

And no ps2 never had a more powerful version of itself come out halfway through its cycle(New 3ds/new3ds xl), nor did it have a cheaper version that could get mass adoption so early (2ds). Good on Nintendo for providing for that!

All this said we are still talking about a handheld vs a home console...they started at different price points. My 3DS XL is a ...

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