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It's against their religion to eat or kill cows because they are sacred

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I was so let down after being so excited when they said multiplayer.

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Some of these pics don't look very good at all. The game play video defo looked better.

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And they are willing to make some niche games to cater to a variety of gamers even if they wont make back all their money.

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Skyrim VR is a day one purchase for me. Same for Fallout 4 if it comes to psvr.

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It's the whole Skyrim Game including dlc and the whole Fallout Game reworked("remade" in your words) for VR. It isn't a new game, but you do have to buy the VR versions.

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Seems to me that it would just be a matter of turning down effects and graphics. Once you let yourself get into a VR game those things don't matter quite as much as the experience of being the character.

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Glad Xbox picked a game like this up!

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I want more meaningful base building.

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2. in effect : virtually —used in an exaggerated way to emphasize a statement or description that is not literally true or possible

seems right to me. ( it has taken on a second meaning so Merriam Webster added it in)

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It's more of a variety thing than a sales thing. The games may not sell as well as your uncharted's or halos, but they exist to diversify the consoles portfolio. I love Ratchet and Clank, Infamous, Uncharted, God of war, The last of us, The order...

These games may not all have phenomenal sales or critical acclaim, but they exist for those who want to play them. There are plenty more that I don't play, but others do. Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break were good...

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I use my 360 for original Xbox games right now, Just hope they cover the bases (Kotr)

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"Fun stuff to talk about with preorders"
Maybe it's just a bundle he's talking about, but idk, it seems like more, and Xbox is on a roll with doing things differently right now.

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I think he may be talking about a trade up program actually.

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SotC as well

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I think pro will be in a good spot based off what happened with the x1 vs the ps4. In the effort to increase fidelity on x1x, I believe they will inadvertently introduce framerate discrepancies. A few ps4 games had 1080p but the framerate wasn't quite as good vs the 900p xb1 versions.

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I was at PSX this past year. It just seems like Sony is shifting more towards announcing at the end of the year rather than in the middle. I like how they release their titles more in the first half of the year; the holidays are jam packed with third parties.

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"There's no way the best version could ever be on Pro if the power of each system is fully utilized".

Well the same was true of XB1 vs Ps4 , but the xbox one sometimes came out on top in certain things. So maybe it is up to the dev which version they put more into?

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Because pc players have always been used to an unlocked from rate. Console players with joystick only would not be fair at all.

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Maybe its too late in development for them to want to build another version. Maybe their engine isn't capanle of a quick fix.

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