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I have both KOTORs and battlefront 2. I think I'm set.

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Much better than the turd that was Heart of Thorns. The maps were all the same. PoF really nails the exploration aspect.

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Critically, but it's still the most popular exclusive racing franchise. Personally I don't find virtual racing fun, but something about this franchise keeps bringing people back I guess.

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You come off as a fanboy yourself, not sure how you connected the two when its not even mentioned in the article. I'm not sure why you singled out that game.

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They both play every game the other does without exception, so why would you need to separate them? They are both ps4. Frankly even if you separate them I think ps4 slim would easily still surpass the wii.

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I understand it just perfectly, but as we know from the start of the gen hardware differences dont always show up on screen. In this case the visible difference comes down to increased allotment of RAM. Had the PS4 pro had more RAM put in the differences would be negligible.

It's a moot point, I happen to be more interested in Sony exclusives and own a gaming pc ( as well as a xb1S for Sunset OD and Rare Replay true exclusives). Multiplayer FPS and Racing are genres I h...

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RAM is what is making the game look better though "visibly" as I said. The gpu difference alone isn't enough to notice unless comparing side by side. Textures are better which is due to the RAM, which is a noticeable difference even when its not side by side.

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This isn't even close the initial cockpit view shows GTS to be visually more impressive. Unless you think aliasing happens in real life??

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I would say that comparing the hardware shows the xbox1x as being a better deal based on solely the hardware. However once you add the software available into the equation it becomes a much tougher decision.That argument comes down to personal genre preference, and I think objectively PS4 has a higher diversity of software that is more acclaimed. I think the fact that switch is selling so well may be a sign that console gamers don't care so much about the graphical fidelity of a game pas...

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It basically seems the only major visible difference is due to the amount of RAM. I can live with that. This is a game MS had a deal with, so I would expect more effort to be put in to improvements.

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I was pointing out how his cheeky "only on" statement is wrong...

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um...and xbox one S...

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Vasto...GT is a 70 plus million selling franchise...thats 4 billion dollars.

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Ea shouldn't be the sole holder of star wars game license rights... They have done jack since acquiring it.

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When die hard fans bought them at launch they weren't 200

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A bit low for the only problem the reviewer had being lootboxes. And in this game they aren't even close to being required.

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You can find a headline about any major company :


I take it you are not interested in the truth though.

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So is GT5 worth more than 60? it has over 1000 cars.

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You can move in every dimension in RE7 can't do that while watching anything through a VR set. I want you to ignore your first instinct to feel attacked, and look into it because you might be surprised. If you haven't tried VR you will never understand no matter how much video or first hand accounts you see/hear.

By move I mean you can learn around a corner meaning the top of your body moves while your legs stay...that first tim...

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I have no problem finding games that are fun to play because the experience of using VR is itself fun. What you are doing in the game is almost secondary. I know people liked Resident Evil 7, I find Farpoiny and star trek to be fun myself. Then there are the smaller experiences; star wars xwing mission alone had me would do amazing as a fleshed out standalone game. Being able to lean around in the cockpit is so fullfilling...

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