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In fairness you have to wait for the download

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For me it's more the fact that in order to play ps4 games at their highest settings there is no option other than ps4 neo. Instead of Scorpio I can just upgrade my windows 7 PC to Windows 10 free and then buy a new GPU...but being the crazy person I am I may just buy a Scorpio anyway...let's see how the final products look.

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It took me a while to realize all the music from the trailers and videos was being done by that orchestra.

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Neo comes out a year earlier than the Scorpio...why is the power difference news... FYI a Neo with the power of scorpio would cost more than the scorpio is going to cost...It is a year's difference in power costs.

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What if it has a Solid State DRive in it?

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This article is very naive. Nuff said.

I just recieved my amplitude rewards in the mail today...I helped a game get made and got rewarded...I win.

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The unbias answer is power doesn't matter unless something in the game can't be done on older hardware...but then we already know that there won't be exclusive games on ps4 while on xb1 the vr games will be exclusive. This leads me to one conclusion: The Vr experience on xb1 has to take advantage of the power difference.

Think ps2 version of force unleashed vs ps3 version of force unleashed. Power can be helpful in creating new things...but no game has done that...

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Everyone likes to talk megatons, and then when Sony drops them a la Spiderman they suddenly don't matter anymore.

If you take out previously announced games MS showed 2 new games. DR 4 which isn't even exclusive and State of Decay.

Spiderman was the biggest MEGATON since Square Enix Announced FF13 for xbox 360.

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Yes Shawn Layden who took over for Jack Tretton who left Sony.

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I spit up a bit ty for that.

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Can I play Spiderman on it? A character whose fanbase is not limited in any arbitrary way. MS needs to grab a character fast.

And to be frank what if sony Announces the ps5 for release the next year? And makes it forwards and backwards compatible with this new trend that is starting.Suddenly that 6tflops is 8tflops then 10...power wont matter with this new release schedule...only exclusives, and Sony showed the exclusives at E3. The only way I buy a scorpio to replace my xb...

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At the end of the day 6tflops doesn't matter if I can't play spiderman on it.

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#and wii and ps1.

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Zorkaz...I want to read this but you need a few paragraphs

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I myself am only a gpu away from futureproofing my rig for the next 4 years...I have a ps4,xb1, and a pc why do I need to buy their new console? I am willing to bet the price will be no less than $499...Why not spend that money on a new years gpu even. What is there that I can't possibly play without a scorpio?

Star Yes exactly with the gpu upgrade I would be playing most games on pc, but the only logic I can find in this new policy is that they truly don&...

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To be honest I was suspecting some blowback about Crash being remastered instead of bought...but I was pleasantly surprised that people loved that just as much.

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The point is you have to transport it with the console. Rather than just a simple power cable.

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I actually understand this lol

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maybe for ps4 neo?

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