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but can it run crysis?

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Going Commando, Full Frontal Assault, A Crack in Time, Size Matters, The Quest for Booty :)

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Finally got to try it out for myself today! I am so sold on it now! I am so excited for the future, and to be frank other VR solutions should thank Sony for the eventual mass adoption of VR. The price of entry being so low for VR is going to move the technology forward by many years.

Just the fact that cinema mode are getting a tv and a console for 400-500$

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At this point it's impossible for this game to flop...indie game budget + big game marketing.

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I actually just beat Quantum Break and as a Playstation gamer I was intrigued. It is nowhere near as impressive as a whole, but the time mechanics ( not neccessarily the powers) were pretty cool. I don't feel the game was a disaster just as I don't feel The Order was. I think QB was an average game with an above average mechanic. The ending was pretty bad, but disaster is too strong a word.

full disclosure: I rented it from gamefly and did not keep it.

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Still unimpressed with Loot crate dx, I did like the Fallout loot crate laste year though.

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Ya planet Coaster is a true successor to Roller Coaster Tycoon. Parkitect is more like a reimagining of the original.

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If it was a bad game then I would care... If I knew a game was good already and was bribed to give it positive ratings...ya no credibility lost there.

P.S never once have I listened to This guy.

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I'll be surprised if it comes out in 2017, but Spiderman is the biggest system seller I can imagine that is announced so long as Insomniac does what it does best. Such an iconic comic book character getting his own non-movie tied game and releasing it on 1 system... All the while the MCU just added said character to its roster and will be giving him a movie.

Spiderman spans Movies and Comics not just video games. As long as it take the pieces everyone liked from Sp...

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Noticed you left out ASync Compute (also in title)...because yes the ps4 does support that. Odd ommision.

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seems like it runs better...still want a remaster.

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I wonder if this means the remaster rumor isnt true. I will be annoyed if I dont get a remaster.

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Well you were quoting so the Capital would have been okay in the middle of a sentence... :)

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All these reasons are general...could have at least mentioned game recording...this just adds a 3rd console I can play the game on as I own a copy for ps3 and 360. Want that damn remaster.

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There was a rumor when the map was leaked. As of now this just adds a 3rd console I can play the orginal game on...what I really want is a 30 fPS locked game like gta5 next gen.

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and I thought my 600 games was a lot

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Uh, people he is trying to say that the other article said Sony would have no presence...which he refuted by putting up this one.

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Yes I question how people think the price will reduce so much in a year when the basic 1.3 tflop model is 299$...that is 5 times the power for only 100-200 more?

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So stupid to have a collection but not include all the games.

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I just hope they get rid of the crazy input lag.

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