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That thread is funny. I think the reason sony is holding out on release dates is the yare waiting for third party devs to announce theirs first. Red Dead will be given a wide birth for sure. From February to September though its a game a month.

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Im glad, this one is a fun sandbox.

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I disagree. It was once a big the 360 era. But that style of the world is great and I personally can't wait to see what someone knew comes up with for the franchise.

IT should be noted I actually liked 2 and 3. 1 was eh for me.

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The only Xbox IP I actively salivate for. I seem to love the one everyone hates the most. (3)

Give it to me!

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Move with analog sticks would take skyrim VR next level. As it is I love all the games that use the aim controller. Teleporting break immersion

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"globally" is what he said. Ps4 hasn't lost globally a single month.

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Well the original release window was first half of 2018, so even with a delay id say its locked.

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2018 is the year the standard price drops below 200. Meaning sale prices will be crazy.

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Pygmelion , ya it underperformed, but it wasnt less powerful. But that was due to unfamilar architecture. 360 was also rushed which resulted in rrod.

Ps4 and xbox were the same architecure and ps4 ran games better for cheaper or the same price.

Xb1x runs games better for more money.

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Happens when I browse on phone. Immediately takes you to a " google chrome galaxy s8 has a virus" . Have to close the phone browser to avoid any bad stuff.

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Early success is nice, but I'm still searching for ways it can get to wii numbers...Theres a lot of people this console wont appeal to that the wii did. I really like my Switch, (zelda mainly) but what demographic is this meant for? With the wii everyone even grandmas would buy one. I can't see grandmas buying the switch. Therefore I think this will have more steady sales for a while, but unless it gets a bunch of refresh models, I think that sales will slow down after the first 2 ye...

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Isn't the switch more of a portable that can act as a home console? I mean all the dock does is output hdmi...theres no chips or fans in it. Strictly speaking sony could release a dock that does the same thing for the vita tomorrow, would that make it a home console?

I'm just playing devils advocate I have a Switch, I mainly use it in "home console mode".

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I think you may be right...we seem to have hit a point where we are just going up in overall quality of what is on screen rather than what can be done on screen. ps2 wouldn't have been able to run any version of the Rage engine, but I think the days of something not being scaleable are behind us.

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They could probably make half life 3 before valve ever does.

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You payed full price for everything that is to come for free...if they charged for this, you might have a point. but you are just so wrong.

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Of course it can be. You need to be balanced no matter what hobby you have.

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Pretty sure he meant to say November.

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Ghost probably wont be until 2019. But you did leave off other confirmed 2018 titles like Days Gone, and Dreams.

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So we are calling targeting 60 fps, 60 fps then?

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If everyone held that senitment no one would have bought xbox one until X.

Begging wont do you any good. Buy the weaker hardware or deal with it. People seem just fine with Switch.

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