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Again, without the extra button for parry's, it might be just as classic as any of the rest. But that parry changed the game for the negative.

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Ruined only by the extra button req to parry...couldnt play it a second time it bugged me so much.

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im not a fan of how long the new bullet tracers are.

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The best example of this was the first Uncharted...at the time it recieved received moderately high reviews, but sony stuck with it and a short time later we were gifted with Uncharted 2.

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Just be aware closer to release they will most likely have more units allocated.

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Well of course, but whenever they finish with Norse I hope they go Egyptian...that could be so cool. Its right behind greek mythology for me.

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Seems like a pain in the ass to be born with your mentality. Glad I get to enjoy things.

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In other news Toyota will not be making any more 2012 model year cars.

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Wrong! You should have watched even closer.

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Well power can always be put to things other than fps.

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Well at least Shapiro is still a voice of reason...to a decent extent. Love how he always casually drops stats to back his statements up in whatever he is arguing.

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That one stings.

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I wish I didnt laugh so hard at that sentence.

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"Something big is coming this E3 though, so get ready. "

Someone says a variation of that literally every year for MS's E3 conference. I really hope it actually lands this time.

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1) Mistakenly pressing disagree.
2) Not liking a fact.
3) Not liking the user.

Agree and Disagree might be the name of the button, but its more like Positive and Negative.

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Different strokes for different folks. Having a lot of choices on one console is cool.

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Inthelab makes a great point about crackdown 3. If they put in a battle royal mode it should outdo fortnite. Im not a multiplayer guy, but all that destruction could bring a lot of people in.

Personally I have my doubts about the tech working as shown in the reveal though.

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I wouldnt feel the desire for a non updated form of an old game. I dont need a new console for an old game

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Give us the link to this information...as it hasnt been posted before.

Or are you trying to claim MS's 2 million figure as sold? That would be a pretty stupid thing for you to say though.

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