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Because some people don't want it to have a " leg up" on its competitors. Moreover they always flap there gums about how the API is all ready a low level access.. But as Brad Wardell said, it's not about having a lower level API. It's all about the cores, using 6 to 1/4 of the 7th core. Once that is implemented everything else will have some head room, GPU, eSRAM, Move Engines, ect..

When the results come to light, and games start looking and performin... #1.3
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30% increase seems reasonable, best to keep espactaitions low. DX12 will do things on Xbox one, it's not about having a lower access( to the metal) apu. It's about cores, ultilizing the CPUs to talk to the GPU at one time.

Ryse looked good and Forza Horizon 2 looked good, I wouldn't worry about Xbox one visuals after DX12. Fanbums, I await your hate... #10.2
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Looks good, but I was a little confused. Didn't we see the latest build @ E3, guess I was confused because I never saw the earlier builds.. #23
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FH2 just is a over all balanced racer. Best looking racing game is indeed DC. They're going to have to keep updating it to keep gamers pleased with content. But it's there first somewhat serious racer, the next one would be epic. Wish they had this feature in DC.


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Hope this game won't disappoint, looking forward to this🙏 #17
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That's your response? Having been around computers for 20 years means jack squat . Any fool can put a pc together, I can tell by your comment you no nothing about what I said. What's a Driver, you fimiliar with c+/c++? All you know Is GDDR 5 and 1080pee. If you're going to troll me, at least come with some knowledge. I'm not some fanboy class you put me in.. #17.4.1
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Small fry, what I'm getting at is if DX12 could and will even out the work loads of the CPU on the one, don't you think a game like forza horizon 2 could be running @ 60fps with a CPU boost of 45 to 50%? If you've ever dabbled with mantle you would know that it ultilizes the CPU cores more effectively, DX12 is a little ahead of that in terms of " to the metal".

You're keeping it "real"? Who are you, ahh yes.. You are like many others on he... #17.2.3
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Because a lot of things are not fully understood about the Xbox One architexture. I Believe it's built with DX12 in mind, maybe they chose the weaker GPU on purpose seeing the max performance they can get with optimization later on? I've seen 900p @60fps on a 290x jump to 1080p @80fps using mantle. Many developers say DX12 is leaps ahead of mantle.

So what would happen if a game like Forza Horizon 2 is using DX12 optimizations, if it's already 1080p @ 30fps using... #17
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I would really like to see a Forza motorcycle racer. Same features just with bikes.. #8
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Tap, tap, tap, can anybody here me? Hello!? 🔇🔇🔇 That's when I go to Skype. #7.1
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Lol, saw you on destiny standing in the tower.. Even with the online issues, I was still able to play online. #3.3
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That will be indeed the case, so people shouldn't be shocked when third party games will be the leading platform on XB1. It will work along side PC and be the first choice to have the game up and running because of DX12. #16.2
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That's just like saying it failed to make the charts on the moon #36
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Seems ppl are looking at graphics and not game play and content. I don't think drive club is one of the worst games, but it's not the best either. The lack of cars and customization makes it less appealing to racers not to graphic whores. Bouncing off invisible rails and still going fast is not realistic, I like the weather effects, but that doesn't make it best racer as some claim. #19.3.2
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These hackers are wasting there time, if they want to hack something hack something like nasa.. Not some gaming network. #8
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Isn't it obvious that the the PS4 version is the lighter one, the XB1 version is the darker version as it always have been.. Look at other videos and you will see they switch it.. People just Got Gear Nuked.. #39
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Well shoot, I already beat the game.. #3
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I agree, moreover it's like one of the representatives of Sony or Microsoft saying we have uncharted and God of War/ Halo and Gears.. He didn't really prove his point.. The only thing to look forward to the wiiu is exclusives.. #1.1.4
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And yet it outsold Forza horizon 2, that's the sad thing.. People will fall for anything, all Sony has to do is continue to sell hype. #8
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Yeah, Sony tends to sell hype.. #3.3.2
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