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Indeed, a beta is a build of a game they send to its community to report problems in the game if there are any.. However, how can you report problems/glitches in the game if you can't play the beta?

It may aswell been a server beta..:( #4.1
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When this happened I was like, why am I not surprised.. Times like this makes you wish this wasn't exclusive just because of stuff like this.. #3.1
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I think they are just waiting for DX12 to implement that. They stated Gears of war: ultimate edition will use DX12 for The PC version and run @ 4K. So DX12 may have been just released. #19.1
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:) #20
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It makes it good because not only is it backwards compatible but it's free.. It seems Insomnia_84 comment was satisfied paying for games you already owned. Also, what technical downgrades was he speaking of for backwards compatibility?

Taking pictures, broadcasting, and playing with 360 players with cross play doesn't seem like downgrades..

Ps: he's disagreeing with everyone who has a point.. :) #4.2.2
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Yeah, the media tends to do that with unfinished products made on Microsofts platform lately. #13.2
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But the only change to last of us was the frame rate and resolution. The textures remained the same..:( #30.1
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Pretty sure you can't see frame rate in a thumbnail.. #1.2.1
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That's a very interesting theory, still don't know why this game would need an upclock on the CPU? I would be interested to know as well if this is the case. I just hope Sony knows what they are doing if this is the case.. Could be a lot of broken .. Well you know.. #27.1
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What's the game menu running at, 4k? #15
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Which means they might make a new ip:) #11.1
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But it was nice that we got Sony's e32016 briefing early, right? So I guess there will be no need for Sony to be there next year. Jk

IMO I was more into what I can play "now", and Ms took that. Even tho we already knew what was coming, we've never seen gameplay from Gears 4, Forza 6, Halo 5 campaign, and Tomb Raider. Not including Recore, a Japanese title and Rare's collection and Sea Of Thieves.. The Gears of War remake, they also showed more hardware... #37.1
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^Can't be good for stocks either #4
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But Sony is popular in EU, so why wouldn't they show up for its fans that support them? It's like, thanks for your support. Maybe we'll see you in 2016?

But it could be strategy, they could have less games to show this year. They probably want to also counter what Microsoft will show at gamescom and antalize from there. Then add certain things to Paris and TGS, But it's still better to show up with the same thing then to not show up at all. #4.3.1
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You know the reason I got Xbox live back in 2003 was so I didn't have to play split screen and never regretted it since. All of a sudden these "gamers" that seem so concerned about Halo wants 30fps and split screen? IMO, 60fps is a must for a FPS. I can't go back to 30fps and split screen, you come over my house we are going to play on separate consoles on separate monitors.

Crazy thing is these are the same ppl that would say if it did have split screen, i... #12
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IMO it's seems to be a way to slander 343i and their efforts to make this game all the best it can be.. Why, maybe to stop preorders? Or maybe it's a way to fire up the devs to do a better job.. Who knows why DF does this on unfinished games. #9
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If you've noticed, the same tech is done in the Gears 4 E3 demo stage.. #19
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Indeed, seems like an " under the table" like deal with Sony and Rocksteady/WB. Yes the PC games of late from them have had somewhat of a bad reputation. Even the Xbox One version seems to have some slight issues.

But the version with the marketing deal, exclusive DLC is the one running "flawless". It's just the fact that they put more time an effort on the PS4 version because of this. It's been done with other companies as well, money adds fav... #17.1.1
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Yeah BLK, invite me to virtua fighters..;) #2.1.4
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Man, Yoshida went all out! ;) #13
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