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I wonder what it will do after the update, in some areas it does 60fps.. Guess we'll have to wait and see..

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It ought to be native 4K, its still 30fps.. It does look good though

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Think your getting PSN( Network) and PS4 hardware mixed up.. Also as of 2016 Xbox Live users were at 48mil subs.

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Yes I agree, we play the lesser version to please are friends..

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Yes, tired of spending money on two games and taking a downgrade on consoles..

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I game on PC, and I have friends on Xbox live... I would want every developer to make there games cross play..Microsoft already does this with there first party games.. You see, most high end PC gamers have to take a downgrade to console to play with friends.. Destiny 2 on consoles look terrible compared to PC, I remember saying, the things I sacrifice to play with my gaming friends..

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Why Couldn't it have been at least 1080p 60 with all the bells and whistles?

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I'm at the Amazon Distribution Center as I type this.. If I'm not working, then what does that mean, it means buisness is going slow. This peak season is the slowest its been in 3 years, this "Black Friday" is a black day indeed,

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Xbox one and One s have the same CPU and GPU(OC One s), just the One S has HDR, UHD Bluray, and upscaled 4K games.. Yeah, One X is a different story but I thought Direct X12 is suppose to make it easier? Its no different with PC, PS4 Pro, and PS4.. But I can understand the devs saying this, having to code on each console, making shore it runs fine. Countless hours and nights lost, Only to have an hand full of consumers to buy your software..

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Should just wait for when those HDR 144hz 4K monitors come out. 4K HDR tvs are good for movies and single player games but when it comes to competitive gaming, those 4K tvs have too much delay.. 1ms to 2ms is the way to go.. However, those 4K HDR high refresh rate monitors will be expensive monitors.. Even more so then then the big screens..

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Using EA's fiasco as a distraction.. Sneaky, sneaky, Activision.

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When will they 9th generation of PC be fully utilized?

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Am I the only one that feels left out, being a PC gamer? I play on Xbox because most of my friends play on there, but when it comes to 3rd parties I feel left out... Because they'll be playing the better version while I'll be playing the vanilla..

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Well every game could reach 4K 60fps, developers just have a certain "limit". Do we want meduim textures and low shadow quality to reach 4K 60fps, or do we want to balance out everything.. I have a MSI GTX 1080 armour OC, and a intel I7 6700k cpu.. I still have to make compromises to obtain 4K 60fps..

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Well, there is HDR on PC, you all are thinking of the monitor support for it.. Plug a High end PC up to a HDR 4K tv, HDR available..:) Forza Motorsport 7, Assassins Creed OG, Gears 4, Destiny 2, and Battlefront 2 all support HDR for PC.. But I agree, $500 is an unbeatable price for high end performance ( mostly Ultra settings @60fps)

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I have Dolby Atmos on PC, is that a one time payment purchase or is it a monthly subscription?

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Me as a High End PC Gamer, AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!! But congrats to the Xbox one X, to be honest as long as you cant tell the difference, Checker boarding is ok with me concerning the One X and Pro..

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Virtual Fighters will not be an enhanced game sir.. ;)

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To be honest, i don't think it will be as bad as some ppl claim.. 1800p checker boarded to 4K will still look close to 4K.. 1260p will look good as well, although PS4 pro version should've been higher.. It's below 1440p.

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