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Maybe they know something others don't, or maybe it's just insecurities..


It's a maze with no escape for those guys, they'll always be lost.. #12.1.1
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Interesting clip #2
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Quite interesting some " gamers" claim this as bad news for Xbox One. Developers are pushing without proper optimizations. DX11 is a gimped API, it's like putting regular gas in a Ferrari. (900p 4xmsaa @ 60fps to make up for 1080p.)The fact that developers have to use more cores shows they are still using regular and not premium.

Ps4 is already fed with premium, time for Microsoft to start feeding its machine properly.

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If interested:

For the gamers. #9
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I agree, I think they mentioned the cloud too early and should've just announced it with some game that was using it. Not just Forza. #2.2.1
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Oh boy, here comes the bad batch saying, "Microsoft needs to show us and not tell us!" Again, Stardock is not Microsoft.. #4
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Yay, lets replay the whole game for a photo mode! Because it shows off the power of the PS4. ;) #3
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lol, ok Akira toriyama. What makes you think we didn't see the movie? Does it matter if the hair is blue, what I'm getting at is don't you think there are too many transformation variations. When a old enemy or new enemy comes with all this power, then the Z warriors come to save the day new powers and all. It's a rinse and repeat cycle.
It's like they have no limits in power, I suppose Goku can beat berius now.. #6.1
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Well look at the install base, it's not surprising. Their prime target is going to be PS4 owners. If Xbox had more installs, then they would do the same for them. #3.3
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Yeah now with white hair, this is just getting stupid. Then again DBZ is known for having these " infinite" transformations. Frieza came back from the dead 15 years later and has another transformation? Huh? In the first god movie there is a treat to the earth and everyone is worried about how old Bulma was.. It's like they went back to Dragonball, all comedy. #2.4
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Hopefully when these new APIs come out it will no longer push it to its limits. #2
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That's what I'm thinking, will the PS4 version be better even though some EA dev was touting about they want all their games to be DX12 compatible? Will the PS4 version be the lead platform for this game or any EA game for that matter from here on out? Yes ray tracing would be nice, and maybe some tiled resources.

But even if it was better on Xbox, the install base is still primary and PS4 has that. #12.1
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Isn't this game also being built with DX12 in mind aswell? So I hardly think when ppl say it will debut on Sony's E3 stage. #7.9
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What we think is ours really isn't.. Do you know as soon as your parents signed that birth certificate, you became property of the state? Sad but true, then they give you a number( social security) and soon as you are able to work they make you pay money to them.

Anything you have, house, car, ect. They are able to take without notice, sadly if you do pay taxes it's still not yours.

There is no law to pay taxes, but that's another story. #2.4
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I really don't think 4xmsaa with 1080p is minimum, infact Forza Horizon 2 is the first console game to use this. Possibly why it was 30fps, really don't see 8xaa with 1080p/60fps. #7.2
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Yeah DLC is the trend now, even before the games are released.. #4
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You forgot Echo The Dolphin.:) #9.1.2
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I'm sure game companies don't appreciate their characters/likeness being used in this fashion.
Well, tecmo might be different. #10
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Those who buy season 2 will get characters concerning season 2, including the ones that are not announced yet for season 2. #6.1
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Seems more of a win / win for the hardcore PC gamers, whereas we would play more Xbox first parties. A win for Xbox users because now every windows PC game could be on Xbox one.. A win for Sony because ppl will still buy its "closed console" for exclusives that will not be for PC.

Ultimately, it's a win for developers. They can earn more revenue being on multiple platforms. Question is, are these games exclusive just for windows 10 and Xbox? will developers that... #1.1.4
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