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Congrats, indeed it seems both are doing well. Nuff said. #1.1.12
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This is what Microsoft meant when saying, balance is key. Using all the CPU cores, plus the GPU should help things a lot . Things like resolution and framerate, although I'm still unclear of the move engines. I think they will help a lot with tiled streaming. The power of the PS4 and Xbox one is there, they just need to fully utilize that power. Sony needs to find a way to use all of there CPU cores..

There is no hidden GPU, 5Tflops, or vain charts that have nothing to d... #23
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Not surprised that ryse is mentioned for no reason. You just add fuel to fanboys, why mention it? No on is crying because it's only Sony fanboys here.. Really impressed with the visuals, now if only they can fix these glitches.. #2.5
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They should be concerned with fixing the screen tearing and resolution before they try and get ppl to buy DLC. I think also this game doesn't have 15 maps like they said. #17
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You mean to tell me this game is so advanced that it looks better then forza 5 and ryse? So when we see this game, it should look better then ryse right because it has to run in 900p.. This gen, the PS4 had become the easier platform, and now the Xbox 1 is getting the short end of the stick.. Perhaps until DX12 comes into play, third party games will continue to look best on PS4.. #43
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I think they were trying to imply that XBone would benefit most, and what's up with the title? It's clear that it has more to do with the CPU and not much with the GPU. #3
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That could happen, especially if the power is already there.(move engines/co-processors) This will fully utilize the hardware to it's intended potential. Remember, they are pushing this as 10 year hardware..

The claims of AMD's own Raja Koduri was on-hand to say that DirectX 12 and Direct3D 12 was like "getting four generations of hardware ahead," assuming that's for pc. #5.4.4
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Hmmm, most adversaries are talking about frame rate.. I suppose they never actually played the game. It was impressive enough with 20 to 30 AI's on the screen at one time. The game has been patch where the frame rate is smoother, they should do a frame rate test again.. #15
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What's up with all the late reviews on this game? #2
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Feb ain't far from March ppl.. #57
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Never gets old does it "Maria"? #10
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I think "xbox fans " were on about the indie games because some ppl were comparing PS4 indie games to Xbone AAA exclusive launch games. With PS4 only having One AAA exclusive and knack, with the rest being indies.. But I think the third parties made up for that, nothing wrong with having indies.. Having more launch indies then AAA exclusives I think what ppl were talking about.. #8
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I'm saying, what's the point of pushing the gay agenda? If the person is gay so what, do we have to know the character is gay? They will put gay in everything until ppl get " used to it"..

Indeed, if everyone was male all this time then we would have no need for a female. Back to my question, if everyone was gay, what would happen? It goes against the laws of nature, mankind would have an end thus we would not exist.. #18.1.1
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What about skype in multiplayer, do strangers still here you while you skype with someone or hear them vice versa? It's very confusing hearing all these voices while sky ping with your friends. #4.1
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Here is wisdom, if everyone was gay what would happened? #18
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Maria get a life.. #2
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Hmmm, didn't one of the devs say that Titan Fall would have a resolution upgrade? Either 1080p or 900p? #69
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If DX12 can take away loads off the GPU, with compression techniques like taking 6GBs of 3D texturing data and compressing it into 32MBs. With the help of the Move Engines/Data Move Accelerators(DMA), the ESRam should have no problem producing 1080p. Depends on how well it could do it, it could go beyond that.

The Move Engines seem to be Direct X in hardware form and Ram at the same time. I believe they were built with DX in mind, expect to here a lot more about the Move Engi... #16.1.2
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"The advantage of the move engines lies in the fact that they can operate in parallel with computation. During times when the GPU is compute bound, move engine operations are effectively free. Even while the GPU is bandwidth bound, move engine operations may still be free if they use different pathways. For example, a move engine copy from RAM to RAM would not be impacted by a shader that only accesses ESRAM."

I look at the move engines like Direct X in hardware fo... #35.1.1
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I think in theory the DX12 is made to take away off loads of the XB1's GPU/CPU, Using the move engines.
Each move engine can read and write 256 bits of data per GPU clock cycle, which equates to a peak throughput of 25.6 GB/s both ways. Raw copy operations, as well as most forms of tiling and untiling, can occur at the peak rate. The four move engines share a single memory path, yielding a total maximum throughput for all the move engines that is the same as for a single move eng... #35
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