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Sega Dreamcast for me, they had innovative things at its time. They had visual memory cards where you could play actual games on them, online play/internet browser.( which was actually pretty fast for dail up at its time). Solid launch games. They had Sonic Adventure, Soul Calibur, NFL 2K, and Ready to Rumble. More memorable then its competitors at the time. Furthermore they came out with Shenmue, best game at its time.

Most importantly, Capcom backed them like they were a ...

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But (for most in this company) id software has mostly been pro OpenGL, it's only natural that Vulkan would be there preferred API..

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Well if they "jumped ship" to PC, there would be no more Xbox support.. There are still some ppl that want Xbox, for instance the Xbox one s seems to be doing pretty good on Amazon. It's a top of the line 4K HDR, bluray player, and streaming device for $299 where others cost $1000.(Lots of ppl last gen got a PS3 just for bluray, mostly non gamers)

That is the thing isn't it, having a good PC.. Lots of ppl say," another reason not to get an Xbox. I...

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Oh, my mistake. Now will the characters be available for the evo participants?

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How did they get real skies in forza horizon 3? Not only that, the skies are shot in 4K, and with fully dynamic weather/ day night.

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Seemed more hype when you heard the crowds reactions at evo.

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Very nice, but will ppl just play this for a week and move on?

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Yeah, I hear that the Xbox one s is doing pretty good on Amazon right now.. So the demand is still out there, ppl look at articles/YouTube and believe that's what is going on in the gaming industry because of what some guy says on the Internet. But if you look in the real world, it's not so..

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Of course.. I know ppl use PCs for other uses, this is why I said PC gaming. I'm speaking only for the gaming aspect.

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What game on PC is that game where ppl say, this is why I got a PC? PC gaming is only good for modding and third parties.

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IMO, the neo doesn't need to be more powerful then project Scorpio. As long as they hold on to they're exclusives,(talents) and have it displaying on the neo 1080p @60fps, 1440p @60fps, 4K @30fps, then they should do fine. I think 1440p @60fps will be the sweet spot. To be honest,I think those Sony games that was shown at e3 2016, running on the neo would look better then anything out there.

Spider-Man, God of war, and Horizon will look amazing on neo.

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Question, why would you spend $1500+ to play Xbox games? (A minuscule upgrade. )When you could spend possibly less then half ($499-$599) to play on the Scorpio? I will also say this, do you know why PS4/Xbox one looked similar to PC in highest settings, example:Tomb Raider Xboxone/PC looked very similar. Because you can get more out a console "to the metal" because it's fixed hardware. But yes PC is always better but at what price?

Developers can focus on how...

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Fire the GDDR5 Cannon!! Sony Defense Force, we can't see the target clearly sir. Use the 1080provison!! SDF, we see the target but can't keep up with the moving target using 25FPS!!! Bring out the NEO...

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Yes amazing things on Scorpio, but it won't be using the Vulkan API.

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That 1080p @ 60fps is a doozy..

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Well if they code named it " XBOX ONE ll " then it must be different in some way.. It might be a slim with other hardware iterations added on.. This was in production since Feb 2016, but was thought up in 2014.. Perhaps Sony has gotten intel on this and responded with a rumored PS4K? Perhaps they heard that this newer Xbox one will have better hardware?

Its the only logical reason why Sony would come out with this newer PS4, either that or Nintendo's new con...

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Don't know why you got disagrees, a physical copy would have the game installed quicker then having it downloaded.. Also it depends on your internet speeds as well, 70 to 80 GBs is a lot. If I didn't share with anybody, (sharing digital games with a friend)I would be thinking to get it physical myself.

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Yet I noticed the only review scores of QB that make the front page are low scores..

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I think ppl are forgetting the fact that this game will run at 4K at 60fps.

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That's the problem isn't it, all these sites seem to rate a game based on the tech behind it and not the actual story and gameplay.. Digital Foundry just seems like they want to slander a game even before it's released.. I'll tell you, it easy to sit back and judge on something that you haven't made..

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