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You know, Brad Wardell said that what will make a game more real is lighting. Games now use 4 to 8 light sources. DX12 will allow infinite light sources, this is how you will get "avatar like graphics". But is this game built with Dx12 in mind, it has been pushed back and certain things have been changed.changed in so much that It's as if they remade the whole game engine. #1.2.1
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" there are things in the Xbox one architecture not fully understood" I remember when Albert Penello said that.. This game got the 2015 Graphics award, which they thought was over Uncharted 4! Ryse got it in 2014.. #32.1
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Also the PIX update for the ESRAM helps as well.. #22.1
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I can imagine that the reaction after they read the title was hatefully whispering nooooo... Then scrolling down the comment section and hitting disagrees.. :) #20.1
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To be honest, I never saw anything wrong with quick time events, loved it in Shenmue, God Or War, Ryse, ect.. #16
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Of course it is, the game is $39.99 #9
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The i7 is fine, will still have to see more results of DX12 for AMD CPUs. I really think AMD may have something though, being cheaper and possibly have same results as an i7 or better would persuade a lot of gamers. I also think a lot more people will be going with AMD GPUs if they continue to have more gains from DX11 to DX12 then Nvidia. #6.1
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Any notice the water on project cars just appears on the wind shield all at once, while DC rain appears gradually( which seems more realistic). Good water effects for PC, with it trying to run at 60FPS.
With all the water puddles shreaming down on the DC windshield, it just makes the DC one still better. Must be something in the PS4 hardware that first party devs can tap into. Or it just running at 30fps to have that level of effects. I don't see any other racer have that specifi... #10
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🔶 Native Backwards compatibility
🔶 Streaming 1080p 60FPS from console to PC only for windows ( For games that support it)
🔶 No need for controller in dash/ apps/ movies.
🔶 Cortana :Voice Activated Search Engine on Xbox one
🔶 New API allows windows 10 on console
🔶 Skype /Host Chat with Console to Console/ PC to Console
🔶 H... #42
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It's starting to make since, Microsoft spent 3 billion on AMD. Those 5 billion transistors is becoming more clear. Can't believe no ones making a story on this, according to this guy. That AMD GPU which looks a lot like the Xbox one set up, can act like a 3 core GPU.

Also those 4 CPU clusters must be just the layout, the Xbox one has 2 of those. 8 core CPU.
You need more power? You will get more power! #63.2
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Asynchronous execution DX12 feature= multiple separate processor elements.

I can assure you, this is the Xbox one. Although I thought the Xbox one had 4 move engines?
Its basically multi threading the GPU

The basic and most importantly, The GPU: Those are 12 compute units=768 shaders

Compute Processors: separate/ co processors that do computing task. And we know the Xbox one has 15 of them.

Move engines/ copy engines... #63.1
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But is Sony's API able to have all its CPUs talking to the GPU at one time like DX12? Another curiosity is, is the Xbox one hindering PS4 development in 3rd parties because the Xbox one doesn't have DX12 API yet? The PS4s API is said to be more advanced then vulkan, so 1st party devs should've been using those features like using multiple CPU threads to have games run at 1080p @ 60fps.

Because even though DriveClub looks good, and The Order 1886. These games sti... #60.2
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Don't you mean, Deus DX ;) #52.1
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Wait, it's more of a performance gain on Xbox one? I know he stated PC has different drivers where as console has fixed hardware.. But this is a surprise to me, if he can get a 20% boost in framerate on PC. How much of a boost is it on XB1?( for this game anyway)

In any case a lot of devs were told to say 40% because ppl wouldn't believe that DX12 could dramatically boost performance on PC:300% 500% increase.

R9 290X DX11= 7PS to R9 290X DX12= 43 FP... #47
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Only difference Xbox one version has little more contrast( as usual). PS4 version has less contrast.. #12
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Thought it funny when ask if it was going to go from day to night on the 24 hour lemans. Then Dan went on about no dynamic day/night/ weather. Then asked again about it, death stare. 😳 #8
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I see what they did there, the install base is lower then its competitor with Xbox one to PS4.. But PC with Microsoft having a 1.25 billion install base. Microsoft must been saying to themselves, we have our own infrastructure and install base but we are not taking full advantage of all the potential customers on windows PC..

http://www.businessinsider.... #6
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"Better hardware bulletpoint".. If I can have games that look like Ryse, Forza 6, Halo 6, and Quantum Break. Then I certainly don't doubt that the hardware is more then capable. #16.1
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Stranded on a strange planet, I like. Stunning? Those textures could be better.. #4
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All I know is I am liking the spot Xbox is in right now because they needed a kick in the butt to have that push to be great. What hurt them at the beginning was the pricing and the boldness of DRM. It is that exact place that drives companies to "do what it takes". I will say it's harder for companys with a position in first place,( or rather it's consumers) they don't have to try as hard. As long as that console is selling as it is now, they don't have to invest m... #14
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