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True. Story mode is simply sublime for MK fans like us. And that Tower. I'm still below 100. Some of missions are boring but I really love Cyrax' slow down one.

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Hmmm, I wonder if there was an "O" in the beginning of your username.
Just kidding but Ono actually did comment more and really downplayed MK fighting engine.

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A cool dude and gentle man. Not going THE Other Games Suckzez like SF producer or Itagaki.

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Well, both games are great but I'm just addicted to MK9. I can't even play online because of the stupid PSN :(

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That's why I trust Joystiq. Instead of rushing the review like IGN and GameSpot only hours after the servers went online (Never mind the recent PSN issues and such), they waited to fully understand and analyze the game with an awesome perfect score. Flawless victory for Joystiq.

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Another reason why ZTGD rocks. One of the few sites that understands the pure awesomeness and fun of the new MK game. I haven't been addicted to a game like this in a long time.

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Well, I have MK in my user name and its my all time fave series so maybe I'm a bit biased ;) but this is seriously the most fun game I've played in last few years and also most awesome. Seriously, backgrounds, music tracks, X-Rays and many other things are simply sublime and the fighting engine is pretty fun to play with.

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Been playing the hell out of it. Also, many european retailers have broken street date or at least I got lucky. Everyone, just go and checkout Noob Saibot's splitting fatality RIGHT NOW. It's the craziest and most awesome thing I've seen in ages.

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Awesomeness overload. Love the Coinality and Old skoolaty.

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Well, if a big game had demanded money for costumes and other aesthetic stuff as DLC, it would cost more than 1000 dollars but a 5 hour Portal 2 with just co-op and near full price ASKS players to pay for that aesthetic.

Portal 2 IS a great game but what Valve is doing is plain stealing.

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Thankfully, I've already bought it. The many European retailers have broken the street date ahead of 21th and I am most thankful for it.

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Funny how when IGN doesn't get the first embargo breaking review, they give this game 8 without any serious negative points while a magazine like GI which didn't get an exclusive cover or anything gives this score. Perfect 10 from GiantBomb and G4TV, 9 from 1UP and GamePro and finally 9.5 from Hadoken and GI.

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PLEASE be true. Seriously, WB owns rights to both if I'm not mistaken and a fighter with both Freddy and Jason would be EPIC.

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Blood, gore, awesomeness. Kan't wait for tomorrow.

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I love them all but these are the most awesome:
Scorp + Subby, Kabal, Noob Saibot, Ermac, Mileena, Kung Lao and Goro / Shao Kahn.

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No. This is just stupid. It's the same argument that appeared around the time that original MK1 and MK2 were released. This is fun virtual violence but many idiots said it was too gory and realistic... the same MK1 violence that now looks like a cheap youtube video.

Games like Gears of War 2, God of War 3 and MK9 are fun because of their violence and gore. There is nothing wrong with them.

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Holy moly. Looks really polished. Seriously wasn't expecting this, even after the awesome Rebirth short vid.

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To the end. At least as long as there are no more T rated crossovers :)

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Mortal Kombat and Portal 2. Hopefully MotorStorm 3 as well.

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Man, Noob's fatality was something. Seriously awesome.

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