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*double post*

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Lazy journos. Oh yeah, don't bother contacting the developer and asking if it was on disc (it's not) before running something like this. It's not like its tough to talk to someone at Volition.

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Invite to game is a function built in to the PS3 version of this game. It's the press of a button as well.

The issue is that it doesn't pull up your actual friends list.. just a subset for some people and an old version for others.

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Good catch! That's the only explanation that makes sense as to why someone would think the QTE's were at all prevalent in this game.

I didn't know about that since my playthrough was on Hard.

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Public games seem to work fine for most, but a significant number of people are reporting friends list and Private game issues.

The thread at Gearbox's forum is 17 pages long.


Gamespot even mentioned it briefly in their PS3 review.

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The thread on Gearbox's forum is already at 17 pages. This is not an isolated experience.


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Actually we disputed the QTE article and called Uncharted 2 "perfect".

So yeah, I'm sure we're making this up to show bias.

@disagree... Read the article in question.

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I swear if half the people on this site actually read an article before complaining about it, half the drama on this site would vanish into thin air.

We called the game PERFECT. Read the article people. If you can explain to me how that's bashing a game, I'd love to hear it.

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Try reading the article. My point is to dispute the article you posted from yesterday.

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Read the article.

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I called the game "Perfect"

How is that nitpicking?

Read the article before commenting.

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In the article, the designer's saying the YouTube API uses 11Mb of system RAM. They weren't able to sacrifice that much of the PS3's resources, as U2 needs all the RAM the PS3 can muster.

So it's not something they'll be able to work in unless they dramatically streamline their code.

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Thanks man!

Let us know how BossGoji does in his debut this week. I thought he was a natural.

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Actually, I think dynamic themes and multi-audio out made 3.0 a huge success. But I still think the devs are overselling the impact of What's New on sales.

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This is a bummer. The PC version was definitely a fun game, and I can't wait to see how it plays with the PS3 controller.

Though the hard as nails final level will undoubtedly make me break a controller or two.

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If we're talking week over week sales (which I'm inclined to believe we are) then I absolutely think 550k PS3's can result in this kind of a bump to BZB. Remember this is a 6 month old game, so we could very well be talking thousands (even hundreds) of sales, not hundreds of thousands.

EDIT: Let's not even get into the fact that since the FW 3.0 launch, I have never seen BZB in the What's New section. LBP, yes. Qore, yes. Beatles:RB, yes. Burn Zombie Burn? Nope.

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The point of the article is that "What's New" can't be given credit for BZB's sales spike, despite what Doublesix is claiming.

The PS3 price drop, and resultant increase in PS3 sales, would be the primary contributing factor.

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Call it whining if you want, but the game lacks a handful of important features Rock Band players have come to expect.

It kills the immersion, and I think that's an important thing to consider when people are looking at buying this game.

I'm sorry you don't like my opinion... but it is what it is.

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