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100% agree with you. 3rd party needs more support. Perhaps there reasons for not doing it that much is they don't want outside developers being associated as Nintendo. They do there own thing and leave everyone else out of it.

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It really makes ya think.

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Game is surprisingly awesome.If you a spare hour in your life you have no excuse not to play it. It's free and not filled with any micro-transactions. Fun indie experiment.

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So it's no Co-Op. But does that mean the game could still release on PS4? EA really need a win and not putting Titanfall on PS4 and now Plants could prove to be a big mistake seeing as PS4 has more consoles sold to date worldwide. And Japan is still left to adopt it.

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I was pretty let down after Assassins Creed 3. Safe to say Assassins Creed 4 even though I said I wasn't going to play it. Trying it out at a friends house turned me around again. Not on the story but the game-play was pretty fun. Also it is an impressive looking next gen title that i'm still going back to. Nice review.

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I hope it will but I felt the same way about Titanfall and we seen what happened there.

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This game is getting a lot of good reviews. Wish my VITA's left trigger wasin't broken. Just managed to play Tearaway without it.

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I gotta be honest. I am kinda hyped for this game. Would I buy a XboxOne for it? That remains to be seen. It reminds me of a game called Team Buddies back on the PlayStation 1. Another game that a niche audience got behind.

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He is not trying. He is.

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Titanfall seems to be the big hitter for Microsoft and ea at the moment. I hope it turns out be good and not disappointing.

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We had a great time doing this one. One of the best so far.

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Well your in luck man. We are recording another one tomorrow and will be up tomorrow evening. Stay tuned. You have my word. More story, more banter and less bad audio.

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As long as its not gonna be in space. Futile Japan would be cool but they would have to hire a Japanese team to be sure they capture the events perfectly.

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I downloaded Saints3 last week when Psn had a discount on it. I will try it out once I finish Ni No Kuni.

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Christ that would be brilliant. You are the smartest person on this site in my eyes after that comment. It's still always in PSone top 5 downloads each month on PSN Store.

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I can see two games out of this group getting sequels. Fallout 4 will happen and Quake will come to next gen consoles. For this to happen and succeed, developers have get a driving force behind them and advertise them correctly. Fans want them to succeed. Recently Sly 4 came out and it Sneaked onto store shelves would have been a great way to describe it. Microsoft are good at this but Sony really got learn if they hope to survive in the next gen race.

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I'm really liking these videos. I look forward to future ones.

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Man when ever I think of Dark Souls I cry over how hard that game is. I want to like it but its just to damn hard and frustrating. My friend has invested over a 100 hours and he is still going hard at it.

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Issac may be out of the running judging by some if the Dead Space 3 reviews.

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It's sad to admit it being a Die Hard fan but it's very true.

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