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There's always room in my heart for more Nuketown.

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Could happen! That Blackhawk is post-WW2 era, however :(

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I think it's unbelievable clever to market "Black Ops 3," or whatever it is, this way. I bet fans are flooding Black Ops 2 servers at this very moment looking for more clues. I know I hopped on right away.

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Doesn't sound far fetched. R6S has got to have a good Alpha and a Good beta to ensure a solid launch and a good game in general that can compete with the CODs and Battlefields out there. I really want it to succeed, so that's my hope at least.

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AND in Battlefield Hardline!

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But why no jet pack-assisted double jump? It's cool, right?

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Is it as buggy as it's made out of be? Holding off on this one for now while AW and MCC keep me busy.

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How many hours?

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Those Halo 2 cinematics are ridiculously good looking. Kind of funny to see the older character models in such high fidelity though. Man, wonder what Halo 5 is going to look like

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Mmmmm can't wait.

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Combat in XV looks pretty decent. I've yet to see any enticing environments that beckon to be explored, however. I suppose it fits the setting a little more, but the art style is perhaps a little too practical?

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I'm quite ready to have my mind blown by No Man's Sky.

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Removed? It should be embedded right up there. You're not seeing it?

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Loving the open-ended nature of The Crew. I can imaging dropping an unhealthy amount of hours just driving around.

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I honestly don't mind Peter Dinklage's dialogue. I mean, it's not distracting and he is a robot, after all. Seems fitting. Could be better, sure, but it's not like Activision needs to pay him to get back in the studio and re-record everything. I'm sure they were near done recording all the parts before even the Alpha came along.

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Actually, sort of. You can no longer two-shot kill an opponent with a body shot+head shot on many of the automatic weapons now.

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It basically IS the Xbox One pad, but with Scuf's design improvements. It's literally the first-party controller taken apart and then put back together but with cooler stuff :)

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I don't own a Wii-U. I agree with this title.

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I agree. It does suck for everyone. But one point of view - not necessarily mine - is that MS went hard with exclusive content last generation, so it's only fair Sony gets its chance this generation.

Still, it's stupid on all fronts, and it doesn't make Sony look good, even if they deserve it.

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They deserve the exclusivity, especially after the deals MS struck with Activision and Call of Duty all last gen and even going into this gen.

I'm just not sure a year-long 'shove' back makes them look very good. It wouldn't make anyone look good. But, business is business.

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