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I think they're trying to drum up demand because Activision won't let anyone use the license. If Sony can prove there's a demand for it, Activision might change their minds.

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It's phenomenal, but you have to be willing to go through a learning curve. It's more of an alternative to mouse and keyboard than a traditional controller. Once you get used to it, it's extremely efficient. In shooters, for example, I can map the controls so that my thumbs almost never leave the movement and aiming inputs. The level of customization is overwhelming, but the community profiles for each game will always give you something that works.

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Shoot the cars.

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I think people are missing the point of steam machines. If the only thing you're doing is streaming your PC games to the living room, you'll want the $50 steam link box. The only reason to pay for, say, a $500 alienware steam machine is if you need a rig capable of running the latest games. Having PC to Xbox streaming would be great, it helps to expand the PC platform, but if all I'm doing is streaming my PC games I'm not going to pay $350 for an Xbox or $500 or whatever for a...

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I feel obligated to add to the list of comments echoing that this theory has been CONFIRMED as NOT TRUE. If Kojima himself hadn't explicitly debunked it, I might've thought it was plausible, especially given how Paz tells Chico to "just be quiet" in that one audio tape in Ground Zeroes (you know, THAT one). But it's been very clearly confirmed as FALSE. There's no reason this should be such a point of contention after being proven false. If you want to write an artic...

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Play the open freeside mod on PC. It restores freeside to how it was supposed to be before they gutted a lot of random activity so the game could run on console.

Also, bear a couple things in mind. Fallout 3 handled the fallout lore in an extremely sloppy way. The GECK isn't some magic box that transforms the land around where it's set off. The tribals in fallout 2 THOUGHT it did that because, well, they're tribals. It's a box with seeds, instructions, and a c...

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Any other tweaks you can recommend? My rig is more than powerful enough to max this out at 60fps but I'm stuck at 65% GPU usage tops.

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Im starting to think this was intentional. Kojima has always had a talent for clever methods of generating prerelease hype, and this controversy that he's generated seems to fit the themes of the game suspiciously well. I think quiet is going to end up being a subversive take on how women are portrayed in games. There's always more than meets the eye with him, and i can't help but wonder why he chose to show her first. "Sex appeal" is too convenient an excuse.

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As a rabid and shameless mgs fan, I have to say that a lot of this is a massive stretch. Except the bits about his eyes. I think it's a little too hard to tell if his eyes are green or blue, but if they are indeed green, then something strange is happening. Also the bit about the patch having some sort of gameplay application has a lot of merit to it. While I'm sure grey fox is going to be involved in this game, I think this current theory is too much of a stretch.

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QA was scrapped for New Vegas by Bethesda because the ship date was moved up. After New Vegas, Obsidian created their own QA department. Bethesda doesn't seem to be one of the most supportive publishers out there..


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They're building the content alongside the engine, so they're still using the Witcher 2's renderer since the new one hasn't been finished and implemented yet.

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I'm a PC gamer, and I'm happy with the ps4. Granted, I've always gone with a PlayStation + PC setup because I love the PS exclusives, but I was elated to see Sony announce the ps4 with a reassuring focus on GAMES. They're not forcing awkward input methods on anyone, they're not "adding value" to a GAMING service by throwing in a bunch of shit that has nothing to do with gaming, they're expanding their platform in really cool ways that enhance the gaming exper...

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If I had to pick one, specs vs. the box itself, I'd much rather see the specs. I expected them to show off the form factor but offer very little in terms of specs, so all things considered, I'm happy.

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I think there's a good chance it would've been the best of the 3 big Alien games that Sega started back in 2006-ish. But I fully admit to being biased, because I love Obsidian. If nothing else, their writing is top-notch, and they do a great job of acknowledging the player's choices throughout the story. This is my most-wanted cancelled game ever, because I would've LOVED to see what they did with the Alien universe.

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I don't plan on getting a ps4 until years from now when it's in the 200-250 range. Personally, I have no interest in these new consoles and will stick with my PC+ps3+vita setup until the ps4 develops a healthy library of exclusives. And the ps4 is the only new console I'd get; I have no interest in the Wii u, and since my 360 broke, Microsoft hardware is out of the question for me.

But that's just me. Who knows, I could change my mind once we start hearing abo...

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Aw hey guys, thanks for buying a US game! We appreciate the support. Good luck with your model rockets or whatever you're doing.

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As much as I agree that he was making a big deal over nothing, he has as much of a right to bitch about it as the game makers have to include whatever dialog they want. I don't agree with his bitching, but the price of free speech is having to put up with people saying a lot of stupid shit. It's good to know he wasn't terminated for it because that's excessive, but his comments should never have made headlines to begin with.

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It's a "last-gen" renderer inside a "next-gen" engine. They're building the world while another part of the team builds the new rendering tech which has yet to be implemented, so it looks much closer to the witcher 2 at this point.

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