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"get ready for a rude awakening"


I enjoy Strong Bad, but please recognize the classic! #11
Half-Life 2 is so awesome. I bet theres some butthurt people shooting off the disagrees just because people in here think it is the best.

The game has so much variety and is interesting from start to finish.

I scoff at the people who have bad things to say about it, without backing up their opinion with a wall of well-thought-out text! #23
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You have shares with Microsoft? #1.2.1
Damn. Jaffe seems stoked!

I know I am. ;) #9
You kidding me? I'm going to be EQUIPPED with diaper action, son. BELIEVE IT! #7.1.1
I am going to play the shit out of this game. #7
NO WAY. Man... I hope side-scrollers are around for a long, long time.

I grew up with them. #7
Wow. You're incredibly ignorant. #5.7
Would Xbox 360 Kinect enabled games run as well as Alan Wake?

I mean, could they achieve the same graphics if it ran with Kinect?

Kinect sounds interesting, with the mixed reviews and I still have not gotten around to using it, but this Christmas, I'm going to take some downtime to get to know it. :) #11
Butterfinger. I reported you as spam, cause all you're doing is fueling the fire. Hypocrite. #1.2.1
Ultros<3 #1
I agree with this. #1.1
I would sell that Karate Kid Blu-Ray, so fast!

Unless, of course, it was the original Karate Kid. =D #6
The brothers MS are at it again! What antics will they entail this holiday season? #1.16
UGH! Wada?! I detest him. #25
Epic battle. Clash of the Titans Kotick and Gabe. Fight on.

Bettin'on Gabe. #2
epic mooing inc
moomooomooomomomomomomo MoooooOOOOOOOO! #12
Came for the article. Came again for scar20's avatar. #1.3
bubble, FIshy. #3.1.2
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