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can you pls stop blame other people with wrong stuff,only because you have nothing else to do in your life? thanks.

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Nice Hakoom, i was scared the Sticks wouldn't be very nice to handle, but after your review my doubts are blown off.

Thank you for sharing.

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A Plat in 33 Minutes, need to buy this :D

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amazing 6 plats with the same Game and maybe 2 more VITA versions will follow.

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Nice Ideas. I would buy the black and dark purple one.

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The purple dualshock looks awesome :D

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Can't wait of the full game :D

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I dont get you guys, why so much hate?
He actually doing all this, because he gets 1000's of psn msg everyday, people on Facebook or Twitter asking him stuff and wants to see. He cant reply to everyone so he uploading videos for people who are interested in and to answer all their Questions.

Why do you have a problem with that? He can put his stuff on N4G like every other stuff gets approve also. Does it hurt you?

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@StreetsofRage: you just make look yourself as a looser with this comment ;)

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Thanks a lot, already searched on the internet how to do the 1000 combo!

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Pockidrive you can clearly see that he using a Jailbreak PS3, its not possible to archive 300 Plats in few weeks.

And Bieleric i know 100% that he pay people to get him Platinums, few of them also hacked some Plats.

Both of them didnt archieve legit.

The headline should be "2 Hackers reached Level 100"

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The 2 Guys BIELERIC and Pockidrive arent Trophy Hunters, they are Trophy Hackers. Using Jailbreak PS3 and also paying other ppl to plat Games for them.
No1 reached Level 100 legally by now, and hopefully Sony will bann those Guys soon, who ruin the Trophy System!!! This is unfair for ppl who playing honestly and legit.

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There is clearly written ENDING.
No1 force u to click it.
Those comments r useless.

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inFamous is my favorite
also Ninja Gaiden plat images looks very nice

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nice video and funny Balotelli pic :D

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Nice List of Games which are easy and fast to plat!

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cool, only 50 Minutes! This should be really the fastest Platinum.

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nice video, keep up the work!

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