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I think that partly stems from the fact that a few of us staff are personal friends and therefore share the same taste in games. That being said there is some disparity in the honourable mentions part (Yakuza ect...)

Of course lists like these are just people's personal opinions.

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Haha, fixed, sorry was a typo in the title XD

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Are you saying my £1,000 GAMING PC doesn't count as a game system despite that being what I use it for most?

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They kind of already announced that the Playstation 4 was in development at a share holders meeting so....

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Doubt it, E3 or Gamescom would be the only place they would announce their next gen console now. TGS maybe has an outside chance but that show has been on the decline recently, so thats doubtful too.

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I do.

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I honestly think Green Man Gaming have had better deals this year, perhaps a sign of Valve getting complacent?

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Disappointed with Sony, but hey it's a game of finance....

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Is that the consumers who actually DO buy the game's fault? No, find a way to hurt the pirates not us!

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I couldn't agree more, every gamer's needs are different therefore you can't say that categorically EVERY Playstation 3 owner needs it.

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It doesn't matter who's on the box, the game will sell in it's millions anyway!

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A lot of Mario things in there, otherwise good article mate :)

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Consoles manufacturers are not open to modding, whereas core PC games are. And how did Valve get involved in this? This mod is nothing to do with Steam and is easier to use if you own a DRM free version of Arma... I think you may need to do some research...

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Great guy as well.

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Thanks i'm actually really looking forward to the game now!

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I think they CAN, however whether they WILL or not is another matter. They are a company and companies need to make big profits...

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I don't care whether I have a boxed copy or digital copy (providing I can use it on any of my consoles, if I owned multiple) I would just go for the cheapest, the thing that worries me is that Sony/publisher x would most likely inflate the prices more with less competition.

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Another game I wanted to play but never did... might pick it up soon in this gaming drought called "July/August"

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@Sanquine90 Not a fan of shooters, I'll play one or two a year but i'd prefer some innovative games that don't follow the same formula. That being said they're OK for first year titles.

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