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"i could go on but i have wasted quite a few hours on this bullshit argument with you.
i dont care for another troll.
the more you feed the troll more encouraged it will get.

whats your next move after i block another one of your accounts?
make a new one i guess?
sore loser."

Yeah calling other people trolls when you are shitting out of your mouth. You just continue to block people because you can't take it. You a...

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"i would state a fact backed by sources and you would deny it simply
because you thought you were right.
you didnt even have anything to back up your claims.
i didnt lose the argument.i destroyed each and every one of your arguements.its just that you wouldnt accept it.
i gave you various proofs that pc gaming isnt as glorious as you make it seem like.but you would simply disagree without any reason.
you fit in the perfect definition of a "tro...

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" You blocked because you can't win the argument. ahah loser piece of shit "

its sad that you consider it a win.
whats more sad is that you have two accounts on a gaming site.
do you honestly have nothing better to do?"

It's kind of funny. I don't really give a shit.
Not today, I don't have any better shit to do.
And I should ask you the same question. You clearly have so much better shit to do....

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hahah you are such a fanboy. Bro you are so mad with the messages I've sent you.

Killzone shadow fall looks awesome.
But BF4 looks better. Different game but a graphics comparison is not unreasonable.
Get over it kid.

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Ninjahunter is being a bit too optimistic. lol
I think you will probably be in the >60 fps if you make it 2x AA or set it to off.

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@thecurseddevil you are doing the same shit.

why would anyone want to upgrade their gfx card which cost 500$ instead of buying a next gen console?"

How many PC gamers you know that has a $500 graphics card?
That's fucking overkill unless you are playing metro last light or crysis 3 on max settings 1080p.

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Can you learn to read your comment. Clearly poor communication.

You reply below should replace this reply. *facepalm

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Then you should stop doing alot of things/hobbies etc with a generalization like that.

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That joke is getting. And what about dynamic fish? Doesn't seem like a bad thing

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random defense not really related. Good job bro

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What the fuck are you shitting? Terrible analogy. Go home kid

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fail troll. 2/10
try again kid

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enjoy a disagree and a bubble down.

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You clearly care way too much about DLC. You are not forced to buy the DLC.

You know what. Enjoy a disagree and a bubble down

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lol. You are one of those kids who expect a revolution for every sequel.

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fail troll retard

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I think you are actually clueless of what's going on...

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... please.

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funny, cause no one else seemed to gave a fuck about you except me.

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uh... not really. Pretty toned down

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