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well i own a ps3 wii u and ps4 and all i can say is that when a game is made for the wii u properly its games look closer to ps4 than ps3. #10
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as far as i'm aware only yokai watch 2 but thats a japan exclusive the high 3ds sales are high is probably because its the start of summer holidays and its something for the kids play on there vacations #28.1
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@ spider yeah the Wii u is that bad that you want its games on another system. Grow up.

A system is only as good as its games so if you want Wii u games your basically admitting you want a u but are refusing because hey it's Nintendo they don't deserve money for making good games. #10
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i love how people add sony and micrsosts numbers together and nintendo's separate but as it stands nintendo has more next gen market share than microsoft so if i add sony and nintendos numbers microsoft has less than half next gen sales and if i add xbox and nintendo numbers sony has less than half the next gen market, see how this works. also wii u owners paid for this to get made not xbox or ps4 users. #5.1.3
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wii u owners paid for the game not xbox one or ps4 owners if this was any other game fair does but when you pay for something to be developed you ecpect it on time, im a multi console gamer and this is a kick in the balls for anyone that backed them.

if your a wii u backer i would demand your money back from bandai namco because you where misled into giving your hard earned money to slightly mad studios to develop a game for the wii u only to have it come later than the plat... #36.1
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It should come to Wii u at the same time Because the kickstarter campaign was for Wii u and pc originally, then they added ps3 360 and then dropped those to support ps4 x1 I've been following this game for 2 years now and have been waiting to buy it on my Wii u now I'm not buying it on either my Wii u or ps4. Wii u owners have paid them to make the game on Wii u and now they've been told to get lost. #8.2
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well i was getting the wii u version over ps4 mainly because i wanted to but now im not buying it at all and a racing simulator is very different from a kart racer thats like saying no one is going to buy ghost recon because call of duty is coming out, yeah there both shooters but the similarity ends there. #17.2
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They won't they will delay the game release and when everyone who wants it's buys It on another system Namco Bandai will then complain no one has brought the Wii u version and kill support like every other developer. #9.1
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Fuck buying this then i was getting it on Wii u over my ps4 but now I'm not buying it on either this takes the piss especially when there is no excuse. #8
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I got a crazy 8 in second and even I thought that was unfair but oh well it let me win. #4
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To be fair Nintendo got Capcom to make minish cap on gba and that worked out good so I can see them working on the handheld Zelda just don't get your hopes up to make a console Zelda level 5 Nintendo will never allow that. They Will probably let them play with Mario before Zelda though especially after luigi's mansion 2 #3.1
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I take it you never read the article because it's on about Nintendo's online experiments starting from 1989 on the nes. Before Sony and Microsoft even thought about making games so who are they copying because Sony didn't have online on ps1 but Nintendo did on nes and snes. #6.1
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It's mainly the button config. The way the x y and b buttons fit around the a button make it really easy to keep finger on a and use any other button with ease. Also the ergonomic of the pad is really comfortable and fits perfectly in small or large hands. It's the perfect pad for anybody. #17
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Because he is the head of Nintendo you know a gaming company. #8.1
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So what trouble is Microsoft in if Wii u needs saving? #4
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That was a lame attempt at sarcasm Iknow when they are coming as I have all but smash pre ordered #9
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Shit I didn't know bayonetta, smash, captain toad and hyrule warriors was coming next year I would have sworn at e3 Nintendo said these games wI'll be out by end of the year. #8
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Miyamoto announced starfox during the treehouse live stream also it was blurred out on a screen behind him at the end of the show but it clearly was starfox #17
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How about because the legend of zelda is a fantasy game and fantasy literally means something that's not real. It's actually shows artistic creativity unlike most games these days and it's harder to imagine a fantasy world than a real one. How realistic do you want a game that's about a little elf boy wondering around a world full of monsters, demons, wizards and witches magic and Gorons because that doesn't sound real to me. Not every game need to have the same graphics s... #3.1.3
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But they have sold that many consoles. They sell home consoles and portable consoles which are both guess what consoles so you can accumulate all of them together just like Sony combines psp and psvita into PlayStation hardware sales because guess what there all consoles. Try to think before you post. Last gen they sold about 250 million consoles with the Wii and ds and that was only 1 gen worth of sales. I think Nintendo can afford a couple of bad years #1.1
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