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When has Square Enix ever learned? Not with Wada in charge over there. I doubt poor sales will make them learn. It will just make the execs think that there is no longer any interest in the series, causing them to make the developers step even further out of their development style trying to cater even more and more to a non-Japanese audience. Catering too much to westerners is what killed 13. And if this game sells low, they might make even more stupid design decisions trying to attract the ...

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I'm not a COD fanboy, but you have to at least recognize what the games Infinity Ward made has done for the genre. Tyarch and innovation don't go together, but Infinity Ward games have always innovated (that is, until the company collapsed after MW2 released). MW3 is the first game from IW that isn't up to par with the rest of em, simply because the talent is no longer at IW, instead at their newly formed studio Respawn.

COD 1 invented aiming down sights, almost a...

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It's not like Nintendo makes the same game over and over though. They keep certain foundations for their games and build upon them, but the end result is usually something different. Mario Galaxy plays entirely different from Mario Sunshine, despite the fact that they're both Mario platformers.

The only problem is that Nintendo hasn't made many new IPs recently (other than the casual titles), which i certainly think would help them.

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Nintendo doesn't need to do any of those things. Then it wouldn't be a ZELDA game anymore.

Besides, how are you to say how the game will play, when you haven't even played it yet? If you've been keeping up with it at all, the gameplay formula is seeing the biggest change in the series since arguably A Link to the Past. OoT was a revolutionary game, but it essentially took the formula from a link to the past and translated it into 3D. What Skyward Sword is doin...

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No, it wouldn't. Turning the series into a linear god of war-esque action game, instead of a non-linear Metroidvania style exploration game was a step back.

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So let me get this straight..."graphics don't matter" now that were talking about BF3, which was supposed to be the God of graphics. But when you're talking about another game, all of a sudden the conversation becomes almost entirely about graphics.

Wow. How typical. This "well what do you expect this isn't PC" argument is just blind excuses. This game doesn't even look as good as Uncharted or Gears 3. First you guys are constantly trashing...

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Yes, because this is a game developed by a Nintendo owned studio, Monolith Soft. Atlus or anyone else would have to be given permission by Nintendo. Which isn't going to happen. All in all, this is just another great Monolith Soft title that Nintendo of America is screwing American gamers out of. They did it with Soma Bringer on the DS, and Disaster on the Wii.

Matter of fact, I don't think NoA has published a single Monolith game since Nintendo purchased them. Which ...

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A lot of this article just sounds like bitching and self-entitlement. The only real problem I have with the eshop has been the content that they actually HAVE released. It's terrible. The next 3D classics remake they're doing is for some terrible game no one cares about. Why? This is the system launch time, they need to come out with some better content now more than ever. Especially since these are just old games rereleased. I can understand the 3DS games taking some time to come, bu...

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"True gamers" play VIDEO GAMES. Of all kinds, and on all platforms. Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, and even PC. That's what I do, and I'd consider myself a true gamer who's been one since the NES. Wii has many great games. So does the DS. And there are a couple great games on the 3DS too, which is JUST starting. They don't have the third party support of the other consoles, but that doesn't mean they don't have ANY games. They have some of the best first party games in...

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Yes, a month certainly sounds like plenty of time, but you know not everyone uses their PS3 everyday. And most people certainly don't keep up with these things on the Internet.

I didn't know that there was a one month time limit to redeem. If Sony had made that more clear, I would have turned my PS3 on and just redeemed before it expired, even though I haven't been playing my PS3 this past month. But I sort of assumed it was a permanent thing (because I had no re...

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Reading through some of these comments just proves how many of the new gamers today don't really know a thing about gaming history.

John Carmack is arguably the single most influential engine coder living today. He pioneered SO MANY of modern day graphic techniques that programmers use. And you might ask why that's important? Because it doesn't matter how powerful your hardware is if the developer doesn't know how to code an engine to sufficiently take advant...

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Yea, there's still more than half of IW left. But that doesn't mean they're the key members. Almost every single IMPORTANT member of IW are now with Respawn. These guys are the brains behind the series, the ones who designed the game mechanics etc.

The majority of people left at IW are either just office workers or just tech people and engineers who worked on things like the graphics engine, art, sound, etc. Not the actual key game designers.


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The biggest single advantage that the WiiU hardware will have over PS360 isn't the CPU, but it's going to be the system memory. Ram is the one thing holding back both 360 and PS3. The CPUs in both the 360 and PS3 still have more potential, it's just the memory that's holding them back. Add that to the fact that the WiiU has blu ray-like capacity, and a video card based on the Radeon 4850, and it's really gonna be a great machine.

Why can't people just...

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Judging by investor reactions is a silly thing to do. Investors almost always hate new product announcements, because they typically have unrealistic expectations or they simply worry about cannibalizing products and killing off a current cash cow. They don't like Nintendo effectively killing off their huge cash cow. They could care less about the product, they care about what it means for their pockets.

Some people just have no imagination and instead like to focus on b...

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I fail to understand how a developer that wants to put his very hard work into the hands of more people, is somehow an act of disloyalty. But then again, im not an irrational person, so maybe I'll never understand that fanboy logic.

And don't be so full of yourself. Your "loyalty" didn't pay their salary. Their hard work and talent is what paid their salary, not your "loyalty." Give me a break.

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Yea, because the software and games TOTALLY doesn't matter at all, right?

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You can tell Bobby Kotick just can't wait to start wringing their COD users dry with a monthly subscription.

BUT, the good news is that Robert Bowling stated that COD Elite will actually be free, and only certain parts of it will require a monthly fee. So at least everyone will get access to some of the features for free, because some of these things are a nice addition. I'm assumng the most wanted things will be charged, but at least more in depth stat tracking on p...

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Why does someone HAVE to buy this over one of those titles? They can't buy all of them? The real idiot would only buy one. That's how the mind of a fanboy works, not the mnd of a rational person who simply likes GAMES.

A lot of people are going to buy this game, and a lot of people are going to enjoy this game a lot. Why does that offend people like you so much? Leave them be. There's a reason why MW became so successful. You don't have to agree, but don'...

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Well using such an updated older engine also allows COD to run at a smooth 60 FPS without any slowdown whatsoever, and it also allows the game to run on fairly low spec PC setups.

So there are positives and some drawbacks. It's not like MW2 was a bad looking game. In fact part of the games success is how good the gun models look and how fast and smooth it runs. Most of my friends who are average gamers all started playing MW2 (and hate Black Ops) because of MW2s graphics...

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Anyone who gets offended by JOKES is a moron. That's what comedy is. You're supposed to laugh and not take it seriously.

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