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I only need one good reason and that's GAMES, GAMES, and FUN GAMES.
IF this is the system that has the most fun games and the best exclusives. Thing will sell itself.
Talk of fps and high fidelity fall on deaf ears with me.
I care about gaming. Wherever I can get the best experience, that's where I'll be.

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Nothing better to do. They all busy becoming monks. They've all taken a vow of silence to appease the gods to make sure Scorpio makes money.
SO you can understand wy Halo and all their other exclusive ips have been shat on.

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When was it not relevant? I love rts

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Damn, I had it for the 360. Too bad.

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If you are going to have LOTS of content at 15 to 20 bucks each and by content, I mean expansions that add 20+ hours, then YES a season pass makes sense to save a few bucks.
IF your content is going to be colors and characters, then NO. Include everything in the base game. Season passes should be for MEATY EXPANSIONS. Not more guns, colors, bikinis and characters.

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Funny as I was playing this game for some reason when I looked at the new graphics I was thinking to myself "damn this looks exactly the same."
I couldn't help but smile when I heard that great line though, "when I'm on the road is indestructible..."
Epic stuff.

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Who the hell want a mini? I would love it if the Switch had a bigger screen, not smaller.

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One Rockstar is all there is room for.

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Good Luck! I'll be waiting by the finish line.

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I like Orcs Must Die! I HATE free games that gouge you for every nickel and dime.
Shame this good series had to go down that route.
It would have made a nice addition to Nintendo Switch IF it was a real full on game.

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an emphatic and resounding NO.

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Sorry, can't pay full price for a game you already own on the previous system
Holding two items and a different mode doesn't justify it.
Sad how Nintendo it's screwing their base.
Who do you think went out and bought this new device right away.
Early adopters, fans of Nintendo.
I feel Nintendo has dropped the ball with badly with this new console.
Other than the snore-fest, Zelda, the only other game I've bought are Snake ...

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In my book that's not worth full price gauging. Nintendo should have had some kind of incentive program for legacy customers that own all these games already.
You'd have to be retarded to pay full price for old ass games.
IF you NEVER played these games, then sure. I can see it with no problem.

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Boy, it's a shame that we live in a world where the slightest comment can lead to not only dead sales but everyone getting upset and wanting apologies.
Holy sh!t!
Whatever, they are right. Every video game isn't perfect. They have every right in the world to compare their little indie game to a massive triple-A NINTENDO game, which supposedly has some of the highest standards in the industry.
Hey, if they stutter, then cut us a little slack is what they are ...

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Nope. This is beyond silly being released for a 2017 console. Whatever.

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The way I interpret their CV is Ryse was an attempt to "be first" and make a name for themselves. In a different genre and greater exposure. That didn't really pan out for them.
Robinson and The Journey is just more of the same. They are adapting the blue ocean business plan. Go where there is no competition and make a name for yourself.

If anything Crytek has demonstrated they are exceptional at being mediocre which in today's market, there is no...

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Looks interesting but it may not make its goal.

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If you mean odd then yes. Make it so that it like where "no ones has gone before"
However, if you are talking about gay then NO.
The represented 4% world population of homosexuals are pretty well represented in this androgynous game.

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So are these guys even making games?
I knew putting all their eggs in the Crysis basket was a deadly mistake.
Should have work on the game fans really wanted Time Splitters.

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Of course, these games a digital gold.

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