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I would just like to know what time period or better said what historical event the new Creed will take place in.

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I worry about this game. For the record, I loved Watch Dogs 1. I didn't particularly like the hacking, but it was decent.
What I did like was Aiden Pierce. Yes, he was stoic, but he was a vigilante, I like his safe houses and clothes changes.
And most importantly I loved the gunplay.
I can't see how this kid is going to take down armed and heavily armored thugs with a teaser and some toys.
ITs beyond silly, and I think ultimately it's going to h...

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I feel this was a test. Console makers want to adopt the same model as cell phones. They started it at a gradual pace. With paid microtransactions (as cell phones do), then mobile games (like Capitalist Adventure. What sense does this program have beeing on a console. You literally do nothing ) and now they want to adopt the hardware model.
Microsoft is performing an experiment here. They want to see how many people will buy the S and then subsequently how many of those same people w...

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Don't know. Fighting with an 8 ball?
Who the fuq thought this up? One of the best thing about WD 1 was the gun play. How do you justify these preteens with guns? LOL.

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Remasters suck hairy, sweaty hyena balls. That being said, anytime to play Bioshock is a magnificent time.
Also IF a remaster not only makes it look prettier but fixes issues with the game, then yes. Like Darksiders.

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Huh? I hope they have some banging software lined up for the NX launch. Then again I can see the logic in this. Stagger the release of the Breath of the wild for the NX and allow WiiU to end with a bang. Then re-release Breath of the wild on NX with whatever improvements they deem worthy of showcasing the new tech AND whatever bugs they might have found, and now you double the profits. Sweet Nintendo!

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This is disappointing on many levels. I loved the first two episodes and I thought for sure it would find its audience with games like the TellTale series of games and Life is Strange how could it not find it mark?
In another point of view, I had ordered the season pass assuming we would get regular episodes. Why wouldn't I think there would be regular episodes? I loved what I played, and IF what this article says is true then perhaps they can refund the used portion of the money...

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Not when Pharell is the main character. It seems to me Ubi is just trying too hard. "let's make it cool and hip fellas, whaddya say?"

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Hope its NX related.

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Good luck with that.

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They "love" everything new.
This would be news if EA said this, or 2K

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Awesome, then I can play again. It was getting a bit much the further you played cause obviously it gets more challenging, and you die more often.

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Then I guess it's back to NYC for me.

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I'm an average player. You know I play for fun I'm not running a business or making profits by shooting digital images.
The point I'm trying to illustrate is, that as of a few months ago. I attempted to solo, and IF a person wasn't inclined to be a masochist then it was not fun to grind for better loot, and the progression was not as well paced as the main vanilla game.
Now I unless what I am saying here is NOT the case and things have changed dramatically, a...

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Love you Hines but fuq you and Bethesda with that Skyrim remake.

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The vanilla game can be played SP. All the content following the primary campaign has focused on party/teams going on excursions. Yeah sure if you have a character decked out in ultra gear and what not you could go solo, however, you cannot get that gear by going soloing the game. You need a team. My point is an SP experience means I should have just as much fun and the possibility of getting great gear and so on without any extra help. THats simple not the case in The Division.

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any single player content? cause they said the game could be played SP and all they've done is coop and multiplayer updates. i lost interest months ago

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The answer to the title, absolutely not. The Pro is equivalent to a four-year-old mid-level PC.

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If Apple followed Sony vision of what an IPhone is, Apple would be broke.

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