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I love Ghost Recon, I love Ubi for various reasons even though they've done some weird things in the past.
But this new Ghost R, just doesn't seem to jive with me. I wouldn't mind the open world, sandbox approach if I knew I could solo this thing and from the looks of it, you cannot. Took 4 dudes to bring down the assailant in the demo. I want to see how this plays out solo.

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Yup, love and still play this game. In my mind, the market is WIDE open for someone to come along and fill this void. The best and closest thing I have is also Hollywood mogul wich is a text based game.
COME ONE GUYS! My money is ready.

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It was a cool CGI filled conference with a game that was being trolled as it was being presented, Gears 4...
announcing double hardware and confusing the shit out of the market.
Yeah, all in all it WAS actually quite better for MS.
But others weren't just good, they killed it. Hell, Zelda alone made me forget everything that happened in MS conference.

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"It's all polish. We have this open world. It's very big."
...and we are prepping VR for it as well. You know, the essentials.

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Inafume and Platinum are fucking up big time. Keep it up bro.

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I love them, but I have to face facts. Nintendo has not heard gamer demand. If NX doesn't sell well and consistently. They must become third party devs. No one will trust them again.

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Loved the game. I'm ready for it.
Dont know what everyone else saw, but what I saw had me wanting to play it right now. Any game that resembles Last of Us, that has crafting (limited. I hate Minecraft games) and good action and graphics I'm good for. I like the World War Z take on the zombie wave. From what I saw, if you get these zombies into a frenzy you have to get away from them until they whittle down. LOVE IT!

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Agreed 100% with title.

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Truth is I was very hyped for this game but after seeing it in action I took it off my "must get" list and onto my wait and see.
I had more fun with the Wonderful 101 and Vanquish. I think Platinum is slipping.

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I just can't see how you solo this game? It took 4 members to bring down the guy from the show demo.
I can't rustle up 4 friends to play any games nowadays. It's not like the 360 days. Everybody has "their" game and that's what they play. To convince others to get on boards with something is like pulling teeth.

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I'd like to see some gameplay on this. I didn't even know the game was like this. I figured Minecraft with goosebumps.

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Thanks for the article, but I didn't need motivation to buy this game. I'm a fan of this series. The first one was played several times. It was just fun and funny. I can't wait to sink my teeth into this one.

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Great to hear. I liked Beenox' Spider-man Dimensions, but I haven't enjoyed a game in this series for a fortnight.

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I'll wait for sale and I want to know what the remaster has other than nicer graphics and "volumetric god rays"

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MAN, I want to play this game NOW!

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Man reading this game me a migraine. I'm getting tired of Kojima's BS. Just answer the questions. I get that this is real term but those tow words don't sound right together. It hurts to say it and after Metal Gear V, ill be paying real close attention and not ride any hype.

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My problem with Quantics games is that the premise is always good, but the pacing and game executions tend to leave me wanting.
I saw and loved this trailer. I think it may have been the best one I saw in E3, BUUUT, this left me with more questions than answers. These exciting sections may be only Connors. The rest may be wandering around, using weird controls and basically being a snore fest.
I have to wait and see what else the game has to offer.
But in terms of t...

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See, these are remasters. Not stuff from last gen. BOUGHT!

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I like the fact that more things are hackable. This is something I wanted the first game to have. However, before I read the title of this article I couldn't quite place why I was pre-ordering the game (as I usually do after E3). I think it's because I suppose It rings a bit silly to me.
Granted I am an older gamer, so I wasn't sure if it was just that. But I guess others feel the same.
I need to see more of this game without Spaz playing in the background. I nee...

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