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Nope! You cant trademark a game genre.
AND Battlegrounds was NOT the first to create such a thing. So please, stop this nonsense and get back to gaming.
The answer is no. This style of gaming was not created by any one person, so anyone can use it.
There's dozens of hero shooters and FPS. I don't see anyone complain about that.

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Dope! Loved the game, loved the character design and I loved the statuettes.
There is nothing to change.

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Doom and Wolfenstein 2 can make it to Switch but Final Fantasy can't? What a crock of sh!t.

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That's content managers and PR person issue. Can't blame "more options" as the reason things are not getting noticed.
Promote, the titles that are deserving, make your store easier to navigate. This is an age ol' problem since the first retail store opened. Just make it happen.

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How can I put this lightly....go @#$% yourselves!
I think I said it and kept my composure.

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This dude looks sick. All that money getting him some fun drugs? or does he have something like cancer?

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Another Hero shooter? Ill pass.

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When does it release?

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yeah, I was bitching at the fact that 2007 game was basura.of the highest grade.

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Man, If I could play Alpha Protocol 2 I would just play it and end my gaming hobby right there and there. I found AP to be one of the best RPG's I ever played. Bugs and all. I replayed Alpha literally 17 times. and every time it played out differently I still couldn't achieve a particular conversation towards the end of the game which my buddy was able to do and it killed me to no end.
They are pitching the idea to the wrong publisher. Sega ONLY understands Sonic. Better to p...

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Microsoft needs to get out of the business while they still have a roof over their heads.

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If it's the same garbage they did in the 360 days. Keep on dreaming and pass that idea by.

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Its never going to happen. So might as well stop writing about it. No offense to author. It's just pissing in the wind.

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Awesome to see this property back from the dead. I'll be getting it on Switch and PS4 if there is no VR version.

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Gotta say this games grindy nature would stop a bull in its tracks.
No way am I sinking the kind of time they want into this game. Its a shame also cause the action in the game snap, crackles, and pops!
Everything else is an exercise in frustration.
They should have just went the paid route and given us a mother fuqing break.

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Maybe they should give it a little more time. Seems like they brought it right to the edge.

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ok, Satya. Now go get Bill so he can tell you the truth.

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You mean this is still a question?

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