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Do we really have to have this discussion EVER again. These guys just told you the hardcore facts about the economics of modern triple A game development.
Lets move on and be happy you got such a great gift this year. #2
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Later bro...Ill be enjoying it for both of (on PS4) #9
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Hell man, I looked at that. I must have been blind. So I'm going back to White Orchard then, and are there any barbers in White Orchard as well or did the DLC add it new? Thanks. #2.1.1
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All I know is that shes a kick-ass sniper and she scares the sh** out of me with her skills. Thank God she looks the way she does. Its a nice juxtaposition. Like Sniper Wolf, remember her? #11
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Thins is, WHERE do you go to get a haircut and HOW do you attain/wear new armor? #2
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Your loss boss. I play my WiiU on a reg.
Right up there with PS4, its my Xbone that's collecting phat dust.
But that's just in my crib.
Cant speak for every one.
Nice opinion piece though. #4
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Another winner!
My wallet is hurting and my rent is due. :( #3
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Lots more competition. Oh and I need another Burnout..NOT open world. Thanks. #10
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Rockstar takes time making games. This might actually be in the cooker as we type/speak. To be honest its hard to tell what these are doing. For the most part there stuff has been quality, so let just wait and see. Oh, and f**k season passes from them. #28
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....and the Sun rises from the East. #22
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Sparkle Unleashed, LMFAO! #2
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how do we people get these glitches? I've played fallout 3, New Vegas, Skyrim, Oblivion all kinds of open world games that supposedly are so full of bugs it cant be played. Yet, other than the occasional crash I was able to play from beginning to end with nothing like flying horses.
Whats the secret you guys do and I don't? (this is a serious question) #7
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Non-issue here. Game is dope.
And as I've said repeatedly. These companies make master hi def games then downsize for current spec systems. How do you think they make remasters?
Anyway..... #20
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It is true that Witcher 2 is a different animal than Witcher 3, however the devs where aware of this going in. This is why they allow you to do what you meant to do, actual Witching in this third installment making it superior to the more intimate politically tense Witcher 2. #6
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Bro, there is no excuse for these remasters. We are getting shamed. This industry is built on its audience getting shammed left, then right.
We hardly ever get value for dollar. We put up with things that no other industry ever would and we take it as "Oh its cool, its the way it is."
These remasters is just another scheme in a long line of schemes.
We all know that every single game was made and designed to be bullet proof. So we are NOT getting remasters. T... #4
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This is the wild west of gaming right now.
Convenience, right there at your fingertips but this is maximum profit for publishers. With almost no loss to them. No third market reselling or trading. Still they sell at FULL retail pricing. It would be a small matter to sell your digital rights from one owner to the next but this is box no publisher wishes to open but I tell you what and mark these words in fact tattoo them on your eyelids,
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I could already tell that might be the case with ground pound (your wallet) zero.
But that's cool, no real "need" for that if the game is engrossing enough. #20
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Nope. Oh, and stop with the remasters. You know you just re-printing what was ALREADY created. These games are made future proof. Its been well documented. Thats why there is no new content. They make hi-def versions then they trickle it down to fit into older specs.
Dont believe the hype and keep your money nice and tight in your wallet. These companies will eventually get the message and guess what? HOORAY! they'll make some real new IP's. What a concept. #5
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Im gonna use my last bubble to say HOORAY!!!!!! #8.1
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Why spoil this bro!
f**ktard! #8
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