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I love Battleborn, I play it regularly and I feel its a great piece of software.
It's a shame it hasn't taken off like I had hoped it would have.
It's everyone else's lose I suppose. However the more I think about it, if there was only room for one game of this ilk, I understand why gamers choose Overwatch.
It's the least restrictive and less difficult of the two.

Path of least resistance and all that.

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WTF? I thought it was AMD all this time. ?!?

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yuck...but BGaE still rocks!

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I thought it would be something like this.
I'm ALL in Nintendo. I'm a fan, will always be a fan and in this industry you are unmatched.
Show us the way. Get those core players and let the good times roll.

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Bethesda should sell this for like $25 bucks. They'd still make a shit ton of money and its a good will sale for fans ESPECIALLY after stating that Fallout 4 would not receive any more DLC after Nuka World (Or whatever it is)

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As I said last year. This deal was horrendous for Tomb Raider and now that I know a little more about the economics of it thanks to a nice video from gameranx, I now know that hypothetically they have to make about 150 million dollars worth of business to make that exclusive deal worth anything.
I HIGHLY doubt that's gonna happen.
I'll go on record right now and say, that I loved Rise, but it's a year old game now, competing with Uncharted 4 AND all the new games...

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Such is the casual market....fickle as all hell.

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Desperate?! Why would you bet against Big N. That's ludicrous. Just don't do it.

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it doesn't work. look at the BC list. Pure junk, peppered with a few hits here and there. Red Dead, in particular, was a game tons of gamers were clamoring for. This does not denote that the failed BC initiative is a runaway success.
I have tons of games just waiting to make the list and I'm STILL waiting.

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Didn't read your article, but I am agreeing with your sentiment. I do not wish for a reboot. Way too much lore and characters to be thrown out the window. I hope and pray its si a continuation. Otherwise, I fell they should call it something else.

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Cant defend it. Its BS. Later for volumetric god rays

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Thats what happens when you take time and get your head out of FF butt.
Amazing things.

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Please. I hope Moore just quits. This guy is a fluke.

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I'm confident I'll be "waiting and seeing"

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They got some stiff competition, but CDP has a flavor all their own. I cant wait for this.

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The practice is shitty, but in this case the game was fantastic. Dont do it again WB! Oh and make a sequel to SoM already!

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This is on my must play list. Day uno for me.

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Show more Cindy please and open up a few buttons on her blouse, no need to be shy. Hey, you can do the same for the men, I don't care. But that sausage-fest, all-male party is boring to look at as all hell. Hopefully, the gameplay makes up for it.

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When I first saw the trailer I thought for sure I was watching some super secret footage of Mas Effect Andromeda, it was not until the melee kill that I realized I was watching the new COD.
This series has insane spectacle creep to the point that it now resembles something that is wholly different.
I think the fact that Battlefield is going backwards says a lot.

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