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"How Important is Backwards Compatibility on the Nintendo Switch?"
Extremely, I would say.
At the very least, our accounts should be unified. ALL my digital purchases should come over unhindered. If digital distribution is to succeed it has to do so smartly.
Nintendo is a company that prides itself on being smart and consumer-friendly? Ok, prove it with how you handle this.

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I understand his frustration, but It would have been nice. Switch doesn't have anything like Titanfall 2 on its roster. It would have filled a nice gap.

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I'm not surprised. The way I see it this game is as niche as it gets. While RE was moving towards more and more mass appeal this game is a reset back to zero. It's closer to Outlast than RE in every given way.
I see limited replay value on this. Replay comes from getting the "good" ending. So to get it you have to tread through a horribly slow paced, scripted game, with limited POV. I can't see this being rage-inducing.
I mean even a game like Alien Iso...

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Nice figure. I think Ill buy it.

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It's exactly what I said. When VR is like the Matrix, it will be viable. Otherwise its a waste of space right now. Let's revisit this in another 25 years. Keep at it Mark.

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He didn't make the thing, he's commenting on it. And good or bad publicity is still free publicity.
You know how many sites have pornographic images of all kinds of game icons? I can't even count that high. But because someone did it with the female characters of this game, now Gearbox did it?!
Come, one man, that's stupid beyond belief.
If any game lends itself to this kind of thing it's definitely the well developed female characters of Battleb...

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Like I said before, MS is in serious trouble. They need a slew of new IP's. I would basically flood the market with every new and interesting idea presented to me at this point and see what sticks. Relegate indies to just that, indies and stop trying to have these guys carry your console and soft-retire Halo, Gears and Forza for a bit.

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The thing is with games like this unless there is build up and am understanding of what the game is, I relegate it to bargain bin status. I can't tell you how many times I bought a game that looked promising then it turns into a money pit with all these DLC packs ranging from color schemes to hairstyles with a generic UI and generic gameplay.
This looks no different.

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It's all the hardcore fans first, and the scalpers. Then the rest of us later.
Plus Nintendo sends out like 2 consoles per store to make product scarce When they have the demographic data and know they should stock the stores. You know, typical bullsh!t.

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oh boy...another Dark Souls clone.....sigh.

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Not surprising. This has been without a doubt the dullest generation I've ever experienced since the Vic 20 days back in yesteryear.
Cobble that with console fatigue and sequelitis and what you have here is a major disaster. If this generation of gaming has taught us anything, is that the last couple of gens where the best we'll probably ever have.

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This generation has been a complete disaster for MS in my mind. Last gen my experience with Xbox was almost the complete opposite.
However, I feel that MS has no clear vision as to how they were going to maintain their dominance coming in.
They marketed their machine as a media center and from that very moment they have made disastrous move after disastrous move. Lying about always being "on-line", Kinect (need I say more), resurrecting retired series (i.e. Geras o...

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My Switch needs games, This will be one of them.

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Ill take ALL his games to Switch....but No More Heroes is my first choice. Then Chainsaw Lollipop.

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Whatever you say Miyamoto, just want to play it now.

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That can't be true. Find me sources please.

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Awesome. Thats what I want to hear.

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Nice and clean.

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Good cause that stupid intro was horrid.

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