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I'm actually pretty interested in this. Looks like a mixture of Fable and a tabletop card game. Pretty slick.

I don't really know what part of this plays like Final Fantasy Tactics, though. I'm just not seeing it. #1
Sounds like a solid Age of Wonders title. I'm definitely interested in picking this one up - maybe on a steam sale? #1
Too bad. I really wanted TWatHK to rock my face off. Maybe we'll get another shot down the line. #3
I'm right there with you. I'm normally all over NIS's stuff. #1.1
Dark Souls 2 and inFamous: Second Son are pretty heavy hitters too - Just not on Xbox One. :) #2.1
Agreed! Sony continues to keep me impressed with their PS Plus offerings for PlayStation 4. #1.1
For a console release, $40 is considered a bargain price. It's a huge game for the price, too. I've paid $65 for much less game.

Just because it's a 2-D platformer doesn't mean it's worth less than another form of game. It's really a great game! #3.1
If this had remained a Wii U exclusive, the Wii U may not have been quite the lame duck it turned out to be, in terms of sales. #2
As a southern boy that doesn't really enjoy Nascar, I'm surprised this got hte high marks it did. Good on them. #1
Pretty great looking game. I'm excited for this one! #1
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. How on earth is One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 the PS3 GOTY!?

Also - Papers, Please? as PC GOTY? I mean, I know it got some praise from various outlets but...the GOTY? Really?

...apart from that, I approve. Gears Judgment seemed a bit weak for the choice though. #2
Is there anything in the alpha you're enjoying that wasn't in the mod? #2.1
Stoked for Celceta! The Vita needs more great games! #1
This isn't an anti-Sony review. Read the other PS4 review by the same guy on that site. He loved Resogun. I'm sure small enthusiast outlets like this are just rolling in the money. #10.1
Resogun is a phenomenal title. Killzone controls well. The single-player story and the flat twists late in the campaign seriously hurt this game.

It's not all about the first few hours of a campaign - especially if that thing turns out to be 8 hours long. #9.2
Finish the game. You may not hold that opinion with some of the flat story points. :) You're halfway there. #7.1
I reviewed the same game a couple weeks ago and levied the same complaints with the sexual stuff. It's far too overbearing... #2.1
Well...that's disappointing. I would've played this game for free - possibly bought into a new franchise. I won't be spending $60 on a racing game though. Not my cup of tea. #143
I love RPGs. I can handle the grinding to a point...but it sounds like the game goes out of its way to keep you from enjoying it :\

Hope you enjoy your copy when you get it in! #1.1.1
Yeah...that review mentions that it looks like a PSP game. That's too bad. I had high hopes for the game. #2.1
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