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Bubble up for you Maulxx, I'm downloading the game right now. Don't suppose you know of any good free rpgs? #5
I couldn't finish reading the entire article. Seemed like there was way too much of a love affair from the author gushing over the title and not enough objective comments out ling the good and the bad.

I had fun with galaxy one, but didn't like the ridiculously easy boss fights and the relatively short length. I avoided Galaxy two because I heard it was basically part one with new levels and you get to ride Yoshi.

(Open question to all) Is part two wo... #3
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Don't hold your breath on any of these games coming out any time soon people. I had a couple of Dreamcast consoles (One american and a japanse version for imports) also had the jump disk and a few VERY rare games. I was lending my support to some guy who was making a side scrolling samurai type action game (looked terrible) for over a year and a half before he finally gave up on the project. Not saying these games will be cancelled, but expect some very, very long delays on most. #16
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I'm sorry I wasn't really all that impressed with the direct video myself and I am a huge Nintendo supporter. (I used to own and run the website nintendofanalliance and post articles on here frequently, check my profile.)

I saw a lot of quick cash in titles for the DS and a lot of games that just don't appeal to my personal taste in gaming. The only thing I'm interested in is Xenoblade and maybe Splatoon, the Metroid Trilogy and S.G. 2 for under ten bucks. <... #54
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For starters this is clearly a flame bait article designed to get hits and get people pissed off.

(Now that I stated the obvious)

I don't understand the hate the Wii U gets. Nintendo makes a fantastic product wether it's their software or hardware. The consoles technology is a little outdated compared to the newer systems, but it's clearly strong enough to make some great looking games. Everyone is acting like Sony's and Microsoft's greats... #49
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It has been the Madden series for me. It started off slow a few years ago and has escalated since. #6
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oh and 5 levels. #49
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For me.

Tri-crescendo, Monolith, Retro, Nintendo, Atlus, Camelot Software. #48
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I didn't read the article. My comments are solely about my personal opinions on the two games.

I thought Twilight Princess started off well. I liked the roof top Hyrule castle scene and the forest dungeon is probably one of the best in the game.

However, the game was anticlimactic as all heck. Gantz's stage consisted of three tiny rooms. The Hyrule castle stage (before you fought Gannon) was also WAY too short. Still with these shortcomings I rea... #3
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Gaming is a hobby, not an addiction. Now, I know some people who are OCD when it comes to gaming, but that still doesn't make it an addiction.

Some people get sucked into these fantasy worlds (fan fiction for books, tv shows, movies games, etc.) Some don't. It's the person not the media. #20
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"What good is the GC's raw power for a gta game , when it can't even store enough data to properly do a sandbox title?"
The Wind Waker doesn't qualify as a sandbox title? How about Twilight Princess?

"How the hell was ff7 going to happen on the n64's cartridge?" You have a valid point about the cartridge storage limitations.

"Power for consoles mean more than just graphics . It carr... #11
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Actually, I kind of agree with caseh. I just replayed this on the virtual console less than two years ago and was very disappointed with it. I think it's seriously over shadowed by the playstation and gameboy advance games. #2
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Does Nintendo rely to much on franchises? NO.

When a game comes out that is selling five or ten million copies plus, every time it's put out they must be doing something right.

It doesn't matter if it's Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, Capcom, Ubisot, Apple, Coke, Pepsi, etc.

If you don't like their games so much stop buying them and S.T.F.U. #8
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Not exactly a review as much as a "overview." #2
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Direct quote from the creator of the video.
"I have no life and no woman will have me!" #2
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I'm tired of hearing about "gamers" whine about Mario games and Nintendo's first party games. Personally, I'll stop buying their games when they start making crappy ones. Nintendo's going to succeed in pretty much what ever they choose to do. #16
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Seriously, who out there didn't think that S.M.G, 2 was going to be a great game? The guy who wrote this was a complete fan boy and a douche bag. Even in his praises of the game he shows how much of a dick he really is.

Few people will argue that Nintendo is among the best of the best when it comes to developing games. This so called writer is letting his opinions getting away of the facts, because he's probably like fifteen or something.

I just hope... #40
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Worst list I've seen in my LIFE!
You will never to get anyone to agree on a top (random number) list of all time, BUT, if this guy had a half a brain he should have started by the best game from each console!
(In any random order)
1. Atari-Pac Man
2. NES- Super Mario Duck Hunt
3. Genesis-Sonic
4. Arcade-Street Fighter 2
5. PC-Tetris
please someone tell me this is a worse list than his. #35
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I was one of the people who was really siked for this game. I went out and bought it on the day one and was pissed! This game was one of the biggest disappointments I have played in a long time. I hated the fact that you had to manually control the camera. I hated the fact that there were all these beautiful detailed towns filled with people and you couldn't talk to almost ANY of them. I hated the controls in the battle system because they barely worked. When they did the battles where so... #3
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What exactly is the point of this video anyways? Of course the stages look similar. THAT WAS THE WHOLE POINT! It's called honoring your history through nostalgia.

@ chubear. Yea, Nintendo really sucks and I'm just a stupid little sheep thanks for the help there buddy. How do I rectify this problem? Should I go out and buy a PS3 so I can play Little Big Planet a Mario knock off? #2
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