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There definitely seems to be interest in more female leads in videogames. Nintendo seems to appeal to girls and females the most of all the game companies. They'd be missing out on a big market if they chose to ignore it. Just don't do at the cost of already exsisting franchises.

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Idk brother. I think people really think that complaining is actually going to change the way a company does business. If you really are dissatisfied with a company don't give them your money. THAN I guarantee they'll start listening.

As for all the negativity towards Nintendo, I agree it's gotten out of hand. It seem to start with the GameCube and escalated with the Wii then WiiU. If you don't like the direction a company is going that's fine that'...

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People have the right to their opinion, but I really wish people would stfu about how disappointed or pissed they are with Nintendo. Some people like myself are thrilled that they're showing a new Zelda game and really don't care if they show little to nothing else. If you don't like it, do not buy it. You're crying and whinning will not change things. At this point you all sound like bunch of entitled trolls. Nintendo does not owe you squat
Get that through your hea...

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What in the hell is the author talking about? Monster Hunter is literally a system seller in Japan and when MH Tri (remake) came out in the US for the Wii U it also helped boost the systems sales

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First off American here. 13 is a disgustingly young age for consent to be legal. Even 15-16 is questionable. Here's why. The truth is that there is not much of a physical difference between a 15/16 girl and an 18 or even 21yr old one, BUT take into account the psychological maturity of a 13 or 16 yr old. With no life experience a 16yr old can easily be knocked up with a child that she will have to take care of for LIFE. The man can be anyone who talked her into it. He could be a user, a l...

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He was probably right. My initial reaction to the reaction when I heard the premise of the game was, no thanks.But, after watching the game play and info part of the video I quickly changed my tune.

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It's a double edged sword. I often go on youtube to watch a review, trailer and "in game play" before I purchase a game. But, make no mistake, youtubers are making money off a product that they did not create or own. I'm not saying don't protest, but the fact remains it's Nintendos product to ultimately decide what they wish to do with it.Or another way to look at it would be, without Nintendo's money to make the game in the first place youtubers would have nothi...

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First off, why isn't there a reply option to your post? I'm not on here enough to know the inner workings of the site.

But to add on to your post 2.1.2.

I think you're spot on. The disagrees are coming from kids who don't understand marketing strategy and professional business concepts.

The other thing you left out that would greatly help the WiiU sales would be advertising. I barely ever s...

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For all the people that are saying Nintendo needs to get with the time and modernize, I couldn't disagree with you more.

Do you really think having three consoles that basically are doing the same thing is a good business strategy for them? You have a ton of other company's trying to get a chunk of the video gaming market and it's just going to get harder for all three company's as the year pass to stay profitable.

Top graphics and tech isn&#...

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Yeah, definitely obvious it wasn't made for the WiiU hardware. It doesn't look terrible though. Think the price should be reduced to $30=$40ish

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I hate to break it to you, but Nintendo probably loves all the hype this is creating. They're making money hand over fist and they're not going to kill the hype of the "supply and demand" by filling the supply. I know it sounds weird, but they're actually extending the success of the ambios this way.

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From a business standpoint that's the absolute last thing Nintendo should do. They should milk the hell out of ambio popularity and keep pumping them out. Then, once the sales finally go cold, then they should turn around and re-release some of the popular harder to get ones. But, they unfortunately won't. Companies almost never do.

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Bubble up for you Maulxx, I'm downloading the game right now. Don't suppose you know of any good free rpgs?

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I couldn't finish reading the entire article. Seemed like there was way too much of a love affair from the author gushing over the title and not enough objective comments out ling the good and the bad.

I had fun with galaxy one, but didn't like the ridiculously easy boss fights and the relatively short length. I avoided Galaxy two because I heard it was basically part one with new levels and you get to ride Yoshi.

(Open question to all) Is part two wo...

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Don't hold your breath on any of these games coming out any time soon people. I had a couple of Dreamcast consoles (One american and a japanse version for imports) also had the jump disk and a few VERY rare games. I was lending my support to some guy who was making a side scrolling samurai type action game (looked terrible) for over a year and a half before he finally gave up on the project. Not saying these games will be cancelled, but expect some very, very long delays on most.

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I'm sorry I wasn't really all that impressed with the direct video myself and I am a huge Nintendo supporter. (I used to own and run the website nintendofanalliance and post articles on here frequently, check my profile.)

I saw a lot of quick cash in titles for the DS and a lot of games that just don't appeal to my personal taste in gaming. The only thing I'm interested in is Xenoblade and maybe Splatoon, the Metroid Trilogy and S.G. 2 for under ten bucks. <...

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For starters this is clearly a flame bait article designed to get hits and get people pissed off.

(Now that I stated the obvious)

I don't understand the hate the Wii U gets. Nintendo makes a fantastic product wether it's their software or hardware. The consoles technology is a little outdated compared to the newer systems, but it's clearly strong enough to make some great looking games. Everyone is acting like Sony's and Microsoft's greats...

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It has been the Madden series for me. It started off slow a few years ago and has escalated since.

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oh and 5 levels.

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For me.

Tri-crescendo, Monolith, Retro, Nintendo, Atlus, Camelot Software.

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