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Square Enix is a perfect example of a company that is self-destructing. I'm not getting excited for any more of their games until I see a final polished product with good reviews

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The upcoming Pokemon Switch game is going to sell crazy well for nintendo.

Imagine if Nintendo made a new Pokemon Go sequel but on the Switch with a GPS feature built in. The company wouldn't know what to do with all the money it would bring in from the combined sales of the software and additional Switch units sold.
I could see a lot of people in the Casual Market Who currently have no interest in the switch picking one up just for that game alone

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I did a quick search of some of my old favorite PS1 games and most were fairly cheap but not $10 cheap. $15-30.
But a few of my favorites I would recommend are.

Legend of Dragoon $15ish
Jersey Devil (not cheap $30+)
Croc. Legend of Gobos. Less than $10
Dino Crisis $10

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I think a suggested list of games a person should import by system would be a far more useful article jmho.

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No. Its not. There's ton of sites that sell imports and tons of reference material online not that it's hard to begin with. Importing games/consoles is not a new thing. ❓

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"Not likely to redefine 3D platform games." Well it has only been 21 years since mario 64 came out. I don't know what else there is to do from a creative stand point?

I will say this Galaxy did look more innovative, but this game looks incredible in its own right. Pretty much a must buy game if you own a Switch.

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Looking at that chart it's kinda hard to believe the 3ds out sold the original nes, that's very impressive because it seemed like every kid I knew growing up had a nes. Nintendo has always killed it in the handheld department. Im very happy to see them thriving in the home console market even it is a hybrid. The world needs Nintendo. Screw the haters, not every game has to be blood and guts all though I absolutely love those too. 💘 🎮

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Agreed. Maybe not that exact card, the success of the Switch is going to really strengthen the partnership between the two companies. Fans might realistically get a powerhouse of a hybrid if the sales keeps up. It benefits both companies financially so I think you're really on to something

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Stupid ass article. The rebranding of the 3ds will be Nintendos next handheld. Why would they want to draw attention away from the Switch now and create competition for themselves is what the writer needs to be asking himself?

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Its just the higher quality shovelware effect. All the publishers thought the first Wii was going to tank and jumped on late when they realized there was money to be made. They just underestimated the popularity of the Switch because the failure of the. "U"

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The link you posted also states.

"After the free-trial period, most games will require a paid online service subscription from Nintendo in order to play online." Not ALL games, but most. I didn't see anyone posting that some games will still be FREE to play online. Just seems like a little too much cherry picking going on with Nintendo being everyone's new favorite whipping boy.

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Even if you have a point about the app locking out features of your phone while using the chat. I still don't see why you expect the service to work if you are not a subscribers. You have to subscribe to almost everything to get its services. Why the double standard with Nintendo?

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Of course they want you to pay and restrict services if you don't. But Its barely a dollar a month for the service with FREE games. What are you people expecting? Don't bother answering I don't care and you'll just prove you didn't get my point.

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The app maybe heavily flawed but the issues are easily fixable through updates. There's a reason people are getting six months of free internet. Everyone is ignoring that.

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They shouldn't kill the 3ds for another year. There's still too much revenue for them and the install base on the Switch isn't big enough yet. Plus I still love my 3ds.

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I can understand why the core Metroid fans didn't like Other M. But I enjoyed the game and thought it made good use of the Wii mote with the side scrolling to first person control scheme.

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I personally love my 3DS and I am thrilled to hear that Nintendo plans on supporting it. I don't expect too many more big name titles to be releaed but i'll be satisfied with two or three AAA titles a year at this point.
Currently I eagerly awaiting the release of Monster Hunter Stories. But until than the system has more than a big enough back library of games to keep me busy.

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I clicked on the link but didn't and won't watch the video.

The reason Nintendo discontinued the NES Mini is because they are releasing a paid online service for the Switch starting next year. They are almost definitely going to have an online store similar to the Wiis and they simply don't want to create their own competition.

The following is a perdition

I think they are also going to sell the downloadable Ambio content th...

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There definitely seems to be interest in more female leads in videogames. Nintendo seems to appeal to girls and females the most of all the game companies. They'd be missing out on a big market if they chose to ignore it. Just don't do at the cost of already exsisting franchises.

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Idk brother. I think people really think that complaining is actually going to change the way a company does business. If you really are dissatisfied with a company don't give them your money. THAN I guarantee they'll start listening.

As for all the negativity towards Nintendo, I agree it's gotten out of hand. It seem to start with the GameCube and escalated with the Wii then WiiU. If you don't like the direction a company is going that's fine that'...

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