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SONY games versus MS's PC show....

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It might be, it is a bad business move to announce a slim, then announce a new system... This is the craziest thing I have ever witnessed at a E3... I think MS's Gaming division has no leadership as of late...

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The announcement made no sense. They announced the X1S and then drop a bombshell at the end with a whole new console. MS basically cannibalized sales for the slim and older X1s.... SONY has to up their game, no wonder NEO is not going to be at the conference.

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Day one for me....

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Getting one regardless.... 4K playback is becoming the norm...

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Totally agree, as of now.. it is a rumor!

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Nice try, Rockstar managed to do it with last and this gen PlayStations.....

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I really do not see the big deal. The rumor also claimed that old games can get a visual upgrade via patch, if the rumor is true, I'm in. SONY sells TVs, and I bet the 4K market has picked up enough to entice them to go Neo.

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It was open, but it was not that free to roam around in. Bumnut is right, Mafia was linear. The game was open, but it was an empty shell of linear play.

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Jerry Rice
Tim Brown
James Jett
Cliff Branch
Fred Blitnikoff
Art Powell
Willie Gault

I could name a ton more.... You have no clue about the NFL!

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All I own is a PS4, and I was let down. I get it though, $$$ talks. I'll wait it out, or I'll get a X1... LOL

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This has to be the dumbest article ever posted on this site. The game looks great, and if it plays like the last one it will be a blast. Fan boyism is getting adsurb.

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R* Does not need money from M$. Especially since more people got GTA V on the SONY platform.

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Thanks for the heads up...

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I was pleasantly surprised at how much the developers gave away in the regular edition. I wish they would release a collectors edition that includes all three games. However, I am reading the books to catch up.

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After seeing this... yes.... One can wish!!!!

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The "Who Needs To Win E3" thing is a joke. It's a glorified infomercial. I remember when it was an informative show, now it's a multimedia spectacle that fan boys go into cyber war tirade over a few trailers.

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See original XBOX, Saturn, Dreamcast, N64, and GameCube....

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If the car list bothers you, you should consider getting a "car collector" game.... I'll be getting this on PC so there most likely will be mod support for additional cars... Cause you really want more cars! ;)

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