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Microsoft needs to buy Nintendo. They did say they want to win this generation in terms install base at all costs. That's what the NX stands for. #1.1
Took me 5 minute to find where the settings menu is since I disconnected the kinect from it.

But the X1 is a nice looking system and it is the best controller currently. And then every else the X1 just isn't as good as the PS4. #1.1.4
^Big_Game Hunters

"No negative effect"

That would be PR speak and it certainly isn't helping console development. Nintendo may make more money but that money will be towards mainly more mobile development.

As I have said recently, it's you idiots that keep supporting mobile games that made Nintendo look into the mobile market. You idiots can only blame yourselves.

If y'all listened to me this wouldn&#... #1.1.4
Doesn't matter, PS4 still sold more. Look at Amazon!

PS4 gamers are playing the FFV demo because they have better taste in games. #1.1.3
Best Final Fantasy ever I dont think so.

I'm not impressed. The hit detection looks real clunky. You're liking going through the enemies arms and the enemy standing right through you. People are giving this a free pass.

Is gonna be a great game I think so, but I'm not being surprised or impressed. #1.1.7
They needed a new console 2 years ago! #1.1.2
Since E3 2013 the X1 has had no chance. And so far my prediction is correct. #1.2
However the Nvidia card will be the sleeker card. For some reason that is a factor in my purchase. #1.1
Windows exclusive.. meaning it will also be on PC most likely aside from boring exclusives like Halo 5. #1.1.1
Uncharted is about the graphics, presentation, and animation. A remaster of it would just be an update of the visuals. There's not much readeaming gameplay from this series.

This is coming from a person who ranks Uncharted 2 as their #2 best game of last generation. You had to have played these games when they came out. U2 annihilated the competition for 2 years.

During E3 if they annouce a remaster I will not be surprised and I will dissapointed. #2
Nope, because 3DS pales in comparison to the DS in terms of sales. The handheld consoles are fading because you idiots keep supporting them tablet and smartphone games.

You "gamers" decide the industry with the way you vote with your dollars. #1.1.1
Wait the X1 does 1080p finally? Oh it's just a racing game. Next story. #1.1.4
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Why can't men have easy ways to make money in life like women? It's just not fair. #1.1.1
This makes me think that all X1 exclusives will be kinect games.

They should make me a Microsoft employee because if they want to win by install base I can show them how they can win. Making games cross platform is not the way to do it. #1.1.7
Hotline Miami 2>Ori

Owning all platforms.. PS4 is better than the X1 this year because reported all exclusives are also going to the PC. #1.1.25
They got bad taste in games that's why. #1.1.1
SLI will be the norm in the future. My dual 970s starting to feel the wood already. Gonna be obsolete in 2 years.

But duals 970s is the best value. Even with dual 980s you will need to upgrade in 2.5 years in order to play max 60 frames 1080p. #1.1.4
ANd then someone please give me there PS ID and Password so I can download the demo. #1.1.1
They deserve a F in everything for taking so long to bring out sequels and using the source engine for so damn long.

Also steam machines suck!

The only thing great is steam. #1.1.3

1. PS4 has more legs the Wii1. It has many more price drops and more AAA system sellers coming out. Wii1 if you did not notice the sales drop real fast at year 4 because nothing new was coming out.

2. The console market isn't getting smaller. Last gen was an anomaly because Wii1 got lucky by getting an untapped market. Generation 8 will be bigger than generation 6.

Concertoine, to say the casual market was always their is bein... #1.2.4
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