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I agree you have the right idea. The foundation of the WiiU is the weaker hardware so they cannot "win" E3. Sure they showed the most but at the end of the day the PS4 is the more attractive coming out of E3. You can win battles but you can't win the war.

I won't even say they have the best software. If you look at the Multiplatform standpoint the WiiU doesn't have all those current gen multiplats coming to there system. So PS4 wins because it'... #3
Same old bitching about VGC.. They inflate X1 and deflate PS4. We all know that but are you seriously going to wait one month for bragging rights. I get to brag now! PS4 beat X1 once again during the "price drop". That's the last nail in the coffin for X1. #1.1.16
Prior to this update does anyone have the problem where the USB ports don't work. My controller can't charge from either of the ports. I'm having to use an iPhone charger to charge the controller instead. #1.1.3
Keep eating crow for those you newbs who thought X1 would sell as well as the PS4 if they were the same price. PS4 is #12 and X1 is #49 on Amazon bestsellers.

Titanfall flops and now $399 sku flops. #1.1.10
Makes sense to me. Xbox is a short term now console while PlayStation picks up steam later on and becomes the better system. #1.1.1
Haha the fact that Bungie is making games for PS4 and there's bluray inside the X1 lol :D #1.1.4
I think Destiny needs better graphics and they will seal the deal for GOTY this year. Because right now the graphics are below the standard of an average current gen game. #1.1.1
Ubisoft is garbage. All they do is make above average games. The Division's stock fell as much as Destiny's stock raised in E3 this year. Becoming my top 5 most anticipated games it has fell out of my top 10. #1.1.1
The sku has been a flop. You would think it would atleast match PS4 sales for atleast one week but according to Amazon it dropped to 40 after a few days. #1.1.1
SE being lazy devs again. They can't make games for current gen anymore lol #1.1.11
COD still better than BF whether people will admit or not. BF console version is downgraded too much. #1.1.1
Two flops so far.. Watchdogs is first and Titanfall is 2nd. WD sold well but the actual game is average. Titanfall failed to revive the X1. It was supposed to be the "Gears 1" for the X1. But no it didn't transcend in any way. #1.1.4
The game is kinda bare bones and not very intuitive. It's a okay sports game to tide you over to Madden and NBA 2K. #1.1.1
BF is second-rate to COD if your a console gamer. BF has average looking graphics online. #1.1.1
It's a drop in the bucket. It won't matter. #1.1.9

So a external service is suppose to kill Sony?? Haha desperation by the X1 camp to downplay the PS4. #1.1.9
Fastest selling system is PS4 and one of the faster selling systems is the X1. Newbs need to play games longer to know that this actually one of the better first years in gaming history. Remember 360 first year and PS2 year.. You probably don't.. #1.1.7
Fable Kart.. #1.1.1
Top games of the show: Bloodborne, The Order, Witcher 3, and Rainbow Six. Two are PS4 exclusives, yes! #1.1
I have Richard Sherman gets a very potent dose of the Madden Curse! #1.1
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