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You guys falling for the early numbers for Switch. Any new console sells out. And with Nintendo it's always production issues when one of their system even remotely sells well.

Scorpio is too little too late, and Switch will sell 30-40 mil life time. Scorpio will sell under 10 mil before the Xbox Next and PS5 come out.

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Lol you guys like the pseudo campy style attitude. I call it corny. It's not even well done. This makes me less excited. I get the samey vibe. Destiny 2 should be more different than Destiny 1, not similair. It's needs changes, not just improvements.

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Yep I enjoyed beta more too. The main game is just a larger version, meaning that it was the same stuff so it got boring.

Don't listen to the group of people that argue that the game got better over the expansions. The game still had the same boring formula and uninspiring mechanics.

I'm only giving Destiny 2 a try cause it's coming on PC. Bungie just sucks. They are 2nd-rate dev since Halo 2. All they do is lose to the competition.

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Japan has been dead for games and gamers since last gen. They're basically irrelevant to measuring success now.

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Xbox 720 loses.

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Bungie still sucks. Haven't made a good game since Halo 2. COD has made them irrelevant.

But I'm for sure getting the PC version. Consoles can't even play on acceptable specs for a shooter unless you have a PS Pro.

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PS4 poor or PS pro can't do photorealism. Not even the fairest of minds will think it's photorealistic. Maybe on 5 inch screen on your iPhone it will look real.

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Uncharted should have ended at U3 and TLoU2 should have been already released in place of U4 timeframe. And now we should be looking forward to TLoU3.

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It's Japan.. they haven't been relevant to overall impact in sales since last generation. Japan use to be 2nd but that territory is close to being 4th now.

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Please no more handheld

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Nope. Games need a price increase ASAP. Been 11 years that games are still $60. That's too cheap.

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that's a huge difference. One you want glasses to correct that blurry vision.

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The game would be better if they didn't make PS3 version and that's a fact.

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All for 100 rupees

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The draw distance, aliasing, and pop-in are bigger problems than frame rate.

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It's PC version or gtfo Bungie!

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Finished Bayo 2 and W3.

Destiny I was deep in it but too lame to finish.

Mass Effect I just got the game but due to implications it's probable that it's bad.

Fallout is always overhyped since 3.

MGS5 is a waste of time. I was a good 15 hours in that game.

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You're not a gamer if you play WoW regularly.

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My personal list is:

1. Bayonetta 2
2. Mass Effect Andromeda
3. Witcher 3
4. Destiny
5. Fallout 4
6. MGS5

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Fits perfectly fine at 480p lol

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