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haha I sense a lot of highschoolers here. The best life to date controller for Nintendo is the SNES and of course the WiiU controller is the best since controllers get better after every generation typically.

Best controller is the X1 controller. I'm from the Sony camp and I said it.

Y'all keep saying GameCube but it's a flawed controller. The face buttons make the A button great but the other buttons awkward. The Knob on the C button is too... #1.1.1
Sony will win this E3 because they have been the most quiet of the three console holders but also have the most developers. #1.1.6
I was hoping they would be at 29 palms. I'm gonna be there for 16 days for training -_- #1.2
The bug I have is my USB ports won't charge or recognize any USB devices. #1.1.5
Did Mario Kart 8 Save the Wii U? The answer is no. #1.1
Looks like the downward spiral of the Sonic franchise continues. #1.1
Racing Meh.. Not moving forward for the graphics bar Meh.. Yealy rehash sequals Meh.. #1.1.3
meh #1.32

Gonna be a long 4 years for the X1 camp haha.

Haha so the X1 camp that has been defending about the games they fully own, what are they gonna do now?? #1.1.5
No suprise here. WiiU needs more of this. It's still going to be dead in one year. #1.1.13
So.. the X1 camp has lowered their expectations from winning the console war, to winning in the U.S., to closing the sales gap in the U.S. lol

Moral Victories don't count, last place is last place. #1.1
Anybody saw where the WiiU charted on Amazon U.S? PS4 was #7 when I checked.

Currently WiiU is at #60 while PS4 is #11. So why would you care if the system outsold the PS4 by 1,000 in Japan when the U.S. the PS4 will outsell by 10-20,000 units. Also PS4 outsell the U by 20-30K in Europe. #1.1.2
Noway it takes itself too seriously. GTA5 is the more realistic game. #1.1.4
My panda bear plays candy crush but I gotta get her back to playing some hardcore games. #1.1.2
Since cops aren't summoned during missions. I park a car outside the complex to use as cover and snipe with the svd. The new hacking abilties you gain are also helpful. #1.1
Damn.. I've been here since 07 with 4812 comments while Lukas account is one year old and already with 6000 comments. I spend a lot of time on N4G so these guys must not have lives. #1.1.3
Console gamers aren't the demographic for RTS games. I don't want that genre especially if they are PC ports. #1.1.2
Looks like Kaz has done some plastic surgery on his face. #1.1.5
Still this does not compare to plus. These games are older than the plus games. Xbox loses to PlayStation once again. #1.1.16
The problem is the shooter games are still good and the bread and better for money. So the developers get complacent and lazy.

Syphon Filyer spirtial successor will make the genre more interesting. #1.1.1
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