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Since 2005 Nintendo has dissapointed me at every E3. There was one year that people claimed they had the best conference, but nope not in my eyes.

I decided to be lenient with NIntendo this year and with expectations low I didn't really see them do that bad. #1.1
TLG isn't top notch graphics but it's not the worst looking game. It still looks better than Dragon Age, Evil Within, and Destiny.

But my expectations for three big annoucements at Sony are they are really suppose to be "current gen" games.

FF7 remake my standards aren't too high on that. If it looks atleast like a PS3 game I'm fine. Shenmue 3 will look like a PS3 game or worst. And TLG, I don't require it to look great. B... #1.1.5
Tomb Raider is underwhelming
Halo 5 looked like Destiny
Forza 6 a racing game

You need me to explain more on why they don't deserve it?

Also these awards are boring. The most important award is which one had the best conference. Game of the Show and Best conference are the two awards I care about. #1.1.2
And please please please remake FF 1-9. I'm not interested in FF15 and beyond anymore. I rather spend the next 15 years just remaking the old Final Fantasys. #1.1.1
That won't happen because that would be really costly to SE. In order for them to wait that long they would have to constantly keep upping the graphics and standards to keep up with that year. They can't bring a PS3 or PS4 quality game in 2020 or 2030.

More like Kingdom Hearts is late 2016 and FF7 is early 2017. #1.1
Just for me and in the minority it doesn't matter. I got rid of the 360 and PS3 along time ago. The only game I want to play is Dragon's Dogma.

I play the new games. I have the "what's next" mentality. #1.1.2
New IP for MS, good news. However even the trailer looked empty and not that detailed. Should be another middle of the road game. Not expecting like a 90 meta. #1.1.1
Looks stale to me but I will get it because I'm starving for a 3D platformer. Even though Ratcher historically is more of a shooter than a real platformer. #1.1.3
Coming from a person in the best devlopment team in the world. Please stop the hate on TLG. It will be a great game. #1.1.1
Woohoo my 2nd favorite developer behind Naughty Dog. #1.1
Sony A

MS underwhelemed with their BIG 3(Halo, Gears, TR). And I'm not being biased because I also thought Star Fox and Uncharted 4 were underwhelming. The difference is Sony had 4 amazing points: Horizon, TLG, FF7, and Shemmue 3.

Just look at polls. I don't care about your individual biased opinions. The fact is most people thought Sony won E3. The polls i see have Sony be voted 50% of the time while the other 5 conference share th... #1.1.2
The thrid Forza game already for this generation. It's racing, next story. #1.1.1
Doesn't matter for me. I got rid of my PS3 and 360 all long time ago.

Literally the only game I want to play remaining is Dragon's Dogma.

I admit that I have a bias against BC and I realize it is important for most people, but It does nothing for me. I play the new games and move on. I don't replay games unless they are online multiplayer. #1.1.2
Greatest game ever, nope not even close.

Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Bros. 3 are arguably the best video games ever made.

Just because you have one of those games in there doesn't make it the best ever. Great game in 2015 but not best ever. #1.1
Sony A
Bethesda A-
The other third party publisher confernce all get B+
Microsoft gets a B-
Nintendo C+
PC Gaming (Didn't watch it, I watched Game 6 of the Finals instead) #1.1
I wasn't impressed with the E3 2013 graphics either.

It was overhyped from the start.

Still atleast looks like a good game. #1.1.1
I agree dohji, N4G is starting to have people that just see things opposite of me now.

Ratcher and Clank is more shooter than platformer. I played Ratcher and Clank tools of destruction and this pretty much looks a step better. That's it. It's still the stale gameplay. #1.1.1
I'd tell you they probably didn't know until now. In production the Batmobile probably didn't come out right. #1.1.3
Good news!

Stop remastering games from last gen. #1.1.1
EA did better than Microsoft.

I had a debate with my friend and I will change my grade for Nintendo. Earlier I had Nintendo with a B and MS with a B-. Now Nintendo gets a C+ and MS stays at B-.

However I think all the conferenes were better than both MS and NIntendo except the PC gamers conference. #1.1
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