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X1 is a steam box now.

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lol made you look

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Nope it's the chocolate version.

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Next year they will just put all the DLC in one pack for the X1 and name it the "Super" edition or whatever. So technically SFV didn't come for X1 lol

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I have all the systems. Follow that link.

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Post your X1 for sale.

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I got it for $32 on PC so no reason to wait. Still stupid graphics and comical graphics are lame.

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Print screen this. It will come to X1. Didn't you learn from last gen Microsoft always said X game was exclusive but then it eventually came to PS3 because it was 3rd party. It cost just too much to lock down a 3rd party game. You newbs believe in everything lol, so gullible.

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Those aren't an issue if you got gtx 950 or higher. That's a weak gpu.

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None of my friends want one on Facebook. They're too cheap to get it.

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1. The demographic of people who are anal about owning the physical copy is small.

2. There is physical copy. I saw a Doom preorder for the PC that has a physical copy. They exist.

Moreover any reason to own a X1 is weak. You have no big factors on why people should own a X1. Maybe they keep the core exclusive like Halo, Forza, and Gears exclusive but those are getting boring to most people.

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It's easy to get Windows 10 on your system.

I offer a charge of $10 a hour on myself remotely helping people build their PC on this site.

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^bunch of newbs here

Mikefizzle is most correct but a more accurate statement is is Sony gave what Capcom wanted whether it's help, money, or both to make it time exclusives for maybe six months to a year. It's coming to XBOX sometime because Sony just payed enough the initial launch window where the sales are most important. Sony didn't pay enough to lock it down forever.

And this is what we are seeing more of. I told ya exclusives are import...

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Quantam Break will increase the gap in favor of PS4. I'm trying to sell my console for $100 and still no one wants to buy it.

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Got the PC version and it's crossplatform, so I get to play against you console clowns hehe.

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Everyone wins, that's the theory that casual people think of.

The developer and publisher wins, but only short term. PC gamers win a little bit. Xbox console is going to do die when this snowballs into more exclusives going multicrap.

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^Those games coming to PC. No reason to own a Xbox. If you need help I charge $10 a hour if you want me to help you build a PC remotely. I know most of you console guys don't know how to make one.

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Yea the boring console exclusives like Gears, Halo, and Forza. While the interesting exclusives like QB, Crackdown, Scalebound, and Recore are coming to PC likely.

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"Console War: Is Over" not "Is a Win For All". Sony has the entire field now!

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He's saying for "Companies" it doesn't really matter. Well these guys don't have their head wrapped around how gamers think. What many of these casual execs and workers don't see is there will be a decline Xbox system sales. Far more than they thought. It's just gonna snowball into a big problem.

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