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It confirms my analysis that I've been saying the PS4 is too weak for VR. And I will say the Pro is also too weak for VR.

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They should discontinue the production of the pedestrian PS4. Force people to buy the Pro.

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Nice. And I live in this city. Can't wait to play the free version on PC.

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Hehe you console gamers get to play it first. How unfair

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Haha they just borrowed Microsoft logic. Like they say they over a trillion hour logged on Xbox live. Who cares and that is indicative of what??

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Lame. Games not worth it to wait anymore. The discount never outweighs the time you have to wait.

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Nope 2007. Bioshock, cod4, orange box, and overrated Halo 4.

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Edit: wrong story

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Yep as someone said I hate all religions.

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Already lost interest in the story for Dishonored 2. The game play and the graphics is good though.

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So we don't know the frame rate yet

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Nier 2 is the true Bayonetta 2. Bayonetta 2 is overrated.

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They wrong for banning him. Grow a spine. Stop getting hung up on words, It's 2016.

And if you religious in the first place I question your intelligence. Yes I went there.

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Everyone should get a pro. If you don't you just compromising your experience. If you want a worser experience then by all means keep playing the pedestrian PS4.

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GTA6 won't make a big leap over San Andreas as a system seller. And people forget that PS2 was hacked and pirated too. Piracy leads to more system sales especially globally. PS4 is too secure with their updates to allow that to happen.

And back to GTA.. GTAV arguably sold more software and was better recieved than than San Andreas. But San Andreas was new and suprised people which ganered those system sales.

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Cause I'm a realist. I also bet and won $100 that Trump would win. I'm usually right with my predictions. I called Nintendo switch would be a console/handheld hybrid.

Just check sales, the PS4 is stagnating in comparison to the PS2. I'm only pro Sony because I'm real. Sony is usually better. Nintendo Switch gonna flop because Nintendo won't bring in the 3DS devs enough. Nintendo will make the Nintendo Switch lose because of their stupid policies....

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The issue is Denuvo. Those greedy bastards. I payed $42 for this game. I hate you Bethesda.

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Only if the generation is long enough. I see the console stagnating now. It started fast but we're not seeing it spike anymore. PS2 had it's GTA San Andreas which caused the console almost sell 20 million in one year late in it's life cycle. PS4 doesn't have that.

But this is by no means me calling PS4 is a loser. PS4 will continue to outpace the xbox and the switch will flop.

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In reply to your trump come from behind in the other thread.. Trump never came from behind. I watched the entire Election Day.

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