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Gamestreaming sucks. This is not good for gaming. Tablet, smartphones, and gamestreaming are killing the big developers. If you're a gamer you need to vote with your dollars elsewhere.

Until our society morphs into Star Trek where we have 10ms latency this technology is garbage. #1.1
Seemed like longer than 15 years to me. Then I realized it is really only 15 years.

Y'all need to get with the times.. PS2 metascores were pretty low. Remember at the time when license games were always bad besides the Hulk or a few Spidermans. And also many AAA games were just plain bad.

Now these days atleast the AAA games are playable and atleast decent. #1.1.2
I feel sorry for the 12 people there with X1s.. Not! #1.1.2
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The Division and Witcher.. Expect the final product to be not as they promised! #2.1.2
I already had a debate with a personal friend of mine. I will not spend a dime on game streaming. Movies, TV Shows, Music, and transactions are fine in the cloud.

But don't touch gaming with such negative consequences. Latencey is already too much of a problem.

We game online because we like to interact and have a diverse experience, but if we can play with out regular latency we would. It's too much latency even for a single player game.
Lame.. I hope it fails. #1.1.3
I'm not so sure about MGS5 yet. That releasing on 5 platforms on release day will effect it negatively. I'm not expecting a meta of over 9 for this game.

Last gen systems are holding back developers. #1.1.7
Scottie Pippen #1.1
Great list.. I agree with many of them #1.1.1
If they do mainly free-to-play and do game streaming as there main venture then I will become anti-playstation. #1.1.5
They need to discount this game on steam. #1.1
The 4 games combined free this month are better than Dishonored. #1.1.3
It will not be the last MGS. He has said that since MGS3. #1.1.4
Great month. PS plus destroys XBL games with gold this month! #1.1.1
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It's already the console of choice by default. *Points to sales* #1.1
That would be a poor uneducated forecast. Because The PS3 and 360 were obsolete by 2012 and that's when PC revenue took over. Consoles are not meant to go that long. 360 came out in 2005.

New consoles were 2 years late when they came out in 2013. Once Consoles are in full gear they will overtake PC again.

Just use your common sense.. Any gamer knows that in 2012 and 2013 there was only a short list of games on the consoles that were really good like... #1.1.4
These Dell promotions are my favorite. I ordered this game and Mario Party 10 today which also has $25 GC promotion.

Buy it through dell and if you don't like it just trade/sell it because the promotion makes it so that you will more than even off in cost. #1.1
That's what he deserves for making a dumb decision to make Bayonetta 2 for WiiU. Way to ruin a great franchise! #1.1.1
Stealth sucks. After around 5 levels playing a 2d stealth game isn't that great. Neat at first but it really becomes dry.

This is no Hotline Miami! #1.1.7
Latency sucks. To know that you will be at a disadvantage more than normal for every game because of the minor latency, is enough for me to never use this service. For some games it's not bad, but why would you settle!? And if you try Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 it's almost unplayable.

Sony drop the service all together and any company trying to stream games I will not support. If you're a gamer you shouldn't support cloud streaming gaming. If you do then you a... #1.1.6
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